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do you do your cooking by the book?
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I've got nerves of steel I'm not big into books

O', tpp drunk tp tupe this out
only if the way is hazy

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>homeless charity ad on tv
>it's a young attractive woman
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young attractive women are the devil

It's true. Well, they are evil demons who are inspired by the devil. It's absolutely true.
did you not comprehend a single thing about my post?

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We've all established that traps aren't gay, but is having sex with a boy(male) gay if he dresses casually and plans to transition?
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The fact that you have to even ask that means that taps are gay. Fuck you faggot.
Traps are gay, boi pussy is gay, and trans lesbian are gay. Fuck off faggot.
Tap and traps are ghay.

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are traps gay? no shitposting this is a serious question. imo they are mega gay
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If they have sex with guys? Yes.

I'm a transgirl who would only fuck girls or transgirls, so figure that as you will.
transbians are mentally ill men who need to be euthanized

traps are pure and cute girls who have feminine penises

figure that as you will
If they have sex yes.

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Can anyone else just not jack off anymore

Every time I look at straight male/female porn, I just can't get over the fact that I'm watching a man fuck a woman. And that just puts me off.
When I watch solo/lesbian porn, I get going a bit, but I just start thinking about what kind of attention seeking whore the women actually are. And then I just get anger

Unironically, the only porn I can watch anymore is traps/cross dressing/sissies
Who else feels these feels?
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Solo female masturbation?

Or go get a fucking girlfriend and fuck her?
why do you think people become literal cucks

they grasp the absurdity of it all and their self esteem goes to nothing and now we have traps
Who is this? I see her webms posted all the time but she has no name

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when will asianlets learn
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even your own women hate you lmao
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not even mad but honestly I hope she gets a painful degenerative disease that slowly worsens her health condition until she dies after being strapped to a hospital bed for a year

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Anyone here like transformers?
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>pic related (g comment)
what happened to trump
Yeah. Amazing how much of a cuck Starscream was. He just got his shit pushed in constantly.


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>5'9" 150lbs emofag
>Measured cock today
>7.5" length by 5" diameter
Feels good man

also i've had sex with 10 women
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>TFW I measure my cock
>7.2 by 5.3
>but still autistic and virgin at 24
>TFW too lazy to upload an image for a TFW post
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>5'7'' 145lbs
>cock is 6 inches max
>dick looks huge at times
>remener it's just above 6 inches

Being a manlet sucks

Here is your hostile reminder that 4chan is NOT an anime website, and you neckbeard NEET basement dwelling losers need to FUCK OFF.
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The fact that there are so many boards dedicated to anime/otaku topics disproves your argument. Boards not dedicated to those topics were added over time because anime fans etc. also want to discuss other topics.

LOOK AT THE PICTURE you neckbeard weeb loser piece of trash. You have no argument. The site was also made to discuss TV and more fucking non-anime boards exist than anime boards.

Kill yourself.
I just gave you my argument. Maybe you should look at the picture before telling others to do so. And if coming here and seeing all the anime shit make you so deeply upset then maybe you should not be here.

>wearing headphones to protect from conversations
Why is this meme a thing?
Do people start talking to you if you're not wearing headphones?
That never happens to me.
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Mostly street hawkers trying to sell me stuff or get donations try talk to me. Or faggots asking for a smoke (even though I vape) so I just pretend I don't hear them. Coz I do the meme'd "virgin walk" I rarely make eye contact unless it's to scowl at the many gooks blocking my path.
>pic of DT 770

are you trying to trigger me?

where do you live that has so many asians?
I find wearing earmuffs gets the point across much better

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>3 weeks after quitting wagecuck job
>quit because I felt suicidal and crazy
>go to wal-mart
>see multiple interracial couples
>always white girl with black or brown guy
>literal 10 out of 10 with black guy in front of me
>nothing attractive about him other then he's tall
>he opens mouth and it's all ebonics
>she gives me semi look and I feel like complete cuck
>spend car ride home screaming to myself about how upset and hopeless my life is
>understand movies like taxi driver a little bit more

Never go outside. There's nothing left for us. I almost cried taking in my groceries.
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Turns out being a sperg is worse than being a nigger

also pic
My life is a meme.

I feel like the entire world is against me.

What is with /pol/ tards claiming to bitch about black people yet they all have a cuck fetish for black guys and white girls.

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Reminder that morality without God is entirely pointless and arbitrary.
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>entirely pointless and arbitrary

You mean like the whole rest of existence?
>what is pragmatism
Go tell helpful and kind people who don't believe in god how they are pointless and arbitrary. And not on the internet. The next time someone does something to help you, ask them if they believe in a theistic god. If they say no, tell them they are pointless and arbitrary. You will be even more alone than you are now. Hard to imagine but true. Fag.

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Anon don't leave us hanging,
deliver sauce
>liking rape

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>be me at work
>lady coworker: how come you're so quiet?
>deep into daydreaming with brain on autopilot so I don't even register it
>lady: hey, why are you so quiet?
>snap out of my stupor and say that I'm always quiet
>lady: it's kinda scary
>look her dead in the eyes and say: don't worry, you'll be spared when the day comes
>go back to working

T-that'll teach em to never talk to me again, r-right?
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is this a meme or real life anymore
OP confirmed school shooter turned office shooter
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the fuck whiteboy, back the hell up

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>tfw ywn live the normie life
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That's not the "normie life", that's the super rich guy who fucks pornstars life

That woman is a huge slut. Just remember, those "I'M ONE OF THE GUYS" women are just promiscuous sluts who would fuck as many Chads as possible if they could. They hate other women because they can't compete with them, and so their strategy is to be around guys as much as possible so they can bypass their competition and get easier access to Chad that way.
What's the video called op

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