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>mother has witnessed the JAV DVD collection
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>brother notices wall
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>sister found the boob bag
>"I've never seen what you draw even though you're always doing it, can I see?"
>pulls sketchpad out of drawer

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I keep getting weird ghetto messages from my work phone
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Are you the guy that stole those spics phone? Just give it back man.
No, it's a work phone.

Another pic
Haha! Really?

Text them and have a casual convo.

>On my old phone, I would occasionally get calls from an unknown number
>Guy that would pick up was a super chill black dude
>I would jokingly ask him how he was doing
>He would explain what was up, and we would spark a conversation
>We would talk about SNES games, horror movies, and food
>Every few weeks we would randomly call each other
>On my birthday he got me a papa John's gift card and gave me the number over the phone
>Learned that he loved DBZ and YuGiOh and loved drawing
>One day he called and never answered
>Never spoke to him again. Never knew his name. When I asked, he jokingly said "Clifford the big red dog".

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

What are things we can do online like here on 4chan or Youtube to take steps in the right direction.

What kinds of ideas and ideals should we promote, and what kinds of idea and ideals should we oppose.

Even if we can't have children ourselves we can still encourage other people to do so.

Some ideas off the top of my head is we need to get White dudes to stop being gay and liking traps and we need to oppose all forms of Black culture like rap music and being a player.

Here's one video to get things started:
Roaming Millenial - Should We Blame White People? | Debunking White Guilt
There's this idea according to S. J. W.s that every problem in the world was caused by White people, when most likely it's actually the opposite.

And here's a video on Eugenics:
War on the Weak: Eugenics in America
which although it takes a negative slant on Eugenics throughout most of the video, it promotes the importance at the end due to advances is medicine and genetic research.
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We need to stop jerking off so much collectively.
pottery to be honest with you white folks
It should be known that Roaming Millennial is mixed race and not white. She can be an ally but she's not white.

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>Press the button and nuclear war occurs in 24 hours.

Do you press it?
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No definitely not

Because I live in a city which would probably be taken out pretty quickly
You have 24 hours until the nukes drop. Are you wheelchair bound or something?
>You have 24 hours until the nukes drop. Are you wheelchair bound or something?
still no actually

what the fuck is the point? Just to kill a ton of people?

Not even just a bunch of random people either, nuclear war would almost definitely be between Russia and the United States, and both countries would go for centers of learning and national labs and shit. Some of the most intelligent people on this planet would die and put our planet decades back

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>You will never die in pompeii and become a cast for millions to see.
Life just isn't fair.
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My favorite thing about Pompeii are the preserved shitposts on the walls.
>not being one of the only people in history to die by lava
there's tons of active volcanoes around the world, you can be famous soon if you want
this thread will be the last surviving proof that humanity existed. post wisely, wouldn't want aliens thinking we're turbo fags

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What do right wing authoritarians do when they get home from work?
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watch fox news
kiss their wives and hug all their children
Have a beer and browse social media.

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>super liked by cute girl on tinder, apparently wasnt an accident
>she says im cute, but says i don't know how to talk to girls
>start talking about sex
>i say i have some weird fetishes then she unmatches me
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never be truthful

never be yourself
You played your cards too quickly, dude. Fetishes are something you bring up AFTER you've already gone on a date and fucked.
This anon if theirs every a next time learn from your mistakes

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If you have inside jokes with a girl and she actually attempts to engage with you in conversation does she like you?
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I'm sure your mom loves you anon.
as a frend
It's called 'friendship', anon.

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I'm 24 years old and a really hairy guy, well I shouldn't say really hairy because some guys are worse than me. My chest and stomach have quite a bit of hair on them, and I noticed I'm getting hair on my back and buttocks as well. It's pretty thick on my chest and stomach. I manscape it about once every couple of months when it gets long and thick.

I've heard some girls find hairy men attractive, but I frankly never cared for all my body hair. I also have quite a bit of hair on my arms and legs, though I would never shave those out of fear of being called gay or feminine. And frankly my arm and leg hair never really bothered me as much as my chest and stomach hair have. I'm afraid as I get older it'll get worse, like I'll go full bear mode and have a carpet on my back and front, it's already close to semi-carpet mode already on the front of me.
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>very hairy legs, hairy back and stomach
>Can't grow facial hair or arm hair
What the fuck does my body mean by this?
I look like shit with facial hair, I can't even grow a beard. If I go a MONTH without shaving I get 5'o clock shadow at best, it's just light stubble on my neck and chain. I would have to probably go 6 months to a year to get anything that resembled a beard.
>same as you, hair everywhere
>stretch marks, lost weight but they stay
>lost weight, extra skin everywhere
>small dick

hope you can see there's worse people and stop feeling bad

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I live at home with my parents ALONG WITH my 32 year old sister AND her 36 year old husband.
My question is: Whose fault is it?
Ours? or our parents?
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Sounds fine. In some countries families live together well into adulthood and even after marriage and it is no big deal. I don't know what the big deal is.
> Sacre bleu! Me family no movey outeh!
Why does it matter whose fault it is? Why do you want to resent people you're stuck in a house with? How is assigning blame getting you out of that house?

Solution is to kill everyone else so that you get sole ownership of the property and live out your days as the creepy guy who lives down the street.
Depends on your cultural background

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>tfw people born after 2000 don't know you can use the internet without wifi/mobile
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It's the iPad generation
>water can be put into pipes to reach your home/school/office
>gas (to make fire)can be put into pipes to reach your home/school/office
>somehow internet cant be put into a cable to reach your home/school/office

How dumb do you even have to be to not know this.
Surely people aren't that rock fucking stupid, right?

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If I stop looking at porn forever, will my sexuality reset to normal? Will my bad fetishes go away?
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No, social interaction and a healthy romantic relationship will
nope. I'm afraid you're stuck like this forever, OP.
I can confirm from experience that this is not true at all

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>it's another "anon can't sleep and imagines he's living the life he's always wanted" episode
>it's really just an ordinary, average life
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Hey op. I dont know if youre still there but i feel kinda down thinking of how fast time has gone and i havent done anything. When i imagine the life ive always wanted i break down and just feel terrible.
If youre asleep then goodnight and sweet dreams. Hopefully tomorrow will be better, and that you're doing well.
>talking to girl
>suddenly she says "I just got really depressed so good bye"
>don't respond
Does anyone else not have a dream or an idea of what they want?
I fail at even imagining a good version of life. It just frustrates me.

What's your excuse for not having the chadcut yet?
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I don't have a head
>tfw headlet
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Christ, what an awful, faggy haircut. Absolute fucking AIDS.
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im fucking bald.

How's this email to a girl who is pretty infrequent with replies?

Should I send it?
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Seems reasonable anon.
Too long too weird
Play the short game or find someone who doesn't talk like she's mailing it to you
Protip it means she's a retard
Thanks anon, I _____sent it_____

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