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I hope you all enjoy
(to the tune of "I love you")

I love Hitler
Hitler hates Jews

lets get together and exterminate ze Jude

With a great big battle axe,
Shove them on my cock,
Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, ROCKS! (x3)
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Why do dirty mulatto abominations believe they're superior to niggers? Niggers are people, mulattos are not and shouldn't exist.
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curry shake.gif
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stay mad darkskin
>The half niglet thinks he's people
Bow down filthy inbreds, master race coming through

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Aku Pepe.png
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Or did it somehow evolve into that over time?
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Post whatever you want.

How are you feeling right now?
What's on your mind?
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>got drunk yesterday
>dumped my remaining alcohol stash
>sent my professor a rambling email demanding that he "indicate that I'm a failure" by giving me an F (I was probably going to fail anyway)
>texted my little sister vaguely suicidal-sounding shit
>still no job
>still no friends
>still no gf

Afraid to check my email or phone now. And worst of all I have to face it sober
>Riding the bus to university
>Everyday I see a lot of qts
>Just think to myself, I hope they're not driven by sexual urges as stacies
>keep my reading until I arrive

I've thought about talking to one of them sometimes, but by my looks it'd be sexual harassment
I might as well describe how I feel now.
>have good and funny conversations with a person
>It always end up making my day
>next day I'm completely anxious about greeting said person
>I greet them and they go with their friends group

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>World is a fuck
>World can't stay the way it is because muh technological change
>World changes

Are we all going to make it after all?
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enjoy being legacy meat shoved around by AIs
no, is the answer
we will simply graduate to a deeper whorl of the Hell Vortex

Does it have to go like this. Far as I can tell there is a near limitless number of ways we can move forwards. Are all of them really worse than it is now?

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> feel desperate for friends and for someone to play games with
> post profile on a couple websites
> no replies multiple times over a period of a week
> send out a few requests to some guys that looked cool
> nothing
> the profiles that stated that the person was female would get 10+ replies in under an hour and probably more via private messages
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Where are you from? North France by any chance?
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men are disposable and replaceable.
No. Eastern part of Europe.

It never hurt as much as it did today. Some of the girls had the exact same interests as me and yet they got so many offers at being friends and playing games. I even tried messaging a few people that replied to the girl threads, since we matched almost 100%. They were not interested. Every time I see a thread with 10x more views and posts than the other ones around it, 99% of the time it's a girl posting. I thought places where you look for "gaming buddies" should feel irrelevant o nwhat your gender is, but it's just another fucking dating website.

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>finally find a girl who seems like a real catch
>beautiful, fun to be around, has no interest in drinking or partying
>she seems to like me
>ask her out, she says yes and seems enthused
>the day comes, see what time she wants to go
>she says "maybe another time" and doesn't say when she's free

What did I do wrong bros? Only thing I can think of is she thought it over and changed her mind. Shit sucks.

Pic unrelated.
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>maybe another time

aka "never"

move on to the next one

Yeah I know, I'm just pretty bummed out. It'll pass.

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>fall in love with an effusive slut who treats everyone like the most important person in the world

I think I might kill myself from the pain before I manage to get over her.
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>tfw no tightwad bf
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time to fill out some blanks,robots

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Let me get on my computer. I assume I'm supposed to draw a face as well
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Ok, I filled this shit out. I better not be the only responder.

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Tfw can't hug my friend because we're both men
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Said who?
Is there a law against it?
Why do people think showing affection or showing that you care about someone is a bad thing?
I hug my male mates all the fucking time.
I tell them I love them too.
Fuck it, don't be afraid to let people know how much they mean to you because you NEVER know if they;re gonna be there the next day, and then you'll hate yourself for never letting them know that they're an important part of your life.
hug that nigga
I'm really gay today

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Any super long term NEETs want to tell me how bad I'm going to feel in a few years if I don't sort myself out? (19 year old, 2.5 years NEET)
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I'm 21 and been NEET for 4 years or so, basically you in the future. The worst part is nothing changes, provided your family doesn't have a falling out you'll be in the same exact position but older. Still feel like a teenager and everyone I still keep up with from school has jobs and cars and girlfriends.
>Wants to sort himself out
>Posts little anime girls

It might already be too late for you
23y/o, 5 year long NEET here.
It depends on what you want in life.
If you're honestly comfortable doing nothing but playing vidya the only thing to get to you is other people's expectations.
After a while your social circle will become jealous on you not wagememe'ing and will start subtly nagging you about it.

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>tfw people avoid looking at my ugly face
>tfw I can see the disgust in their eyes when they look at me
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People never look away from my face when talking to me, what does this mean
wow you're a cunt.
leave this board normalfag.

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My younger siblings had sex before me....my brand new dog had sex before me....my niece had sex before me.

I watched them all grow up. And they ALL had sex before me....

I'm slipping I can feel it break.

I'm destined to die a virgin. 38.
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holy shite are you serious

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i fucking hate you people If I had any fucking friends at all I'd never come to this shithole y'all niggas lame asf
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Why do you hate us, faggot?
I want to lose my V-card to an Asian QT 3.14.

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