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1. Take a name, use it in the namefield. The name should have some connection with your issues. It's important for you to use a name so I can remember you.

2. Look for the "Good-Bye" image to if I am still around or not.

3. Be prepared to consider the possibility that your past, specifically your childhood, and your parents, or caregivers, have direct connections to what you're going through now, even if it doesn't seem obvious to you.

4. I may ask you to check some of these resources within the thread:




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Hello, Nick. I would be happy to continue our conversation here so long as the names were omitted.

I've promised you there would be no mentions of the names. I wanted to know out of curiosity only, and as a way to understand more.

I'm reading your e-mails, and responding, but I'm also crafting a response to my own father. It's like writing poetry with anal beads; it's a thing that shouldn't be done.

How are you today?
I'm reasonable thank you. Did a bit of cooking and visited my brother. I also have an interview scheduled for next week. Somewhat stressful to prepare for and a disruption to my routine, but a potential improvement over my current situation.

How are you? Why would you consider communicating with your father at this point? I thought we'd established that he's an irredeemable monster with nothing to offer you.

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R8 my brekkie guys
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bacon looks burnt as fuck
the bacon looks burnt.

only women like soggy flaccid bacon

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>be me in work
>boss has birthday
>he makes a little party, he brings a cake too, everyone has to attend
>I feel like shit there but it is mandatory to be there
>don't even eat a cake because it looks shit
>boss noticed it
>"Anon I order you to eat 2 cakes right now, because I am your boss" and he gives me them on a plate
>every single other normie in the room starts to laugh
>I go away from everyone and try to eat that shit
>he noticed it again
>"anon why are you hiding? Are you afraid of us? Are we so scary?"
>every single normie starts to laugh again
>I go closer but in a safe distance of those fuckers
>"What is your problem anon? Are you afraid of girls? (80% of the coworkers are females) Should I put you closer to the boys?"
>everyone in the room agains is like "HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA"

Why are normies so fucking cruel? Why is it giving them a pleasure to make fun of others?
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What exactly was your problem?
Eat some cake, drink some beer, engage in conversation as much as necessary. So what.
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fuck off you fucking normie

where do you think you are
They are punishing you for being a social retard. The punishment has a purpose: Negative reinforcement for bad behaviour. You were detracting from their experience, so they turned it around on you to make the party fun again, and it's fine because you were the problem to begin with.

The fact that you did not understand any of this means they were justified.

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>show professor a historical documentary from BBC i got for class
>she asks me to tell her sometime how to find such documentaries
>afraid to tell her because she might find lots of bbc porn on torrent sites
>if i don't tell her how she'll be angry

wtf should I do?
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just tell her you got it from reddit?
but i think you can't download from that site
Say you downloaded the mp4 from YouTube

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Come join the blanket fort, its a new server worth joining if you want to make friends

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bumpdesu c: we have qtss
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Bumpdesu we have alot of food

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Right lads. This is it. 30-year-old, unemployed, kissless, hugless virgin. Last week I asked a girl I met on Tinder (who is way out of my league) to go on a date with me. To my horror, she agreed, and I lost my shit. Didn't really want to go, but a couple of friendly brobots here convinced me I had to. I figured with an app like Tinder, she'd lose interest quickly enough that the date would never happen. But apparently not.

So tonight is the night. I'm way more calm now because I'm convinced this is going to be a royal fuck-up, which is actually helping me not to take it too seriously.

Anyway, I'm posting this thread because I know there are a lot of kissless, hugless virgins here. I'm going to keep it updated through my smartphone throughout the night, whenever I get a moment to myself, both to help me and to show you what happens when people who shouldn't be dating do.
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How long until the date starts?
Stay off your phone, just ask a lot of questions about her and act interested
2 hours. I'm posting this now because I'm still at home so it's easier.
Yeah, I'll only use it when one of us is in the bathroom. I'll make sure she doesn't see me using it.

