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It is birthday.

Ask birthday boy anything.
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Have a birthday
Why'd your parents think it was a good idea to give birth to you on mother's day?
Hope you doing good anon, happy birthday

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>tfw college drop-out living in a college town
>tfw condemned to a life of either mind-numbing drudgery or NEETdom while everyone else becomes gainfully-employed yuppies

Feels pretty bad, man.

I wish there was some subject matter I was naturally interested in.

I wish there was something I enjoyed doing that would translate into a comfortable career.

But I don't think browsing a Siberian Reindeer Pelt-Exchanging Forum is going to lead me anywhere that would be an improvement.
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>get high risk job
>low key injure self
>coast off of 60% wage
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Do you have any hobbies, OP?
You won't improve if you stay here, that's for sure.

I can't relate to dropping out of college, since I didn't even go, but I can relate to not really having any interests for a career. Just try out as many different jobs as you can I guess. You'll eventually find something that you don't completely hate, probably

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>What do you mean you don't own a car?!
Your reaction?
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i'd rather drive those tits

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>What do you mean you don't like me?!
Seeing a girl like this makes me so nervious I might just Piddle myself ! I'm not into pain, but as a sexually-infantile, involuntary Piddler & Excuse-Exhibitionist I see some versions as part of an exposure-predicament. I've wondered how it would be to wear something on my tiny toys that splashed my pee back at me--long before I became an involuntary Piddler. Now that I only have a Toddler-worthy control and the more I wet myself the more I like it, there is a cast-Stainless cage that looks like it would make me wear more than I share. The potential for mischief is alarmingly erotic.

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You may be a virgin loser NEET weeaboo or whatever the fuck but you should comfort yourself knowing you'll never be one of these. Come on robots, keep your chin up; it could be a lot worse!
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true. who /fph/ here?
>tfw 5'9" and 320 pounds
>tfw transgirl
>tfw green hair bcus I think it makes me cuter
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oh wow haha! Thank you for existing as an example for the denizens of this board to feel slightly better (less worse) about themselves

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Anyone ever fucked a porn star?

Seems like virtually all of them escort.

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Surely someone on here has done it.

Was it worth it?
Got head from a pornstar who I didn't know was a pornstar once.

I also had a girlfriend that I broke up with, and she immediately went into porn. Guess that counts?
I looked it up after seeing a similar thread and they all charge at least triple what normal hookers charge. 100% not worth it

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>won physics Nobel prize at 31
>confident, but pleasant and mellow
>extremely eccentric and socially inept
>goes weeks without talking
>when he does talk its typically one word 30 minutes after the fact
>literally takes everything literally
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I'm not dating a leprechaun
>literally takes everything literally

i fucking hate this type of fool

he is not fun at all. no sense of humour. these people are not down to earth nor are they in tune with anything, they're autists! no sense.

in korean we call this "noon-chi" aka awareness
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TnK6iitTYg noonchi or nunchi

that person has NONE no nunchi

Okay Robots. Let's find discord/skype/whateverthefuckyouuse bf's or gf's.

Go ahead and tell us a bit about yourself; gender, age, height, weight, what you're looking for in a partner and what you enjoy doing.

> Male
> 20
> 5'4"
> 153 lbs
> Looking for someone to game with or just talk. Males and females. Enjoy people taller than me, just for the idea. Really like chubby females, a 'Milf' body type.
> I love to read, as well as write. I constantly run (It's my only form of workout.) I game as well, League of Legends, BoIA+, various MMORPGs.
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Bumping this shit because I would rather my thread not die. >.>

Might as well add location and a bit more detail.

Getting an apartment here soon, living in Kentucky, USA.

Started learning to cook last year, having a lot of fun with it, think I'm getting decently good.
Badabump because no one is here and I dont know how long it takes for a thread to be pruned.
You can't bump your own threads until someone else has posted friendo

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>attractive girl at the only open cash register
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Mama Mia.jpg
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Keep the spaghetti in those pockets.
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>Would you like to donate a dollar for breast cancer awareness ;)
Don't worry. Once you've truly given up on ever having a gf, attractive women won't intimidate you any more.

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>finally shave down there
>get my period the next day

im not posting pics
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Periods are hot though.
>tfw barely any porn featuring it

>had birthday this week, not celebrated in any way
>classmate asks if I want to go to an organised party, I'll treat it as a delayed birthday thing
>go and pre drink, low key hyped because it's my first night out in years
>get to line at the club
>"oh anon, I didn't realise but you can't buy the tickets here, sooo..."
>"that's cool, I'll go to X friend's house" (lie)
>go to the park and try sober up a bit
>get sad
you are worthless apart from your cunt

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nukku apu aputsaja.png
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whats bothering you today?

i want to have a baby so so so so much but my mental illnesses make it impossible for me to adopt and im too ugly to ever reproduce
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Show a picture
are you a grill? pls be my gf
I can't sleep because I'm hungry.
I'm hungry because I don't have any food.
I don't have any food because I'm too tired, poor, and depressed to go grocery shopping.

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>be Alaskan
>be covered in mosquito bites
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where the fuck is alaska you dumb animal
Far away from a neet like you
Fellow Alaskan here. Isn't this place fucking awful?

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Crack of dawn on monday edition
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>Lads, decidez im finally leaving the vird. The sheer happiness Ive fwlt sknce ive come to the decision is enormous. Gomna get my thoughts together and wrote some shit down and then do it tomorrow or tuesday. What should i avoid when breaking up lads? Obviously domt blame the bird, but dont be 'its me not you'.

Pure mad origimal lads.
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Such a comfy day today, you can't see in the picture but it's raining nicely
just got a new job lads, how much do i need to be earning to rent a place, im gonna look for some place with rent around 500-600, im currently earning 1128 a month

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egra rg
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I'm not gonna lie that looks like a lot of fun~

t. 19 yr old female with daddy issues
what'd ur daddy do to u
Yes. Literally have porn playing in the other tab with the girl screaming 'daddy' at the top of her lungs.

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make friends and talk about stuff
no circlejerking/avatarfagging/erp
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water from the same source
Im a shooting star leaping through the skies
I thought Switch owners were pathetic. You're a disgrace to the PC community effeminate curs.

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Chads are literally mentally ill
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>said the mentally ill NEET
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what meme are you.jpg
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what test will say which of these you are? i forgot my results
Professionally confirmed not but ok

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