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>gender dysphoria
>don't know if I want to transition, definitely don't want to chop up my dick but just want some mental relief
>therapist gets me letter to start hormone therapy
>into girls and not into guys
>she says they don't change what I'm into and I have nothing to worry about
>have been on estrogen and testosterone blockers for months now
>guys smell a lot stronger to me now in an obviously sexual way that 100% did not exist whatsoever before

Why did she lie to me
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stop immediately
you are on a fast track to ruining your life
I can't, because they actually made everything a lot better.
Just become /feminineguy/ master-race and get doted upon by dominant females

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Cuckold thread, everyone can comment and find bulls, cucks, dom-gfs, cuckqueens and just get kinky
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please kys, ty
I just want a wife to cuddle up in the winter and fall asleep in each other's arms
Cuckolds deserve the rope

They're legitimately ruining the world.

>open door
>"Are you Anon? We have a search warrant for your eIectronic devices."
How wouId you react and why?
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>On what grounds?
>Let me see your badge and warrant
>Call my lawyer and ask him if this shit is legal
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Basically like this

Why tho?


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Answer the following:

>You get mugged on your way home one night, you hand over your money and phone and go home. The police won't help due to lack of evidence. Later that week you get on the bus and see the guy who mugged you driving it, what do you do?

>Your gf reveals she cheated on you while drunk last night, she also reveals she's 4 weeks pregnant. You have no proof the baby is yours, just her word that last night was the only time she cheated. What's your next move?

>You work at a warehouse. Your boss wants you to work overtime every day for the next month, you don't want to. He doesn't care and tells you to turn up anyway, he threatens to fire you if you don't turn up. He then holds out his empty soda can and tells you "Throw this in the trash for me". What is your response?

There's no right or wrong answers of course
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1) Spook him
2) Leave her, it's not my baby. Knowing me we wouldn't have had sex 4 weeks ago. Thats the proof the baby isn't mind
3) Quit on the spot.
>Nothing because if I start fighting him 1. he most likely will have a weapon and I would look in the wrong due to no proof
>Get her to sign prenip and genetic test on babby
>I dont know how overtime works because neet but if i'm getting paid extra for doing simple shit like throwing away soda wouldnt that be good?
>I don't go on buses and I conceal carry. Do the math.
>If I'm feeling kind I could probably forgive her due to drunkeness (albeit be much more careful and likely hold something of a grudge) but the second I hear "pregnant" it's to the curb with her.
>tell him to shove it up his fat ass and go back to my much better HVAC career.

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It's time, Post them.
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virgin glasses
at least try to not look like one
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It's only a dell 780

16gb ram
1tb hdd
Intel core i3
Windows 7 64 bit
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Shitty resolution is a low price for the comfiness my very first pc monitor provides. Most likely it's me being a nostalgic manchild, but the image feels so warm and old games and shows look nice on old crt displays.

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Yo does anyone know how to remove one of these from the ceiling? I need to change the lightbulb but I can't get it off. I tried twisting it off but that doesn't work. I don't see any screws
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I've never seen one of those before but have you tried using a flathead to pry it open?
The nub on the bottom of the glass usually screws off.
Damn nice ceiling titty

Any of you robots ever been in a fight?

Did you win? if you did, how? did you get your ass kicked? was anyone around to see?
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I guess. Headlocked the lanklet with all my manlet rage. I took a few fast jabs to the face before I could.

Yep most of my friends but they were in fights too.
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I've been in a few fights. I did do martial arts as a kid so I'm not completely clueless.

First one was when I was 12 years old when someone was picking on my friend. It was a short one where I threw a few punches and they backed off.

Second one I was 14 and a group of kids called my friends faggots. I stood up to them and got my ass kicked. face and ear was a little swolen.

High school group of friends in my freshman year had a fight club where we would go into a secluded hallway and fight each other during lunch.

I'm a trap now though.
headlocks are usually a surefire way to end a fight. if you do them right they're almost impossible to get out of

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kathy please
i cant take it anymore
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take it you stinky little homo
kathy please
i m sorryt for all the stressed i caused
help me
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You okay there little buddy?

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*Bing Bing wahoooooooooooo*

Uh anon, could you turn your toy off please?
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Why did you even invite me then?
I told you I was going to do this!
Get the fuck out of stacy's house!
You too stacy!
Uhh... Ohhh... Sorry..
>Zelda in the pic

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>girl looks at me
>I look back
>she looks away
>she looks back
>I look away
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If it's any comfort, she probably wasn't doing it because she was attracted to you. If she was, then you need to leave
well there's no way of knowing for sure but you're probably right
Happens to me a lot, too. But im pretty sure the reason is not because she likes me kek

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I don't want to play video games and watch TV anymore. What the hell do I do? What do Chads do in their free-time?
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Party, bang stacies, and work out.
read a book dude
chad here
I text someone I want to fuck then chill and ask if they want to fuck

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>lol manlet

I dare you to come up with a comeback or answer to this. You literally can't. The moment someone drops this bombshell, you are fucking done. You can't mock the other person afterwards, and you can't brush it off, either. It is the ONE, true game-ender.
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Thanks for the tip, manlet
how short are you?

this probably isn't an original comment
>manlet acting up again
Sigh just learn already

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>making a post on 4chan
>still worry about people judging me, even though Im anonymous and it will have literally no consequence on my life
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lol haha stop being such a sensitive little bitcch
We hate you for it though
just came back to laugh at you again lmaoo such a nerd

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>be me
>born decently good looking, not alpha chad status but good skin, tall, lean build
>naturally quiet, really smart (not trying to brag, just being honest)
>go through elementary and middle school with the highest grades in the class, get valedictorian in middle school and high school
>spend most of my time studying or reading, no video games due to me finding them boring
>don't talk to people much
>no friends through most of my schooling
>get to Princeton, maintain perfect gpa
>now 22
>graduated with a fulfilling job in the field I like
>no friends
>kissless virgin who hasn't even been on a date
>never went to parties
>never got drunk
>never experienced any of the milestones people are supposed to experience during their youths

I would trade away literally everything to be born a dumb Chad. Being smart is worthless when you're fucking miserable every single day of your god damn life. The money isn't worth being so lonely and missing out on so much.
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I would wager that you arent as good looking as you say you are. You are most likely a skinny fat lanklet with poor cranio facial development with lack luster forward projection. If you looked like Gandy or O'Pry wouldnt be in this position.
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Try not being able to find a job or parents with common sense and having no friends or gf.

I do actually look pretty good though and I hear hispanic chicks dig whatever it is i got.
Cheer up, OP. You're good looking and smart. And now you've got money. All you have to do to is work on your social skills. Yeah you are starting significantly later than a lot of people, but you have to work with the hand you're dealt.

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I really not doing anything with my life and I feel as if I'm eventually going to kill myself. I figured if I'm going to kill myself anyway, I might as well join the army or something. Maybe it could bring some excitement in my life instead of loathing and feeling sorry for myself. But then again, I don't really want to be picked on by soldier-Chads about how I act and how weak I am. I watched full metal jacket once and they really went in on that fat guy and he seemed pretty miserable. I know it's a movie but it seems like a realistic scenario. Are there any /armybots/ with any advice?
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You need to have legitimately no health problems whatsoever or else you don't even get to sign the contract.

Plus they'll reject you if you're on medicine for anything.

t. they laughed at me at the recruiting station
There's no chance in hell they're gonna take you with that attitude.
They aren't expecting mentally ill trannies anymore. Sry Op

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