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>tfw reviewbrah was a normie all along
He just faked it for youtube bux.
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I seriously can't tell if reviewbrah is putting on an act or if that's his real personality. I've never seen him crack. What do you guys think?
It is most certainly not an act



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>tfw 97 IQ

Brainlets tell me how life is?
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How did you find this place?

97 is average. You're fine, anon. You might not become a university lecturer, but you'll get through life just fine.
My IQ is somewhere around 80-85.
So, you're fine

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am I an ass for not hitting up girls after I get their snapchat at a party?
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if that's a possibility, you're on the wrooong board buddy
you can be a robot with social life
point is nil, dont talk to them they will only drag you down

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Why do I even exist?
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same but


is self inflicted so i'll add

Well are you circumcised?
>my frame is self inflicted
get out normal

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mgtow anybody?
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Where can I find JAV with black dudes?
Why does the butt hurt from left and right wing extremist toward mgtow make it so appealing?

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My boss literally called me in both days this weekend to fix problems at work.
I have to apparently work 12 days in a row without a single day off
>this is acceptable in modern society
>I actually get paid less than people who didn't graduate high school and collect garbage
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Did this over Christmas and got the mad stacks but fuck me if it wasn't a drag. Taxman also fucked me right in the taxpucci.

If you don't like it quit lel.
I might quit actually.
So what jobs can you get without a degree?
I am quitting college and I need to look at my options..
I get paid 12$ hourly + tips to wash dishes, in which I can blast music the entire time.
Life is gud

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Next. Big. App.
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BRRRRRAAAAAAPPPPP *pffft* oh sorry anon

Bump for interestino.
An app where girls upload high resolution pictures of their anuses.

>Have disagreement with an anon
>ask him to explain his reasoning and make an argument/back it up
>he simply responds by saying that I'm not worth his time
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i have lots of very important posts to make thank you
Was he wrong though?
me anytime I talk to someone on a Discord I found on 4chan xDD

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spongebob coffee.gif
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Does anyone else here feel like excessive masturbation and porn has destroyed your mind with bad depression? I feel like I can't function properly. Im still 26 and have no job and in community college
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Yeah. I had alcohol for the first time yesterday but didn't feel any different. Had a good amount of vodka especially.

Next day I felt slow and foggy, and I began to wonder if I was already jaded to that shit because I spent all my time depressed from porn and fapping anyway.
I'm pretty sure it was the depression that destroyed my mind with depression
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>Have fapped every day for about 4 years now, usually twice a day but sometimes 3
>Can't get it up to full mast anymore


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Would you give her the eggs?
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What the fuck kind of demon exorcism shit is going on here?

Don't do drugs, kids.
Silent Hill has gotten way too fucking realistic
serious mental pain I love it

Has anyone here ever tragically lost a friend?
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They all stopped talking to me
I had a friend who killed himself because his mom had killed herself, the last time I spoke to him the only thing he told me was that he was tired I never in my fucking life imagined that he would do that, I honestly blame myself for not having been able to stop him because when I think about it I know that I could have, I will never fucking forgive myself and will gladly take any punishment life might throw at me
My best friend died giving birth to a nigger rape baby.

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>long day of taking orders as a wageslave
>sick of being looked down upon
>shift finally ends
>take bus home
>want to shower
>finally get home to gf
>go to our room turn on light
>shes sleeping
>sit on our bed to take off shoes
>notice small black hair on white sheet
>curly like a spring

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Kys cuck

im just done robots im done.
could be a pube

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Ask a guy who just fucked his dad's ass anything

>inb4 "why?"

I'm desperate
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Why do you feel the need to post obviously fictitious stories? Is it the attention you crave?
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I wish l way lying dude
Well let's hear the story

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Will someone talk to me a few minutes? I have a problem but dont wanna type it out if no one is interested.
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i will give a (You) but i can't guarantee it will be worth the effort

i'll refresh this page in 5 minutes
Let your troubles be heard, friend.
I'm listening. I don't know anything about anything, but I'll read your story.

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>tfw always last guy to post in a thread
>tfw my posts kill a thread
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This happens to me too, something fishy's going on.
Happens to everyone
No it doesn't it's a conspiracy

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