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Were you as gay as a kid as you are now?
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Not even close, though I'm not really gay now, I just like femboys, traps and 2D futa.
Define kid. Puberty? Yes. Pre-puberty? No.
Jesus christ i want to lick that shotas(?) sweaty armpits and suck on his nipples while grinding my raging boner against his penis

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>Go for a nightwalk
>Some truck drives up to me
>Starts interrogating me asking why I'm out at this hour
>Threatens to call the police on me
>It's only midnight on friday
Is it really that weird to enjoy the evening?
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>"Don't you have better things to do than harass someone going for a walk? Fuck off."
How a man would have responded grow some balls
It was just so unexpected. There was also someone else in his front seat flicking a knife around so I just wanted to leave
Such is life in United Police States of Israel.

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Imagine this:

You're at the store. It's a grocery store, supermarket, whatever. It doesn't matter. You're getting stuff when you're stopped by a stout, large man with a jolly beard and a balding head. He asks you to try some sample milk. It's a new brand but the store wants to give out samples to see if people like it. You know?

So he says "try this milk and tell me if it's good or not". Would you try some?
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no milk is for gays
Nice Master Wojak, anon.
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hell yeah i like milk dont drink it often though, but ill try the sample. what then?

If you could go back exactly 4 years, what would you to change your life?
BESIDES cryptocurrencies and direct ways of making money. Most of us would obviously do that
Personally I'd try to not to fail or drop out of college and focus on a proper STEM path instead of not knowing what to do.
Also heard how working on cargo ships is a decent career path so maybe go to school for that (lack of internet would be pain but sorta fits my personality type being "alone").
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i would have fucking kill myself.2013 was one of the worst years i have ever had in my life.
Don't move cities
Get treated for mental illness
Stop pining over oneitis
Immediately apply for Master's or job
Keep focusing on my animation. Don't let it slip away.
Start hormones earlier desu
Tell myself to make the most out of high school while I'm still there.

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Do girls like chubby men?
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That's a negative ghostrider..
no, they don't.
now kys you fat sack of shit
Do guys like chubby chicks?

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>move in to college dorm for 2nd year
>high hopes that I'll meet some new people (finally)
>spent most of last year alone in my room ordering pizzas because I didnt even have anyone to go to the dining hall with
>invite one of my acquaintances over to drink with me and go find some people to party with
>he agrees, says he'll come after his meeting at 7
>11pm, hasn't read my text from 4pm
>sitting in my room, watching youtube
>someone everyone on my floor is in the common room having drinks and enjoying themselves
>i decide that I should go out and try and make some friends
>enter the room with a bunch of normies clustered together in groups, some on their phones
>try and talk to some people, but they don't seem interested in maintaining conversation
>get discouraged and leave, nobody even notices
>head back to my room and order a pizza
>still nothing from the guy I invited to my place
>looks like its gonna be another year of this bullshit

Is college/uni really just a normie meme r9k? It sure seems that way. Making friends for someone like me seems impossible - it really does seem like there isn't anyone around that shares any kind of similar interests to me. Guess I'll just immerse myself in my studies alone as I've done for most of my life. Do fellow uni robots have the same problem? And how do you guys expect to make any headway in the professional world when most of one's success and the usefulness of one's college degree depends highly on the connections made during your 4-12 years at school?
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study some self help books
all the hard stuff has been figured out already
aren't those scams?
Wow who cares man you're trying so hard yikes. Your roommate probably has shit to do he has his own life not catering to your every need.

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>tfw even drinking doesn't do it anymore
what's next? is heroin worth a whirl?
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The implication that should be clear to you is that if drinking has stopped doing it for you, hard drugs will eventually stop doing it for you as well.
>going on heroin
fuck no. if you want to mess your life up even worse, then at least have the decency of going on pcp
there is no objective benefit to PCP at all

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>Get gf against all odds
>Things actually going pretty well
>Get acquainted with her friends
>Big night out planned
>Go along
>Gf spends whole night with another guy
>Having experienced them, I hate clubs
>Random people being aggressive
>Whole night turns into me being both upset over gf and bored senseless

So what part of being a normie was supposed to help cure all my social problems/depression? I feel worse than before and have nothing to even show for it.
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>clubbing while in a relationship


the only reason you go to clubs is get drunk and find someone to fuck. if you're girl wants to go to clubs while she's with you she's a hoe
Its literally a meme.
I remember being in a situation just like that, I'd asked a girl out and she'd said yes...we dated for awhile then one night she just flat out blanked me and started getting really friendly with another guy (No shame to admit he was better looking then me). I confronted her about it and was basically hit with the 'LOL YOLO' shit.

This anon called it, if she goes to clubs then she's not there for a serious relationship. The ONLY way to keep a woman secure in those kind of places is to basically make-out with her constantly.
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>Gf spends whole night with another guy
Why would you ever allow this?
Are you really that spinelesss to tell your bitch you forbid her from cucking you? If so kys senpai

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lewd thoughts.jpg
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>tfw a boy called me cute today
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that's nice, did you become friends with him?
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>that's nice, did you become friends with him?
no I freaked out and ran away after class ended
Trap, fag, or fembot?

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My friends from school introduce me to this place and I think it's pretty interesting. I'll admit it's a little cray cray for my taste. Tell me what I should expect from this place? I came from reddit, if you must know..
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Youre not even trying anymore

Simole you get dubs and you get all the roasties or "bitches" as all you cool hipster frog poster like to say. Now turn around for just one second and checkmthese repeating digits my newfriend
OP this person thinks you are "baiting." Just ignore him. You should lerk before posting.

Chad here AMA!

>Slept with over 60+ girls
>Had sex with 2 sisters, 1 at a time while the other watched
>Have had 2 threesomes

Pic related isn't me but its similar to what i look like.
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either 1v1 me in csgo or fight me

i will be at 32 Russel Square, London
why are you lying on the internet anon?
I only play PUBG.
I'm not lying.

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post your desktop, robots. no cleaning up edition.
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Very bland, boring, vanilla ubuntu.
nsa can spy me by use mac?
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too lazy to prt sc, have a pic from it

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Anyone here got a sister? Do you ever spy on her? Ever seen her naked? Walked in on her peeing, changing, showering? Do you steal her underwear and sniff them?
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No. We're not degenerates
I saw my little sister's dildo when I was helping her move.
What a slut.


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My college is doing a program to study abroad in Japan. My school suggested it to me because my GPA is really high and I took Japanese courses.

S-Should I apply? I've been studying Japanese for a few years so I won't completely lost but I'm kind of scared of being away from home. Is it worth it? Do you think it'd be fun?

Could I get a girlfriend?
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Absolutely, that's a once in a lifetime opportunity. You'll get to be go on your school's dime and do all the weeb shit you want.
you might be able to get laid over here some girls like foreign men but they are like the equivalent of white women liking black men here
That's an awesome opportunity, and if you're white you will get a lot of attention from the women there.

Don't let your fear of being away from home hold you back from this

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>yfw /r9gay/ is faster than the entire board of /lgbt/
>yfw this board is unironically a better lgbt discussion board than /lgbt/
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Why don't you guys move to /trash/? Serious question. That place allows porn dumps and pictures of yourself, seems much more fitting.
yeah this board is bretty good for lgbt stuff
Twink fags, traps, and trannies deserve to be beaten and raped. They're woman lite, no wombs, only good for dumping some pent up cum in. And guess what? They enjoy being treated like this because they're all degenerates who want to be degraded and humiliated. They're not even men, so it's not gay to screw them in case you are holding back to preserve your sexuality.

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