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it's not looking good lads
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Just flip it upside-down. Boom. Fixed. You're welcome
No, it's rotate it 180 degrees

that's the same thing you fucking JEW

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I love how guys on this board spam pictures of generic Asian and Russian girls with "le bangs" hairstyle, and act like they're sooooooooo beautiful and amazing. They're cute, I'll give you that. But who the fuck wants cute? You want cute, buy a goddamn hamster or a gerbil. Men want SEXY. HOT. This is what sexy and hot is right here. Look at this. This is what real men want. A hot to trot party girl with a miniskirt up her ass so high you can see the cheeks when she bends over, and her pussy when she sits.

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>pink toenails
aaaaand into the trash.
There is nothing real about Kylie Jenner and I hope all the people taking her to court ruin her.
>omg she uses makeup and stuff

Who fucking cares, look at her, she's fuckin hot. Imagine dating a girl like her...

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>tfw my balance is finally dial-up tier.
Feels good.
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no one got paid this week? or at least laid?

i like to cut up the chocolate cigars i find in the toilet before i try them they always have a bitter scent but taste rich and pure when they have blood clots in them oh god yesss
Do you want to share the wealth OP?

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>hear boyfriend's car parking in drive way
>hide under his bed to try to spook him
>he doesn't know that I got out of class early today
>after he freshens up he sits on the bed and some girl I don't know sits on the bed with him
>listening to their conversation to figure out who she is and what kind of relationship they have
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So... girls CAN be robots?
>And then the bed started squeaking
Is this happening as we speak?

Record it, any proof you can, even just a picture of their feet.

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>Person rings phone
>Don't recognise number
>Ignore it
>They ring again
>Ignore it
>They ring again
>Ignore it
>They ring AGAIN
>At this point there is no way I will answer

Who the hell does this? The only people I'm fine with calling me are my family because the phone tells me it is them. What kind of asshole rings a stranger 4 times in 2 minutes? Pic related.
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I was the same for most of my life but recently I pick up strange numbers just to fuck with the person on the other side... revenge for bothering me.
I hate it too, I always try to use email instead of text/call if possible. For random numbers I just have my phone on blocking mode 24/7 for any number that isnt in my contacts
Try this.

>answer phone
>say hello
>if they are looking for you they will ask if it is you
>Is this Anon?
>then you say no and hang up

Even if they have the right number tell them it is wrong and hang up.

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Social media has destroyed women. A 5/10 roastie is getting more attention from Chads than her entire bloodline combined. I work out and am always trying to improve myself but yet the fat cow who does nothing except sit on her phone all day expects ME to approach her?

Fuck that shit don't buy into it.
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How do I get a gf though? And how do we get these beta drones to stop giving these sloots attention?
>"social media has destroyed women"

he posts on a social media site full of orbiter scum. why don't you go be a mennonite then anon?
>Social media

Go back to R eddit

Why do white wimminz age so badly?
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The sun is killing white people. that's how you know whites are not superior. sorry whiteys. this isn't our fault.
Learn your own fucking language retard
She's fine stop making white women insecure.

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why the fuck do you guys not want to live in a big city?

its the only place where you can laugh off embarrassing shit and make new friends. that alone would get rid any anxiety a person has
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you have to like people first
also being a NEET is harder because of rent and everything else costs more
Need to have a job lined up first
>why the fuck do you guys not want to live in a big city?

but I do but how am I supposed to afford that bullshit ?

>body gets terribly itchy whenever I have dairy
>eat a big bowl of ice cream
I'm currently in a deep state of discomfort, why did I do that?
What self destructive habits do you have?
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>can't eat dairy

You need to absorb some of my lactose tolerant DNA, my Asian memer.
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>have bad acne
>breakouts are worse when i smoke
>get a break out
>stressed out

haha take that me
>feel suicidally depressed when tired
>cucked by life into being a wagie
>feel decent at work, exhausted when I clock out
>i should go to bed
>stop by the liquor store and pick up an energy drink so I can be productive
>waste my night, stay up until 3 AM
>get up, do it again
>constantly in a state of exhaustion and suicidality or a restless caffeinated mess
>never really get anything done

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final duel.jpg
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"heh, another one enters my domain. You look... sufficient enough to satisfy my blade's bloodlust... for now."
*this starts playing*
what do?
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equip blue helmet (+90 defense)
why the fuck does he look like Neville from NFS Carbon
> unsheath my Albion.
> your sword cracks at the sight of my 6150 high carbon steel blade tempered to perfection.

Heh, don't bring a cold steel to a Albion fight kid.

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>Control House
>Control Senate
>Control Republicans
>Control Whites

>Can't pass a fucking healthcare bill
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Funny how the republicans voted to repeal Obamacare dozens and dozens of times over the last several years back when they knew it couldn't pass the senate or would be vetoed by Obama. That's now been proven to have been nothing but political theatre. They could have spent the last seven years developing a health care plan that they were actually proud of and could actually have the conviction to stand behind. Instead they just talked about it, apparently assuming the day would never come where they actually were expected to govern.

This country is just going to the dogs and honestly it makes me sad.
Because their healthcare bill fucking sucks and their reps will vote them out in the midterms if they actually implement it. There's plenty to criticize about the obamacare, but it's less shit than what they're fronting
you know. i dont want it to pass either but you keep saying that your gonna fucking jinx yourself. dems are so fucking arrogant and cocky. they have a year and a half guaranteed of total rule to figure it out (its really 3 and a half because dems are total shit) keep telling yourself he wont get anything done though when your own party has fucking zero power to do shit about shit

How ISN'T ghost in the shell (2017) a good movie?
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i mean the anime was MUCH better but i still like it a lot
This is so low it can't even count as bait?
Have you seen the original movie?

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>tfw spent the day at the beach
>tfw got some sun and went swimming a bit and all around it was fun

why don't you go to the beach /r9k/?
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People point and laugh at my mantits. I have acne. Need I go on?
>Need I go on?
yeah sure go ahead
I have greasy skin all over. It looks like I'm wearing sunscreen but I'm not. I have patchy facial hair and hair all over my body. It's like someone did a poor job of shaving a sasquach. I have bad teeth and bath breath even though I brush twice a day, floss and use mouth wash. My legs are bowed and my back is hunched. I look like some ogre climbed on my back and fucked me so hard I hunched over and my legs gave out. More?

So today I got somewhat drunk, went to Walmart and asked out an asian chick. Here's how it happened: I creepily followed her around for a bit. When I see that no one is around and it's just the 2 of us, I decide to go for it. I say,

" Hi, you're really pretty. Will you give me your number?"

"Sorry, I have a boyfriend."

"Do you really have one or do you just think I'm ugly?"

She smiles, "No I really have a boyfriend."

"Alright, well, have a nice day."

"You too."

Even though I got rejected, I got an amazing feeling just from that interaction. Ifelt that in the future I'd be able to ask a girl or and succeed. I encourage more men to try this.
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She didn't really have a boyfriend you dumb cunt.
Lmao she thought you were creepy. But keep at it and you'll develop that skillset OP
Dont pay attention to the other negative posters op, you did well and better than any of them

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I'm straight but I don't find vaginas attractive, is there something wrong with me?
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no, vaginas are gross
I mean, they feel good to be inside, but you're going to be hard-pressed to find an "aesthetic" vagina
99% of them look like a deformed ham sandwich so I'm gonna have to say no.

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