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I'm fucking wasting my youth and its killing me god fuck
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then sort ur self out then bucko
Why does life have to suck so much when you are lonely and young? Will it get better when I grow older?
Then stop wasting your fucking youth, you mong.

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Islam is the best way to show women how to act. It counters their illogical minds by forcing them to listen to a logical male. It also stops them from becoming whores and thus ruining their chances of forming healthy long term relationships. Also it destroys feminism.

It's clear that Islam is spreading in the West, and I think this is a good thing. Islam forces strict codes of conduct on women. They must dress modestly, they can't behave like whores, etc. These are enforced by physical punishments and executions. A huge benefit to helping the spread of Islam is that speaking out against its practices has now been equated to racism. The left has essentially handicapped itself in this regard. Hopefully we will see the end of hypergamy and slutty, degenerate behavior in the West -- though probably not for a few decades.
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And you still wonder why no girl wants to sleep with you.
Won't matter under Islam.
Islam forbids beer and bacon, therefore it must be purged as an evil and inferior religion.

Hi robots
Is there a legit way I can make money online?
I'm not talking about get rich quick bullshit that are all obvious scams
Just like $3-5 a day so I can buy a couple new vidya sooner or later since I'm a massive poorfag.
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cam whoring i make 400quid a week
Im an unattractive male
Fucking roasties REEEE
I just wanna play Nier
You really do have life on ezmodo
Mechanical Turk by Amazon

>tfw 23 yo virgin with a big cock

it's a mixed feel I guess. anyone relate?
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Shave your balls OP
I wouldn't say it's big
It doesn't look that big.

What's your problem, anon?

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>that kid who was a communist
>that kid who sperged out on school trip
>that kid with autism but still hanged out with chads
>that kid who spouted memes all the fucking time
>that kid who spat in the textile teachers eye that was me
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> that kid that would literally sing meme song out of fucking nowhere like All-Star
>that kid who only sat on the table to be annoying
>that kid who cried on school trips 30 minutes away from home
>that kid who lied down on the floor and tried to "swim" on the floor
>that kid whose dad was an alcoholic, druglord and got hit by same mentioned dad
>>same mentioned kid was that kid who grew up to be a drug dealer
>that kid that had thrown lemonade in the teacher's tent so that he would be sent home from a trip
>his mother had to drive all the way to Germany to pick him up

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Tickety Tockity, can't stop that clockity

Mere hours remain, wageslave
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Minakami Sakura.jpg
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Jokes on you, there are three other neets vs. wagies thread up right now, so yours won't get too much exposure

>current year
>not being an anarcho-neetist
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>be me
>depressed lazy and bored to death
>get some meds for depression
>tried them today along with some coffee for dat dere energy boost
>mfw I actually feel better
>start learning java since that's what I wanted to do for the past few months but never got around to it

holy fuck guys it's not a meme, I advise everyone who feels depressed and isn't getting meds to try it especially if you're a cyborg
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>get meds
>first day vomit
>spend the rest of the week feeling sick
>finally sickness wears off
>kills all emotion
>merely become comfortable in my miserable existence
>some times feel glimpses of happiness, anger, sadness, but can not act on them

gone through 3 so far, same results every time. End up quitting because fuck it, at least I can jerk off now.
75% gets better with placebos.

1/4 gets worse
>learning java
Never gonna make it.

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A tennis ball has rolled its way down into a hole. This particular hole is extremely deep and has a sharp bend in the middle, making the ball impossible to retrieve by hand. To make matters worse, the ground around the hole is made of hard clay, so digging the ball out isn't an option.

However, you have something incredibly commonplace on hand that you can use to get the ball out. What do you use to get the ball out? Answer in five letters.
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Dihydrogen monoxide my dude
This. Get rekt OP

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>tfw no qt gf(male) to deep dick
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im not even gay, thats whats so crazy about this!
Why are so many people here gay? I seriously don't get it. I've been here since this board was created and the influx of people who like traps and gay people baffles me. It was ok when you stayed in your own little trap threads, but this? This is fucking disgusting, man. I have come to resent gay people as of late because of the disgusting faggots on this board who never get tired of worshiping traps.
google the term 'prison gay' and you'll get it

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>tfw some people hate you because of your looks
>tfw most of qts reject you because you're too good for them
>tfw attract only brainlet whores
>tfw people hate you because you're also very smart
>tfw if you made a small mistake people think you're an arrogant prick
>tfw some of girls just want to have sex with you
>tfw people take everything you say seriously, and I say jokes all the time and very sarcastic

Every day I wish I was average looking, with a qt that loves me for who I am and people don't judge me
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>ugly chicks only want/are good for sex
>good looking chicks are way too much work
I catch girls looking at me like they had just seen a spectacle.
and they take photos of you on their phones, they think you didn't notice

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>finally lose my virginity
>girl is on her phone the whole time during sex
What did she mean by this
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No worries, you just did the virgin first time.
>copying the virgin beta meme
>being this much of a tryhard
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>having sex


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who /randomlydepressed/ here?
it seems like my life's going fine
>nicely finished first year of college
>got gf who's happy w/ me
>got friends n shit
wat do? i constantly feel like shit and just keep putting on a happy face for everyone. can anyone relate?
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Anything in particular you miss? Maybe not having a fun filled first year?
idk i guess it just feels like i'm missing comfort. i'm close to people but any type of contact feels distant and dishonest, almost like i'm my own puppet
Maybe take you and your friends on a trip somewhere and try to get as nice and cozy with them as possible. It will fulfill your relationship with them.

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THICC is the future. Even Japan, aka Beta Male Factory Island, has embraced the THICCness. If you don't like THICC bitches, you are certified inferior.
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>big fat ass
>call the entire body thick
It's slimTHICC. SlimTHICC only applies to the bottom half, buddy. Ass and thighs. Upper body still tight.
>TFW not a nigger and therfore prefer breasts

Holy fucking shit, it feels good to be white.

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>been awake for 24 hours
>legs starting to get wobbly
>eye movements becoming stiff
>trying very hard not to doze off
>heartbeat more noticeable

Who here /nosleep/? I'm just trying to see how long it takes until I pass out, I like to refer to it as a personal experiment
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Getting there Anon, somehow having auditory hallucinations and I've only been awake for 17 hours.
It's like the dramatic bass sound they play in the movie Inception over and over.
I will take Adderall soon, I need to do homework...
>tfw could've done it in the last 17 hours awake but just shit posted instead
>tfw all my homework is overdue several days if not weeks
I should kill myself

I used to think that pic showed a nuclear war outside pepe's window but I guess its just raining
Pretty good at it. Used to be able to hit low 50s in high school. I'm 22 now and can only do about 30 something hours but I do unironically smoke weed everyday which makes it harder

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Would you date any girl, regardless of race, if she was attractive/cute, sweet, and had most things in common with you?
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yes originally. Why would I let someone so rare slip away because of their skin color?
Yes, except for blacks
what a stupid thread

>not original ofcourse

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