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Why is it so fucking hard to get a job robots?
>be me
>apply for more than 500 jobs using different job sites
>all the jobs I applied for never got back to me or sent a rejection notice
>even apply for fast food chains like mcdonalds
>told I may have poor motor skills so I can't even work there
Unemployment is my disability, fuck my life.
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>told I may have poor motor skills so I can't even work there

What did you put in your resume?

>hey im anon I may have poor motor skills please hire me
They observed my behavior in the interview and they think I'm retarded

Because you're ugly. Good looking chads and women will always be chosen over you.

Wtf is the point of being attractive if you have no social circle?
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chart (1).jpg
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How about the fact that attractive people are universally treated better, make more money and so on.
If you're as god tier attractive as your picture, you can just insert yourself into any social group/circle
I am but i have mental issues. Most people bore me so i was pretty much alone all my life. I'm great with girls but i rarely get a chance to meet them

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>The worst that's gonna happen is she's gonna say no.
Is that really the worst that's gonna happen?
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no the worst that happens is your fragile ego gets bruised and your anxiety heightens
She could physically injure you I guess but the chance is less.

Anyway the pain isn't because of what she said, but more of a realization you're not good enough, something most people can't live with or are afraid of.
She could tell all her Stacy friends about how you spilled your spaghetti, then goodluck finding a gf within a 60 miles of your moms basement

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>tfw no qt boiwife to love and fuck
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>inb4 /pol/sheep spam the thread
If you actually google this trap, they are ugly as fuck and don't even look passable. This video was taken from one of the few angles where they actually look passable. Trust me all traps only look good because of angles and lighting. They look like shit irl
White men are literally the best at doing and being EVERYTHING in the world, even the best at being women.

God it feels good to be white.

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Did you know urine is sterile? You can drink it.
Go ahead, give it a try! Don't be shy!
My first time I could only swish it around, I knew of the beneficial oral properties. Oh and how it all began!
The first trickle down the throat was magical. And bitter. Still, I kept on.
I began the process of looping my urine. Drank all of it. I was shitting out stuff I've never seen, it was like a waterfall for days.
Be careful when you start on the pee. There are no breaks on the pee train. Soon you will see why.
Now my skin is like a teenage gurl, my eyes radiant, my countenance shining. Truly I am the lord of light. My golden shower was the next key.
Once you have purified internally, set some aside. Does piss jug ring a bell? Hmmmm? No plastic, I say!
Let it age a few days until it stinks like ammonia. Now rub it all over yourself. It puts the peepee on the skin. Soon you will feel invigorated and unstoppable.
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Urine drinkers will take over the world desu
This is really a step forward for you, isn't it
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I've ascended and only come back to show mortals the path to greatness. We are going to make Genghis Khan look like Snow White.

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i want a fembot gf
im so alone
someone please save me
i will love you forever and never leave you...
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Fembots do not exist.

You are a thirsty beta fag and will die alone and filled with regrets for begging skanks for attention on 4chan rather than talking to an actual human beings that aren't utter shit.

Kill yourself.
thats not a nice thing to say anon
Where are her boobs at?

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Uncut dicks are so sexy

Mine is all scarred and gross

Fuck you mom
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i think cut looks better
File: IMG_1873.jpg (304KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Is my cut dick gross?
File: beautiful.jpg (62KB, 768x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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how can you think that? dry looks look scarred and dry and gross

doesnt come close to the natural beauty of n uncut one

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Gonna watch the video and then post my thoughts on it OP
>"If you like using smartphones and apps, you should be a programmer"
>"You don't need to be good at math to be a programmer"

The comments piss me off the most though
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I drive a car everyday, yet I'm not a car mechanic.... Really moved my internal 0s & 1s

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How pathetic does a person have to be to beg for non-essentials?

At least food makes sense cause you'll die or something, but if you want stephen king books the bookstore is always open.
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Stephen King was pretty good when I was 13
Isn't that like 3000$ worth of books?

Pleb I was reading under the dome in utero
Knew some bitch who successfully crowdfunded a cross-country vacation to Disneyland with her kid she doesnt even have custody of.

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