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they literally have no ass.
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that ass looks very good to me but I am white
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Most of /r9k/ are irishmen

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Im drinking and like cool pictures that are vaporwavey.

Lets see them.
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Plz guys. I need some o dat good aesthetikkkk shit
Here's you go, faggot.
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just use google my man

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who is frankly considering to commit suicide by the end of this year and why? no LARPers
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Not necessarily the end of the year, but my mom has terminal cancer so I'm gonna end it when she dies. I've already bought a shotgun.
bump for morbid ramblings.
A year is a long time, folks. There's a lot of time for the world to change by then, or for you yourself to make a change. Think about it.

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My dad killed himself today, why should I not just do the same?
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That's not a question for us to answer.
maybe something will happen sometime
Why should you? There's no obvious reason why suicide is the default action.

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Does /r9k/ regret growing up in a shitty country like Burgerville and not the wondrous Land of the Rising Sun? Think of how great life could have been!
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Childhood is wanting to live in Japan.
Adulthood is realizing that life is shit everywhere you go.
>He doesn't realise anime isn't real life
How's practicing your Hiragana going weeaboo-chan?
No fuck the japs. God, I fucking hate gooks, slants need to die. 2 nukes weren't enough.

Every chink that isn't hanging from a tree is a wasted opportunity

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>Feel like nothing is real
>Touching doesn't seem real
>I feel like I am constantly floating (I don't use drugs btw)
>I look in the mirror and I am just stunned by how unreal I look
>I look at someone and think whether they're even sentient
>I go outside and everything just feels oddly simulated
>We are getting told by all these glorious things you can achieve by working hard yet none of us ever do actually achieve those things.
>We would rather fight each other than further our civilization

It's quite hard to explain this feeling but everything that I do feels superficial to me. Everything has it's vague purpose which is completely meaningless.

Everything has purpose, nothing has meaning.
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i had this for about 2 years now i think.
the scary thing is the more it happens the more physically sick i feel.

i think its because of how i feel about this world and how sick the world is.
you would think that once you get older that things will finally make sense and everyone will behave like adults but nothing really changes. its like all your childhood friends are still busy with the same petty shit like gossip,going out pranks (usually youngman stuff) and you moved way past that
it amazes me what normies consider 'being an adult'
it's usually about finding romance and starting a family with some strange woman who doesn't seem to get it.
I really have no idea what motivates women beyond the superficial things in life
Sounds like you're suffering from depersonalization/derealization.
Had this shit for years now and no idea how to return to reality although interestingly enough weed brings me back but i usually get overwhelmed and then dissociate. It's fucking awful.

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Why should a girl go out with you ?
Why are you worth her time ?
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so a whore
I'm not talking to any girl who sees it that way
i make decent money. Im a short balding manlet though, if you can look past that.

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Can we start a rare marky thread i'll dump
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fucking robot 2020
fuck you robot i'am really tired of this bullshit
she is a piece of garbage

she let some guy casually fuck her in the ass just because he was d-list famous

>siblings fell the normie meme and are now stressed out workers who are getting fatter and unhealthier year by year

>now we're all in our 30s and at every family gathering they're all constantly saying how they're envious of my ability to ive the NEET life

They're learning
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they're envious but at the same time their desire to not be a piece of shit prevents them from doing it
secretly they are thinking "what a fucking hippie loser"
Wage cucks detected

You guys aren't even trying to hide it.

Where are all the Chinese robots at?
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I rarely see their flag on /pol/ and it's usually a proxy
They are using proxies so they appear with other flags
Which is why the OP pic confuses me

Why does it say there are so many of them on 4Chan when there actually aren't any?

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who here doesn't actually want a gf?

>always have to think of stuff to talk about with her
>probably wants to always go on normie dates
>have to spend money
>she'll want to spend time with you and your 'friends'
>she'll invite you to her normie gatherings and you'll have to make awkward small talk while dropping spaghetti
>she'll want to come to your house and you'll have to clean up and hide everything embarrassing

all this just for the odd bj or sex.
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if shes a 4chan video game faggot girl like me
she wont make you go on normie dates
wont have to spend money idgaf
she might want to play video games with your friends deal with it
she dont go to normie gatherings
spaghetti is gross lets not
and i mean i don't mind a messy room
yea nah
I don't want a gf anymore. I've decided to embrace my solitude. I'm going to spend the rest of my life alone. I don't have any friends or family either. But hey I'm ok with it.

Once I stopped fighting it or being depressed about it and just accepted it. It made me feel a lot better.

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>search for stronger, more dominant men online
>degrade myself sexually for their enjoyment
>send pics, talk dirty & love to make them cum
>spank & cane my ass & thighs until they're red
>clamp clothes pins on my nipples and groin
>tie myself up with elaborate self-bondage
>desperately want someone to lock me in chastity
>regularly shave & moisturize my whole body
>grow my hair out long and carefully style it
>secretly wear cute socks & panties everywhere
>masturbate to hardcore gay porn every day
>fuck my ass with a girly pink dildo weekly
>feel horribly ugly and insecure about how i look
>intense depression, lonely and unwanted
>i'll never be as cute and desirable as a real girl
>try my best every day but still, still tfw no bf

i'm not gay tho i had sex with girls before, okay
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I think I can help you with that anon
friendly reminder that your family is disappointed in you
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yes please

they're not very smart
so, i don't really care

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>You are walking home with your robo-waifu, when a pack of chads push you over and attack her with baseball bats. They run away, yelling at you to get a real girlfriend.

What do you do?
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what the fuck.

Why would you make two of this thread? >>38024356 It's not even a good thread.
>not getting a waifu which has battle mode
My waifu would kill every Chad that crossed her path
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I'd go all john wick 2 on them.

Nobody fucks with my robo-waifu.


Black to move
Is it possible to win
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Not without white's blunder.
king to d3 and if he doesn't get checked next turn move pawn, but there isn't really any reason for white to not chase and stop black from ever moving the pawn.
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If you can manage this, the king will have nowhere to move to, and you'll win.
I used to do this a lot as a kid.
or maybe I've forgotten how this game works.

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Who here has a bad /underbite/?

>tfw parents spent thousands on my orthodontics as a kid
>never wore my headgear or rubber bands
>protruding chin and lower lip now
>teeth do not align
>dentist says i have to go back to an ortho and get braces again, otherwise my teeth will continue getting more crooked and mash down on each other the wrong way until they're all worn down

It's a lose-lose. I either don't go to an ortho and have shit teeth (and be in physical pain), or i get braces again and add another 8-10 years to my virginity, which by then my hair will all be gone.

And now i'm texting and snapping a girl and she's nagging me to smile better, because she's 'a sucker for nice smiles'.

If i keep giving her a closed-mouth half smile she'll probably ghost me. If i give her a toothy grin i'm sure she'll ghost me, her teeth are white and perfect.
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I have a mild underbite. And on top of that my forehead slopes back a bit; making my head look really weird from the side.

>her teeth are white and perfect
aw fuck that.
it's not having misaligned teeth that bothers me, but the fact that everybody else has good teeth.
also I didn't know that misaligned teeth will cause them to wear down. that's rather scary

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