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I have a burning feeling that a woman will save our race.

A charismatic one that can lead, one filled with furry off the gods.

She will be a strong woman skilled in battle, yet Chaste and righteous.

She will command respect from the men of our race, but they shalt not lust for her.

She shall rule our race with an iron fist of the swastika
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then she falls for a bbc, the end
if you say its Chelsea Clinton then I'm gonna roll my eyes, close this tab, and go to sleep
No she will be for the Aryan race

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I do not envy you
Tell us about the lucky girl anon.
Stop it. It consumes you untill you can't take it anymore, and she will not say yes. Forget her

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It's that time of the day again anons.
Ideal GF Thread
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>Idolizing these damaged girls again

Most of you here have mental illness, so you should understand how fucked up mentally ill people are and why you shouldn't have a relationship and DEFINITELY not have a kid with them.

The redpill is that Stacy is actually probably a better partner than these girls, especially if Stacy comes from a strict household.
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>taking things so seriously
>tfw no indie gf to watch arthouse films with

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Monsterous friend.jpg
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>tfw find out old highschool buddy went and actually raped a minor
>made her shoot up, held her down as she screamed and cried and forced his dick into her- real bonafide rape
What the shit? He joked about loli every once in a while, but if I knew he would actually go on the rape a kid I would have caved his ugly skull in with a rock.
What's the worst thing any of your former pals has turned out to be?
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I was friends with a hoodrat, he was a pretty cool guy but he had some serious issues with anger. I thought he had cooled down until he tried to kill his mother and little brother. He went to jail and I haven't really hung out with him since.
the last time I talked to my friend Ryan on the phone he was holding his geriatric dad up with a shotgun and considering suicide yet again. Five years later I looked him up and apparently his home made narcotics caused his brain to demyelinate and made him think John Stewart was talking to him through the TV and that the NSA was after him. I guess he's in the institution now.
>he tried to kill his mother and little brother.
Did he have any kind of reason?

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Just made a new server, it's comfy so join it
Invite: 6gju3E
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Why should I join this server anon give me one good reason
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it might get good if u join

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>anon you found me hehe
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>this is what r9k thinks girls are like
Thanks, anime
You just know this was taken in SoCal
>tfw will never know what girls are like
>missed out on youth love and fun

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What should I major in /r9k/?

I seriously don't know what I want to do for the rest of my life. I don't really have many interests besides playing video games and music. Everyone I know says do Comp Sci. or something along those lines but I just HATE doing math. I don't want to study a major I don't like and I don't want a meme-major either.

Any suggestions?
>inb4 "just kys"
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International Affairs
I'm doing something related to film making. I'm not sure what specific job I'm interested in, but making films creates many jobs.
If you don't know and you can't do math, then you should consider learning a trade at a trade school. There's plenty of blue-collar jobs that are in demand, so you'll have good job security.
It's what I would have done if I wasn't already half way done with college when I learned about them.

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Why do you hate women? They are literally the best thing on this earth. They are pretty, they smell good, they are warm.

Women are the pinnacle of God(dess)'s creation. It's in the Bible. Look it up.
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I love women I want to find a nice one to love and spend the rest of my life with.
I only hate women who create, like, or share content such as you posted.
i hate everyone but i hate op the most
i probably hate women because when i didnt know how to dress or fix my hair and has glasses i got harassed and treated like shit (even by a fucking teacher) but when i started looking good then shallow cunts show interest when im literally a shittier person now, fuck em

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>literally every social interaction is just a test of my acting ability
Wow this sucks. you guys fucked me with the whole "bee yourself is a meme" meme
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tired bugs.jpg
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>every social interaction outside of online communication is soul-draining
>every time it's also a test for the person/people you're communicating with to spot your weaknesses or something that isn't right
I don't want to do this anymore
>to spot your weaknesses or something that isn't right
I'm gonna fucking kms!
literally just be yourself, its not even a meme

you probably wont get many girls, but you will have more fun in the long run

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>been seeing all these existential "what happens when we die" threads
>hoping for non-existence because the thought of a generic afterlife with dead relatives scares the shit out of me

Anyone else know the feel?
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Before death
>why aren't you doing anything with your life anon
After death
>why didn't you do anything with your life anon
>makes a post expecting genuine thought provoking replies
>posts a picture of yasuo
Hots is better than league of lesbians.

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Did any fellow robots play sports growing up? If so which ones?
I played American football and rugby, I loved them but had a few concussions and now my knees are fucked up. They crack and pop from the slightest movement.
But I'd definitely do it over again given the opportunity
So robot, what's your sports history?
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kys normalcunt
I played tennis for a little bit, but I was never good at it. Luckily even a weak skeleton like me can play since I have long arms, but I never practiced enough to be any good at it.
>not playing sports as a kid

You are literally the robot of robots.

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>tfw $7 a pack
What do you smoke, /r9k/?
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>What do you smoke, /r9k/?

Nothing, quit that shit years ago when I was having trouble breathing.
Vaping has been giving me far more bang for my buck. Then again I also live in an area with the highest tobacco tax in the world. One pack is $11 in NY.
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parliaments and lucky strikes, but i only smoke every few days or so now.

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>see little girl
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Are you ever ashamed of that? Does it feel like a curse to you or do you actually enjoy your attraction to little girls?
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See Loli lost in store coming closer to me

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What's circIing through your mind tonight, robot? FeeI free to share.
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I think about suicide as usual. What about you, op?
If I'll ever feel comfortable with the body im in
Sudden pangs of dread that cause tremors, rapid heartbeat and difficulty breathing. When this happens I make a thread.

Are you still obsessing to Marky ?
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she has an instagram?

man it's been yaers
She live with bf
Leave her alone
anymore new pics

she looks like she's recovering

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