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>That kid who literally headbutted a door in a shed in school and fucking broke it
>That autistic kid who threw chairs around the fucking school, and wanted to hit other kids
>That kid that would touch his friends in the back and when they turned around would kiss therm, but when confronted said he wasnt a fag
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>that kid who invited his friend for a round of videogames and raped him
>that kid that got so pissed that he slammed the door and shattered the glass window
>that kid who ate pencils in class and was the reason nobody had any pencils
>also the kid who punched a kid for cutting him in line
>that kid who threw a rock in the air and broke a girls skull, nobody gave a shit

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Anyone ever been involved in in a 'pay your rent with sex' type arrangement? How'd it work out?
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I got fucked over
Fucked over what? A bench? A counter?
Roomed with this psycho milf for a while. Sex was great but things fell apart quickly

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I fucked up
Asked my ex girlfriend details on why she dumped me
I think i made her very sad and she has an exam in two days
Why am I so shitty?
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Think about yourself, you're not your girlfriend.
Wow you're a faggot dude
Nobody cares and you shouldn't either, stop talking to that cunt and never post here again
I feel a little better because now i know much more things
But the thought of making her cry is making me sad

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Why do you want out of life?
I have no idea so trying to get some ideas here
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I'll take a number 4 with large fries and a diet coke please.
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Listen to Jordan Peterson. He'll answer better than any robot.
jordan peterson is excellent for those who want to improve themselves and have the will to live (failed normies)

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Bloody idiots, the lot of you edition.
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just had a wank to ebins MSpaint phimosis cock lads
>It's a guess which threads britnormie is making and deleting edition
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I'm going to post here and nobody can stop me

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What is the final step of stealing someone's girlfriend?

My progress so far

>tease her like I'm an asshole to get her interested
>have her get mad at me when I make fun of her boyfriends outer appearance
>flirt with her to make my intention's known that I want her sexually
>get close to her to give her the sense that she can trust me
>got her number and we are now texting each other

I feel like I'm close to my final step. It's been hard so far because she has been with this guy for 5 years so far. But I feel like she is attracted to me and if I play my cards right I will have her. I've been trying to have her meet with me for drinks , but so far has refused (yet she has blushed and smile everytime). I'm so close robots, I can taste my prey.
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Make sure she doesn't cheat on her current bf though. Not only would it be quite shitty on your part, but it would also make her an unreliable whore.
Can you taste your prey?
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ok buddy lmao

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that shit is fucking addictive.
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Burn computer.
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bad feels.png
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you can never get rid of it
can't actually live out the fantasies since life is bullshit

only hope is waiting until the future and fully immersive VR
I just wanna hang with these boys and turn that 3some in a 4some.
God damnit, why does real life suck so hard and why are boys not as cute as anthro furries.

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Any robots have terrible parents? or haven't seen them in years?
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theyre successful people but they really fucked me up with homeschooling and shit
same boat, left them almost a year ago, ceased all contact. actually pretty difficult thing to do when they have all your important papers.
I haven't seen my parents or talked to them in 26 years after they threw me out of the house when I was 17.

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At what age was your first cummie
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About 13-14 I think. Although I started jacking off around 11ish but I'd just have ghost loads. I think that was unhealthy and I think it fucked up my dick.
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Tfw op is kissless vergin
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dude originally same :(

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I'm employed as a support worker who is responsible for keeping incredibly disabled.
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Fav color?

how many disabled girls haver you fucked
None, but I've had offers from thirsty quadriplegic women. No one wants to talk about sex or masturbation, but it happens fucking constantly.

Even if I wanted to fuck them, I don't know how'd it work logistically seeing as they're locked in body wise. I guess at worst I could molest them.

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Sad Giraffe.png
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Anyone else get less than 1 text a week from someone outside of your family?
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I really only text one other person aside from my family. If we are not working, we talk to each other all day.
Used to be like you but I actively worked to change it. I now get atleast 10 texts a week form 2-3 different people. Not Chad lvl but still...
sure, yeah
I hate texting these days, though

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This is my last post here. I'm officially a normal now. Met a girl, had my first kiss, and we're having sex later. She's into me for some reason and that's cool. Later nerds
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You will be back, everyone always comes back since it is just something to browse.
I give it 2 months until she cheats on you, dumps you and breaks your heart to come back
share tips pls
don't go yet

>failed last semester of college
>been going for more than 4 years
>no motivation
>no clue what to do with my life
>try to get fit
>pectus excavatum so body will never look good
>heart problem limits energy and stamina so couldn't get fit even if i wanted to
>6/10 face
>4/10 body, not fat just look horrible frim deformed ribs
>probably have depression or some other mental disability
what the fuck do i do with my life?
should i just put the barrel of a shotgun in my mouth or what?
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>>failed last semester of college
>>been going for more than 4 years
>>no motivation
>>no clue what to do with my life
jesus fuck are you me
youre doing ok since you have that disease you couldnt affect

its us, who are born smart, wealthy and healthy and still fail worse than you who should kill themselves

and i still dont
so neither should you (im speaking objectively, not like some kind of a redit fag trying to console people)
you dont want to be me
yes one side is larger, i have a permanently swollen lymph node that may or may not be cancer
because having ribs that makes me look like i have tits isnt bad enough, lets make one bigger than the other

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at what age does your penis stop growing?
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about 14
5.5 microdick b t w
I'm 21 and it hasn't stopped growing yet. is this normal? I remember being ~5 inches at 18yo now I'm ~6.5 inches
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Never if you keep exercising or keep getting operations.

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>"Damn anon, you looking cute af today!"

What do you say?
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wtf gay

I'm a top, guys. But thanks.

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