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Would women like these date a robot?
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Oh yeah. Daddy issues pussy is the best pussy.
Oh shit sorry, I misread your question. No. These women would never date a robot because despite pretending to be different and not Stacyish, they're all pretty fucking Stacy-esque.
Depends which one of the robots.

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What the fuck is actually wrong with people? In this fucking day and fucking age
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But doesn't /r9k/ hate women?

Unless they are stacies?
Nor sure granma....why don't cha get on back to bed.
Lol, that's a funny thread. I love how the bullet name fag is sperging out for no reason at all.

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why do black people not have fathers?
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Because literally no one wants to be black
Black doesn't equal back
The legacy of slavery + institutionalized racism. Reagan floods their neighbourhoods with drugs and Clinton locks up all the fathers. Welfare state was then the alternative. Now you have the result

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>H-hi a-anon, uh, well w-whaddya think o-of my new h-hair do?
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it's pretty shit desu baka
You look like faggot
>b-b-but anon, I'm a-a g-girl!

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Tell me one reason not to kill myself

>21 yo
>college drop out
>depressed as fuck
>tried lots of different anti-depressants
>living in poor eastern european country
>no social skills
>khv (obviously)
>family gave up on me
>ugly, 3/10 at best
>playing vidya or chatting on discord all day

Whats the point living like this anons?
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Because I'll miss you
You have 3 options:
1.stay the same, robot
2.an hero
3.drop everything, forget everyone, cut all ties and start a new life, best just move out to another country, fuckit, you can go live in the fucking jungle
I hate to be a sudden /polfag but think of it like this....If a douche like trump can be president of America...anything is possible in life including you having an awesome life.....surely you are a better person than trump senpai.

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Robots, how do you cope with the realisation that you are a genuinely wicked person? I have thought about this for some time, and as far as mainstream moral frameworks go, I am simply a bad human being. This is an unusual and alien feeling and I am struggling to come to terms with it. Does anyone else know this feel?
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What even is bad? Morality needs to be based on some value system.
Everyone has bad thoughts. Some people do bad things. Doesn't mean you can't change it, and it sounds like you want to

I believe in you, anon
I self flagellate. I don't have the courage to go to confession.

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Be honest with me, am I ugly /r9k/?

Pic's me.
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Honestly not really. You're pretty average. Do something with that mop you call hair, wash your face some, and you're easily a 7/10.
did you post a dick pic on /b/ yesterday?
You are actually quite hideous. You are also part black so I guess you can just run with being ugly as fuck, if you're also physically intimidating.

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What's the comfiest occupied territory in the world and why is it tibet?
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Who else here /girl(male)/?

Don't hit on me, you silly Tibetan boys, hehe!
I wanna see Tibet but you can only see it on a guided tour that shows only what the Chinese approve. Fucking Chinks.
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tibet 2.jpg
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Tibet is a true robot land.

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Money is the ONLY thing that matters in life
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if that were true, no one would spend it
He'll never be able to live down the knowledge that he pays the girls to be with him.
Well , if you are delusional.

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Remember wagie, you're entitled to the PURSUIT of happiness. Nothing more.

Don't you ever fucking forget it.
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>Mike Rowe
Fuck that piece of shit.
I would like to see Mr. Rowe live in his car for a month. Oh wait, it's illegal. I would like to see Mr. Rowe take advantage of homeless shelters. Oh wait, they're hellholes that'll prevent you from keeping a job (opening hours) and might get you raped, stolen from, and jailed in the process.

This same guy probably shits on tent cities as being an eyesore to his beautiful libertarian paradise of a backyard.
The poor neet will be entitled to the PURSUIT of a home when his bux get cut off to fund things actual people need

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What is a good pet for a robot to own besides a cat or a dog?
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Turtle or Lizard
They so chill
a sex robot
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they are cute, intelligent and mudslimes hate them

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>the B in LGBT implies that there are only 2 genders
>the faggots still keep inventing new genders
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Try telling that to one of them.
That is without a doubt the worst mouth shape someone can have.
The "B" in "LGBT" doesn't stand for "Bigender" you dumb nigger, it stands for "BiSEXUAL".

Meaning: you're attracted to both SEXES, not "Genders". "Gender" doesn't describe "male" or "female", it describes things like masculine, feminine, androgynous, etc. There ARE different "genders"; but those are irrelevant. There are only TWO sexes, with the exception of chromosomal disorders (intersex, hermaphrodites, etc.)

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Why doesn't anyone here want to get married?
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We're waiting for science to develop perfect human cloning and aging technology so we can marry female versions of ourselves to keep our lines pure. Just look at the cunt in your picture, how dare you even call her white?
We're all incel, anon. Like you are.
I do but it's tuff trying to find a decent woman in a pile of shit

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You mad white bitch nigga?
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s-sorry tyrone
I just wanna play some Doom with you man, why you gotta talk like that my nig?
There's literally one good game there.

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What the fuck do you think you're looking at, wagie?

Get back to work
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What are you up to today neet anon.

Hows the investment portfolio
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What do you think they hate more , the nerve grinding traffic , the aggravating idiots or the soul splitting sound of the cold mechanical clock. These are the things I think of while getting comfy with a nice book or movie at this time of the morn. Feelz real good mhan.

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