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Interview tomorrow. Here goes nothing.
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I'm cheering for you anon-kun
you can do it. good luck, faggot
Can I see you CV, M.Pepe ?

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Why exactly do women do this?
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How does this make you feel?
When women do this to me I start rocking my seat back and forth violently. If they don't take the hint I start slapping their lags violently until they remove them. If that doesn't work I move to the seat directly behind them and place my feet on their head. Then say how does it feel, cunt!
You sound like a horribIe person

Hey robots, its my bday today, no celebration at all, just getting a pizza and thats it, I hate birthdays. Anyone else?
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Happy birthday Anon here's a gift: 46494676766794876737649
>tfw no femanon to post bday tits pix
>My parents didn't even say happy birthday last time
What's the point of celebrating being alive

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Daily reminder that if you go to sleep every night before 3AM and/or wake up every day before 3PM, you are NOT a robot.
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I think you mean you're not a NEET
Robots in education can't stay up all night anon
they can though? Just sleep in the afternoon
daily reminder if you are not spun out on meth RIGHT NOW you can't be a robot

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What is your favorite pooping position, robots? I squat because I always shit on my dick when sitting
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Sounds like a great way to shit on your legs but I'll give it a shot next time I'm constipated.
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How the fuck do you manage to shit on your dick?
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I shit like pic related.

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(Discord URL) eEcf3gf

Everyone's allowed and you won't get kicked for opinions. The server is going through a transitional period so not many people are active at the moment. Become relaxed with us
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thanks for """improving""" the board, higgus

It would honestly be impressive how autistic he is if he ever used it for anything good in his life. Instead he gets a hollow, empty feeling and discord threads nuked.
Free bump for the for anti-hot pocket advertisement thread

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How does it make you feel that 3d women cannot even compete with 2d?
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> How does it make you feel that 3d women cannot even compete with 2d?

Very funny anon, you can stop joking now.
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>Tfw no real grill will treat you like pic related.

3D Women are too busy avoiding me for me to have any interest in them.
Well, you are pretty much fucked. You're gonna die alone.

Does love actually exist?
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And no one on R9k will feel it
No, everyone is just pretending so they can fuck with you.
In a way it does, just not in the way you wish it did.

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>Be me le MGTOW
>Turned 30 2 days ago
>Achievement Unlocked back in 2015: New_car.meme
>No gf 8 years
>Have le thinning hair
>Have le heart pain but it's under control
>Decent Shape (can do 25 push ups, 25 sit ups and run a 5k)
Is life over or just beginning?
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> be me le don't want to be MGTOW
> will turn 29 in couple if montgs
> no car_meme, no driving_licence.ogg
> no gf 5 years
> no sex 3 years
> balding
> shit shape - not overweight. Can't run 3km. Can't do 10 pushups. Arms like noodles, greasy stomach
> have liver mass and asymmetrical organ layout
It all depends on your facial attractiveness.

Bad feels thread, chaps.

>friends had a party, didn't invite me
>girl I lost my virginity to a couple of weeks ago now completely ignoring me
>hounded by a genuine autistic guy at a social event yesterday
>scammed out of 200 pound by a guy I thought was my friend and had to walk five miles home at 3 o'clock in the morning

Can I kill myself with apple seeds?
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if not....normies instead of shouting GET OUT (which you should), i will explain. this board is for robots. you attend social events, you have friends, you had sex with a girl. you are NOT a robot. take your normie problems elsewhere.
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normoes have been here for a long time, anon.
how the fuckd o we get rid of them.!??!?!
if eveyr robot just ignored these normie posts maybe they will LEAVE REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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can i stop living?
rerolling because i dont do any drugs
What is non traditional music

>tfw eating tendies and playing dark cloud 2 while it snows outside

must suck to be wage cucking right around now

i'll enjoy my chicken while you slave away to mr shekelstein

be sure to work extra hard he needs a new boat
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Wagecuck here. Got a bonus today. Now I can buy a new car. How is your vehicular situation?
>be me
>work easiest job ever
>literally my work day is 95% watching tv and browsing r9k and 5% work
>10$/hr to essentially be a neet
feels good, feels easy
Job name?

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bitch bitch.jpg
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>girlfriend went out to a party tonight
>"haha, Anon. These people are so drunk"
>"Come home then"
>"nahhh haha"
>she finally comes home, very late
>try to initiate sex
>she's "too tired"
>she tells me that I should have asked her to come back sooner
>I tell her that I asked her to come back about 3-4 hours ago
>"you should have been more demanding, hehe"

What's the fucking point.
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She was definitely fucked at the party.
Well, why weren't you more demanding then?
Having a gf :)

Wonder why my comment was not original

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I have a dentist appointment and only girls work there.

What should I realistically do?
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hit on every single one of them
pretend you're gay
Pretend you're high on laugh gas and feel them up

Post your pepe/memes folder power levels
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Share the folder or kys
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The stats are for my 4chan folder in general, which isn't as well organized as my reaction images.
Good god I'm impressed how long have you been frogposting?

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