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>tfw friend of 6 years won't respond to my messages anymore
What did I do?
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Give them space and time.
After like, three to four days of no communication, be direct. Ask exactly what the fuck is going on.
Still no reply? Tell them that ghosting a friend out without closure is pretty fucking low.

But I have a pretty strong feeling that you know exactly why they aren't responding to you, r0bot.
I have no idea what I've done honestly

I haven't talked shit about them or anything like that
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Has there been equal reciprocation when it comes to communication? If you guys were fine and this happened out of nowhere, then that's goofy - but if things have been off recently, then you've got to look for signs.
Otherwise, again, just give them space. They might be going through something difficult and just need that isolation.

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How is it already 11:22 p.m.? I honestly feel like I just woke up at 9am a few moments ago.
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Holy fuck whats wrong with that Wojak's arm?
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i could have sworn just yesterday i was playing animal crossing on my gamecube waiting for 2nd grade to start
Work seemed like an eternity today, I'm just glad this day is almost over so I can sleep in tomorrow morning

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If I started a charity where reasonably attractive women offer sexual comfort to involuntarily celibate men, would you help support it? I want a tax break and to help some robots out
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I'm interested if you have any actual plans or if this is even legal (or if you even considered that). And no I wouldn't support it. Something like a program for helping NEETS and other outcasts reintegrate into society would be a lot more productive
You mean a brothel?
Only if you will be doing the charity yourself.

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>tfw you will never have the queen of dragons as your gf
>tfw you will never get to feel her hellfire pussy
>tfw you will never get to fuck her while riding a dragon
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>you will never like game of thrones
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This shits fucking hot

Alright how in the fuck are you supposed to put one of these fuckers on an unmutilated penis?

I've been trying for years and it will either kill my erection or get all bunched up near the end when my foreskin moves

I don't want to get grills pregnant yet
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yeah latex condoms kill erections.

try skyn condoms.
What excuse do you have for being uncut in 2017?
I got these supposedly ultra thin Trojan ones and they still fucking suck

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Alright brobots dubs decides my new cats name. He is quite a shy cat so it was hard to get a good picture also using shitty phone camera.
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name him niggerman
you must name him "dog"

Dindu Nuffin


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>Supported Trump because I fell for the /pol/ memes
>Thought it would maybe help me make some normie friends if they saw that I wasn't afraid to show my political opinions
>Ended up losing my only friend because I couldn't stop acting like an autist whenever someone criticized Trump and I ended up threatening to deport him (He's brown) during a heated Facebook argument
>Every time Trump comes up on the news my parents just tell me "So when does the winning start?" and laugh
>I even bought a MAGA hat and wore it to class in the days before and after the election so I could look smug but all it did was make people hate me even more
>Can't even enjoy a Trump victory anymore because he's such a huge fuck-up that defending him at this point is basically impossible

Anyone else know this feel?
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voting for trump should be classified as mental illness, my dude

u should seriously get checked by a doctor.
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jesus OP.jpg
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>I ended up threatening to deport him (He's brown) during a heated Facebook argument

hello mr.shillberg

Why do wh*te """"men"""" look so feminine these days?
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Show yourself, OP

could be the makeup he's wearing
jews put chemicals in the water and birth control lmaoo

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she threw away the painkillers so normie children could die painfully
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you're next bitch.gif
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oh my god did she really do this?
she also robbed a supermarket and broke into a building because she wanted a place with an elevator. Kind of nigger behavior but still a pain in the ass for the normies so it's kind of cool
she also converted poor poo's on their death bed

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What are you drinking tonight /r9k/? Pic related I'm drinking some coors banquet because it's the best thing available at my supermarket and my county is in the land of the "free" and only recently allowed to sell hard liquor which I don't feel like driving out to the only store in the city that sells it. Coors banquet is actually pretty good, good enough to drink a 12 pack compared to most "macro" shit
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200ml of Barcardi (40%)
25 oz of Natty Ice (6/9%)

I don't feel the way I should when drinking. I think my tolerance has gone up.
*all in the past 85 minutes
>I don't feel the way I should when drinking. I think my tolerance has gone up.
You probably still feel better than me my parents were both bad alcoholics so I was born with higher tolerance than most

Who /screw/ here?

What scretapes or screw songs have you guys been bangin lately. I know there are a few screwheads on here.

Jammin to Only Rollin Red right now, one of my favorites.
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Leanin' hard now.
What ya jammin?

I have no idea what this means. I guess I'm out of touch with the kids these days.

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that one kid me.png
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>that one kid who would ask everyone for food
>that one (autistic) kid that assaulted some dindu
>that one kid who asked for everyone's Steam id
>that one (emo) kid that fucked his gf on campus
>that one (emo) kid that fucked his gf (male) on campus
>that one kid who fucking died and no one cared about because he wasn't a chad
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>that morbidly obese girl who slowly waddled to each class
>that dindu who slammed a teacher onto concrete
>that group of female dindus who would always try to fight people
>that teacher who got shot by the edgy kid
>that group of weebs who would watch hentai at full volume before school started
>that teacher who got shot by the edgy kid

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>be me
>be qt girl
>be taking the biggest slimiest stinkiest shit in uni bathroom stall
>be pinching my nose while simultaneously pushing my sphincter
>person next to me has to endure the smell
>walk out to wash hands
>she glares at me the entire time

Like what gives? As if you're so high and mighty you don't take smelly shits. If I see the bitch again I'm going to grab a chunk of it and throw it at her dumb face :)

I guess itt: post your poop stories
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This is why I don't use public restrooms. They're scary and gross.
just walk out proudly and you'll be fine
I don't use public restrooms.

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/r9k/, how many of you were /gt/? What was it like and was it worth your time? Where are you now in life?

Reason I ask is, I have a son who will be getting into the program soon, and I'm curious about other people's school experiences.
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go to >>>/adv/ Norman
Wow this is sad. So much for the "smart but lazy" robots that I've read about. I knew /r9k/ was full of LARPers.
it means literally nothing

I got into it in 4th grade after getting a 99th percentile on the RAVEN.

Fast forward to now, and my IQ test came back with a result of 94, I shit you not. At least the field trips were fun. Also, I'm a NEET.

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so tired.jpg
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>be rapist
>seek help
>get it
>be murderer
>seek help
>get it
>be pedophile
>seek help
>get chastised
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there's a pedophile hospital in like europe or something i remember seeing a video about it
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If you rape or murder someone and confess it to the authorities you will still be punished you stupid pedo.
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>be pedophile
>know that pedophilia isn't wrong
>do not seek help
>keep jerkin it to kiddies

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