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These threads are honestly much better and more honest than idiotic fembot threads.
Anyhow, discuss and ask.
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>that feel when you think you're wet but just on period and covered in blood
Anyone here masturbate while thinking of a family member? Did it make your orgasm better?
I feel weird not using pads, but boxers don't let me.

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Just realised I should be dead lads.

I had a shitty series of life events happen to me and I took up drinking. Was drinking about half a litre of vodka a night at points. Culminated with me pissing on the carpet outside an old friends apartment after having drunk like 13 bottles of heavy beer and more than half a litre of vodka. I'm trying to quit now. Worked out my .bac from that night and it would have been at 0.4, which on the sites I looked on said that that should have been enough to easily put me in a coma. Like easily. I fucking hate my life, but that's a scary thought and I thought some of you might find it interesting.

pic unrelated, but also is pretty much me at this point
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I tried to kill myself and the only reason I'm not dead is because I didn't realize the safety on my pistol was on. I walked away with a new appreciation for life, is exactly what didn't happen. I wish that safety was off because I will probably never build up the courage to do it again.

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Do guys think heterochromia in girls is unattractive?
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Theres a girl at my workplace with one green and one blue eye

shes a mega qt
It's fucking awesome and I hope I meet one someday

Lucky, do you have a picture of her? Do you like her?

o-of could not! why would I think i-its unattractive?

Elsa Jean taking white cock. Niggers and Jews btfo. She also has white kids.
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that's a juicy roastie
She's a porn whore, she'll fuck anyone for money.
P.S. white women cannot be "bleached" they are already white.
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Is anyone else unironically disgusted seeing white cock fucking white pussy?
What the fuck happened to me?

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Who redpilled /incel/ here?
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Not me apparentIy
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wew so close, i unironically support MGTOW though
despite the influx of fedoras , MGTOW as an organization is redpilled as hell

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>tfw a cute girl will never say this to you
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I already know I've lost the "contest" so it's a bitter feel
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>Cute girls say this to Chad
>You're the background character to Chad's harem anime

The beta uprising is coming

im not the only one, fuck this shit

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Jotun Free To Own


Get a permanent copy while you can.
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Are you the same anon who posted free steam games before?
Thanks alot senpai
Check out one of my stories if you want to thank me:


I'd appreciate it
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Good shit anon, thanks.

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lads what do you think a 22 year old neet does all day?
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faps. Sleeps. Eats tendies.
masturbates, plays video games, watches anime, hides in his room

t. 24 year old neet
well today i wrote youtube comments about linkin park if they are hanging in there

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>tfw no fenqing bf
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Geh schlafen du dreckiges Kanakenkind.
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>tfw no fen x-ing gf

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>family asks if I'm hungry
>tell them I'm not
>they go out to eat
>get hunger pangs not even two minutes after they leave
>too beta to run out anywhere
A-at least I'm not a lardass.
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Just what you have around. I'm sure there is plenty.
It's almost all stuff you have to prepare, and I really don't feel like cooking. I-I'll just eat later

I really don't have much of an opinion on gender politics.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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>tfw got ghosted in world of warcraft by some anon that i added from the wacraft general

the only question remaining is why?
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probably because you're an autistic loser who is so boring that people don't even want to talk to him online
true, wish i molested him more and squeezed some achievements out

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I'm a milquetoast boring loser and the girls I seem to attract the most are mentally ill feminists, often times with daddy issues and piercings etc. Current girl I'm sleeping with is a hardcore feminist with blue streaks in her hair. Cute and genuinely sweet, but sort of crazy. You would think these type of girls would be more attracted to fuccboi/edgy boy types but this not the case. Why?
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Probably because your a fucking normie who needs to get out reeeeeee

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Anyone else notice a lack of sympathy for Chester on Facebook posts and stuff? Lots of "Suicide is selfish" and "Why didn't he think of his kids?". Barely saw any of that when Robin Williams topped himself.

I mean he was famous but not everyone knew his work. It just seems like all the normies who go on about "DEPRSESION IS REAL GUYZ :((" have done a full 360 now.
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He seemed like a tough, strong guy.
sucks because in the end it doesn't even matter
Glad he killed himself. He won't make shitty music ever again.

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has anyone here ever tried making a game via RPGmaker?

here's a project i was working on some time ago, it never got finished because i'm a lazy fuck who never finishes anything but lately i've been wanting to get back into it

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finish it, polish it, get it onto steam with steam cards and price it at $1 and get $$$$$$$
Yeah I've got a lot of experience with it. People need to focus more on the gameplay of the rpg rather than just an interactive story. Needs more balance in most games.
you actually think people would buy it?

i dont have any of the files anymore but i would love to finish this

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