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Alright anons.

As someone who has dealt with (sometimes severe) depression AND loneliness for more than a decade. There are ways you can deal with it. It will swallow you up like quicksand if you let it. You've got to struggle against it quick and say "no", or it'll get harder and harder to get out.


>do things really really fast, like you're speedrunning life or something. You're literally so focused on your actions that you don't have time to think of tfwnogf.
>DRINK. FUCKING. COFFEE. A lot of it, an unhealthy amount. Research this shit, it reduces your suicide rate by 50(!)% and chance of depression by 20+%. Drink coffee goddammit, make sure you're wired throughout the whole fucking day and it'll be hard for you to be depressed 'cause you'll have so much energy.
>Escapism. Life sucks enough that we need to escape from it, this is pretty much everyone, even normies (they use sports etc to live vicariously). Keep seeking out new escapism experiences, don't keep stagnating with your old ones.

Mainly the coffee though, it worked wonders for me. Drink a shit ton of it, 4-5 cups a day. Give yourself no time to be depressed. If you also improve yourself during this time, and seek one out, you are going to get a girlfriend. Is it unfair that you have to put more effort in? Yes, but that's the game, it's rigged. Want a girlfriend? Gotta play it anyway.
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I can't drink coffee because I have anxiety. What now normie?
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> anxiety
> cant drink coffee
are you retarded?
>DRINK. FUCKING. COFFEE. A lot of it, an unhealthy amount

Don't do it.
I'm at a point now where I need to drink 3-4 cups before I can even function normally. I I don't drink it then I feel like I am going to break down.

Don't start.

How do I get my fat gross neckbeard of a roommate to stop loudly jerking off every morning with me in the room when he thinks I'm still asleep?
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Yell "HEY YOU FAT UGLY FUCK STOP JERKING OFF WHEN I'M IN THE ROOM" as you throw a glass of water at his head.
Get him to exercise. Then he at least won't be fat.
He's exercising his right arm.

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What would you do if you get haunted by a ghost?
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Move and see a psychiatrist I guess. Seems like the both rational and practical first step.
Figure out how to trap them and force them to do my bidding.
Try and have sex or get it to raep me of course.

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Pls gib me motivation to study
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no , do drugs
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being smart is the ultimate pussy dehumidifier just stop doing it OHPEE
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it's another thread that faggot op leaves after two minutes. It's my thread now

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>Walk into chad's room
>See this girl
Wat do?
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>reverse image search
>no results

dump more
Berate his sloppy knot work.
load her up in the trunk while chad's busy being distracted then take her home and fuck her

How are you supposed to even respond to a message like this? I've never seen such an obvious attempt at catfishing.
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Hi naked and i want you, I'm dad.
Sorry to tell you OP but that's a bot
y-you too

origami commenti

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>watching porn for the story
Seriously these JAVs are fucking amazing
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I've always hated JAV censorship, I just can't get into it.
>Millennials are killing millennials
I'm watching this weird BDSM one that's about a mahou shoujo time traveler (Suzuki Anri) that tries to stop some evil Shredder type villain from destroying some DNA analysis machine.

She gets raped.

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I want a girlfriend that has sex in the butt all the time but never the vagina. The vagina just doesn't turn me on like butt sex. I watch anal sex porn all day. Vaginal sex doesn't turn me on and oral sex sort of turns me on.
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Wear a pair of hot pink short shorts and a neon green fishnet shirt. That should say everything.
get a bf instead, faggot
don't get the joke

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>Tfw Chads are taking innocent brainwashed girls with child like brains and making them do deplorable acts
You know most modern domination sex is just as immoral as sex with a child who has been brainwashed to enjoy it right?

Most women have the mental capacity of children and only choose chads because they're like an unguided child choosing candy and ice cream over a proper meal with vegetables.
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Shoo shoo whiteknight
Yes, but women have literally babies suck on their breasts, public no less, so they're worse.
Do you want babies to have lower IQs? Because not getting breastfed will gurantee that.

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For a bunch of people who hate women you sure do act like them

>muh fee fees
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For a person who formats their post like they're on reddit, you sure aren't fucking off back there.
Goddamn fucking newfags shitting up my board every day.
>my board

You aren't the admin
And you aren't the guy who makes threads that get bumped.
However, I assure you that this is very much my board.

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I have children to feed, please watch my videos

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Sort yourself out, evolutionary error, give a space for more intellectual humans!
My offspring are the cream of the crop >:(
Why would you breed without a stable income?

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>you will never go back to the early to mid 2000's
>you will never again be there for the peak years of the internet before normies infiltrated everything
>you'll never again lurk /b/ at 4:00 AM and play video games before school
>you'll never reexperience the hype leading up to the PSP and Xbox 360, watching 24/7 coverage on G4, not knowing that it would lead to the normification of gaming
>tfw no gf
What do you guys miss about 2003-2008?
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you are obviously not a robot or 30+ get the fuck off my board child
The internet got ruined in 2008. It's when the normies invaded like flies.
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I miss playing old co-op games, lad. Playing games today I feel like doesn't bring me as much joy. I used to come home from school, fire up Doom 3 or FEAR with co-op mods installed and see the same people every day. SWAT 4 and Republic Commando too. Sometimes I even woke up at like 5 and played for about an hour before going to school. As autistic as it sounds, I occasionally wonder what the people I've played with are up to these days, if they're alright and whatnot.

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Why is /r9k/ incapable of grasping high-brow humor with sophisticated and witty references to science, philosophy, psychology and other advanced and interesting subjects?
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Cheered me up thanks Anon u da best
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Any time, honey.

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Is this TRULY gay?


Explain your answer.
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Why is the kid from home alone wearing tights with his ass in the air
IT does have dick so yes
>girl cock

FTFY big difference

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Are people developing schizophrenia aware that they are developing it?
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Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.
Do you develop schizophrenia? Are you aware of it?
Sometimes I hear voices that sound like they're coming from a distant place, muffled. Hard to determine if I have good hearing or if I'm just hearing things sometimes.
The first symptom of extreme mental illness is often someone thinking that they're going crazy.

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