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Are girls attracted to intelligence?
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Yes they are, who isn't?

No. They're attracted to power. If you can't force her to your will and prevent everyone else from taking her, you won't get far.
Only if that intelligence has gotten them benefits from society like wealth or prestige. Otherwise no.

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>tfw you are developing repetitive strain injury from being on the computer for so long
>tfw hands in so much pain I have to take a break every few minute
Any other robots fall for this meme?
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No, i grew up typing and gaming. I'm also physically active at work and in My hobbies. My tendons are made of normal healthy person tendons.
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I have been playing vidya and been on the computer for years now. Only a few days ago have I been feeling aching pains in my palms. This is awful.
Take a break for a week take aleve everyday for a week and they should feel a lot better

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Which option would give me the best returns?
Selling drugs or making porn?
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Investing in HP Inc.
Or maybe even pimping out hookers.
To ugly to make porn most likely

how do you get a police officer to fuck you?
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Well, if you're a muslim in Germany all the female police want your big brown cock, so it's essentially free reign there. All those bitchboi white "men" won't do shit hahaha
Just be a muslim refugee and you can fuck anyone at anytime. Rape is just part of their culture.
That was a stolen/fake Dutch police outfit.

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>failed virgin neets that fantasize about "dominating" a woman and having a "submissive" wife/gf
this is the most pathetic thing ever lol
go back to omegle spamming how about you are "a master looking for sex slaves"
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Clearly we need to be like you and fantasize about having a woman sitting on your face as she sucks chads dick.
>wanting a submissive gf = pathetic
so you have to be a mentally retarded nigger to have a submissive gf and not be ridiculed? fuck you cuck.
the pathetic thing is that you fat failures think you could ever subdue anyone
keep waiting for le submissive waifu, sure

I work nights. The way the compsny I work for does night shifts is I work 7 days in a row and get 7 days off in a row. I'm currently on day 2 of 7 for my days off and I'm bored as shit.

What am I supposed to be doing woth all of this time?
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That sounds like a cool schedule. What do you do for work? I would watch anime and learn a skill.
I would say apply for some classes, but that would be tough since you wouldn't be able to go to them on your work week. Idk mang, maybe work part-time as an uber driver

I'm a shift lead at Walgreens. It's pretty chill working nights. I used to grt a lot of vagrants and thieves but not so much in the last couple of months. Guess I manage to tell them all to fuck off enough times. I'm pretty much burnt out on anime. I've seen hundreds of series and movies over the years. And learning random skills just doesn't seem to do anything for me. I bought and learned to ride a motorcycle a few months ago. Learned to throw boomerangs too. But every time I learn a skill I just end up back in the same place. Super bored.


My mom keeps suggesting since I dropped out of college last year but I'm not feeling up to it yet. My city also kicked out Uber and Lyft because they don't want to do fingerprint background checksbso I can't even do that to pass the time.

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>mfw brushed, flossed, and used mouthwash for the first time ever tonight.
>mfw toothbrush was electric

Why didn't any of you tell me it wasn't just a meme? My gums feel like a prostate orgasm.
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I wonder how many robots have gingivitis
The dentist told me my teeth would have rotten already if not for the topical fluoride he gives me. I can't wait to see his chad fucking face scrunch up in defeat when I tell him that I now not only brush, but find it pleasurable as well.
I bought and electric toothbrush, small one, and mouth wash. Feels good man. Still need a filling though as I don't floss enough

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I-is it true that a lot of Japanese High School girls perform sexual acts for money and alcohol?
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only if you are Chang Thunderwang yourself
I don't know about Japanese girls but American girls will definitely put out for drugs and alcohol.

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>Oh my god Stacy, look at how Anon's staring at our exposed soles... He's practically drooling!

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you make everyone uncomfortable wherever you go. know that.
why is she calling me anon?

my name is jeffrey

jeffrey dahmer

l dont leave my house

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>unironically hope to be diagnosed with cancer or some terminal disease at my yearly checkups so I no longer have to participate in life

I feel so disassociated with life, I literally don't care about my well being anymore.
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i wonder if slicing your head off with a chainsaw is a viable suicide technique
if someone does it for you then yeah
But anon, why wait for a disease? Why not start right now, what really stopping you?

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I hate that song so much, especially that part at the end with that really stupid sounding voice modulation.

dudududu dudududu dudududu dudududu


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Brobots, help. By the next month I will become wagekek. Any protips for a robot to survive in shitty workplace among normalfags?
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You don't have to talk to any of those people. Just go to work, do your job, and then go home. Only talk to people if it is absolutely necessary. Work hard, work fast, and do a good job. Get promoted to manager, while the same people you started with are now below you. That's what I did when I got my first job.
fingers crossed that you don't have a total fucking bitch for a manager

i had one and she did shifts
she always put me on the shift with her after my first 2 weeks
i quit 2 weeks later after having enough of her shit
Stop being a fucking pussy. Customers, managers, and your coworkers are going to be mean and rude to you. You'll never be successful in life if you quit over having a shitty boss. That's life. Welcome to the real world, faggot.

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How many Europeans have you eaten this week?
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Fucking obnoxious burgers, worse tourists than even the hordes of chinks.
its fake

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no man americans are so fat so young they dont even know it and think it is normal the way their bodies are
go away Dan Rather deserved better

Circumcision isn't necessary just stretch it an-
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poor littIe white guy :(
look at that soft smooth head looks very very nice
what are you trying to say?
fixing pathological phimosis with stretching won't happen over night.

This roastie didn't even try and hide it. She went upfront saying that women who can't get Chad has to settle for cats instead of babies. Cause you can't breed with someone who is "genetically inferior."

This could have been written by a bitter virgin in an imageboard. But it was a female reporter for the Huffington Post.

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I'm not saying it's because she's a cat person, but it would of been my first guess as to whom would actually make that sort of argument.
So implicitly pro-eugenics cat ladies are a thing now? Topkek
>I'm a strong independent cat lady who don't need no beta provider

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