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What are your guys' opinions on the whole 'net neutrality' thing?

>pic unrelated
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i haven't read about it can someone give me a basic rundown of it?

your choosing between government control or corporate control, just like everything else

you're just a cog, as long as they can keep you placated enough to not rise up, that's all that's needed
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how bout neither

i dont want either of these faggots fucking every thing up

im guessing its like this,
Corporations are greedy shekel eating jews and the government wants to suppress harmful opinions.

both of these options sound fucking awful, why would any of you faggots think this is a good idea

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>tfw 23
>tfw 7 years of isolation
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whoa dude, you're such a fuckin bad ass.
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>tfw almost 37
>tfw just about 18 years of isolation

It's seriously gotten to the point where I've stopped noticing my isolation and I feel more disturbed when in the presence of another person.
I didn't even know it was possible to hold on for this long. How do you occupy your time? How have you stayed sane?

I worry all day everyday about my future and my inability to change my ways and how futile it seems to try because at this point it's unlikely I'll amount to anything worthwhile.

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>when you fall into a really deep sleep and have crazy vivid intense dreams

Anyone else know this feel?
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I've had vivid dreams before, but they're usually the lucid kind(Or maybe its just that I pay more attention to my "surroundings" when I'm lucid?).

Don't suppose you'd write down any of your dreams? I find it fun to read about what others dream about.

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fat wojak.jpg
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Who else /fat/ here?
>drink six pack of beer
>get a pizza due to alcohol induced hunger
>eat pizza
>still hungry
>eat instant noodles
Don't worry. Its very unlikely you live in the same small country I do, so you won't likely have to pay for whichever medical conditions I'll get due to being fat.
Just felt like sharing this unnecessary detail about my boring fat life
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Iktf. After around 4 or 5 500ml cans I transform into a deranged, self-destructive monster, capable of devouring a europoor-sized pizza in a matter of minutes and smoking half a pack of cigarettes.
Cut down from 240 to 209, after a couple of bad weeks back up to 217. I just ate a small dominos and am currently killing off a six pack of sam adams, I am int intimately familiar with your feel OP.

Guy in apartment next to me plays "The Price is Right" theme song on his trumpet at least 10x a day. That's Aspergers, right?
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Tell him Anon requests the Match Game theme.
yes baka
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Uh, you don't get to bring Reddit.

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I'm posting kakyoin with cool sunglasses every day


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Hahaha. Those glasses are not "cool."

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Do you think there's something after death? Do you think we'll ever get the answer to where and how life and consciousness originated?
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>Do you think there's something after death?
There is, but not for you.
>Do you think we'll ever get the answer to where and how life and consciousness originated?
The explanation is people overrate what they think consciousness actually is. Most of what we do can already be done by artificial programs. The trick is the real stuff our brains do are the things that are objectively verifiable, the stuff that isn't real that we just believe our brains do are all the stuff that isn't objectively verifiable. Our brains are perfectly capable of making us merely believe in things that aren't true and in fact definitely do make us believe in things that aren't true on a regular basis. This is the explanation for the stuff that isn't "explained yet," not that there's some magical extra-physical force of reality that transcends physics.

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>be me
>be generic shy robot
>see a girl
>some how develop courage to speak to her
>she smiles at me and I feel amazing
>spend the day with her
>get to know each other
>get back to my place
>she asks if she can come in
>we have sex
>she lays next to me in bed
>Then I wake up
>I realise it was all a dream
>look at we're girl was
>no one there
>throw myself onto the spot we're nobody was or ever will be
>cry till I pass out
>wake up the next day
Why does my brain torture me
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Anon, I had a dream that I had a girlfriend and we hugged each other. Also, she wore red socks and I wore black socks.
Jusy trying to motivate you by showing you what's possible. Go for it. jk.
I don't know why it hurt so much
it felt like someone died

what made you realize that not one person in your immediate family was worth saving? who was the last person?
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just found out my e gf might have cheated on me,
so glad the military taught me how to shoot a Chauchat-Ribeyrolles before they kicked me out
also mfw I get nexted by qt3.41's on omegle
pic not related
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>"During the holidays, single men and women are often subjected to lectures from family members keen on reinforcing the importance of marriage and securing the family bloodline."
>"Some singles resort to hiring fake girlfriends and boyfriends through date-for-hire apps and websites."
>"He is being pressured to find a wife and his need to rent a girlfriend is real," Yuqing told a photojournalist who approached her and Wang Quanming after seeing the online ad and learning about their agreement."


Are chinese guys the ultimate robots? What do you think?
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>tfw this guy will probably die alone
File: yyyyy.jpg (153KB, 1230x819px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here's what his fake gf looks like
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Another pic of her


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>tfw you realize all baby face robots will become Chads in their 30s

If you have a baby face then you're not a robot. Leave. Now.
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>34 years old
>look 24 years old
I'm becoming a Chad, robots
Goodbye sweet princes
How? These cheeks are a fucking curse
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It doesn't work that way idiot.

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Why hasn't the technological singularity happened yet?
Why haven't any aliens contacted us yet?
We're not gonna make it...
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Because we're still finger sniffing retards that can't "afford" to leave the planet.
Love Isaac Arthur

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>always wished for my penis to be larger
>get a weird cyst growing on the shaft

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monkey's paw bro.
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I think it's cancer but I'm too embarrassed to o to the doctor what do?
If you're in your 20s, cysts on the dick / balls are typical. They are usually benign and go away after a few weeks but you should still get it checked.

If it was actual cancer it would be on your testicles, not your dick.

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*Stares at your sad, lonely life*
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Kushner is living proof that Hitler was right.
Kushner is a two-timing kike that needs to go.

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