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>literally a year without scenes
>comes back
>first thign to do is a BLACKED scene
what did my pornfu meant by this back stab
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London Keyes did interracial years ago. I don't see why this is an issue
Its because she got paid enough to come back, that is why. Studios will always pay more for them to sleep with black porn-stars because of most of their unwillingness to do it.
Madison Ivy is the only pornstar who won't fuck black guys. She said so on tape. Too bad she's got fake tits.

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>tfw you message someone and you know they saw it because they are literally "active" every 10 minutes talking to ppl

>tfw they dont even bother to open your message

>tfw everyone does this shit

i just want friends god damn i'm not asking for a million bucks
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i'll be your friend for a million bucks
Maybe be more interesting to talk to and don't come off as needy. Also people hate when random people just start the conversation with boring open ended questions like "how r u" or "hi"
if i had a million bucks i wouldnt need friends


Jut when I thought I was past my Hitomi phase
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I know that feel. I know it's probably not good for me to masturbate to boobs that big but god damn they're just so big
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She looks so much better with the red hair and lighter colored makeup again. And I think she's letting herself gain a little weight again so her breasts will return to their super size. In her recent movies she had lost a lot of fullness. It probably won't last that long, when her breasts become that big they become too cumbersome to live with. So I guess we should enjoy it while she has it.
>Gaining weight.

HAH, have you seen her before she started trying to lose weight. Her figure now is top tier. I'd give the world just to breed with this japanese goddess and live happily ever after with her.

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I'm 19 years old, balding, fat and I have a micropenis are there any fembots that want to get to know me?
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And after OP has found his soulmate, any fembots care to talk to a 24-year-old fat balding smallish-dicked robot?
I'm 19 and not balding, fat, or micropenis any fembot wanna be my mommy gf?
And once you guys are done, any fembots want to talk to a 6'3 19 year old who makes 70k a year and has an active social life?

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do i
>go get sushi in 10 minutes
>wait an extra hour and get 2 pizzas
114lb skeleton who hasn't eaten in 2 days and finally wants to eat asking.
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Pizza if you arent dying
pizzas of course
Why do you have to wait to get pizza? Get pizza

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how much vodka do you have to drink to kill yourself

asking for a friend.
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LD50 7060 mg/kg
(rat, oral)
4-5 bottles I think, but it will be shitty a shitty death, if you wanna die atleast do it in style.
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thanks lil bubba.

Who else /homocidal/ here except you know the meme kind.


anyone else here think they might snap one day?
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get help you fucking psycho
>Implying I'm not already as mentally stable as a person of my intelligence can possibly be
>implying shitty pseudo science can "help me"

next you're going to tell me that this *is* actually air I'm breathing
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This is something I can't imagine myself doing.

Welp I got fired from my retail cuck job.

Looks like I'm a NEET, after working for the past seven years.
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epic mate
welcome to the cool squad
File: smugwojak4v2.png (32KB, 640x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This is a welcome relief.
good job. now get that unemployment bux and soon get dat neetbux

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>tfw you dont enjoy anything anymore
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I feel like I'm just pointlessly floating through space all of the time, nothing makes me happy
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But what is it? How can it be cured? I want excitement, same as the one I had when I was a child
I don't think it can be, I think you're predisposed to being unhappy and you will be like that until you die.

Even after graduating college, getting a good job, and finally moving into my own apartment, I am still just as unhappy if not more than I was before.

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By my age, status, social life and physical appearance it's clear I'm never going to date.

Truly I suffered the worst rejections, I could write a book about it.

I just want to know what I can expect or not from it and if it's going to be more problems than solution.
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images (1).jpg
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>tfw last and only escort died because I crushed her under my massive weight

god damn it i didnt even get to stick it in i freaked out and bolted out of the room and then headed to the buffet at ceasers palace to clear my head. fuck las vegas
Write about em'

It took me till I was 29 to lose my virginity....
Escorts are a waste of money, don't give them any mind.
>It took me till I was 29 to lose my virginity....
To an escort? Where are you now in life? Do you regret waiting that long?

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>spend ages making post that deserves (you)s

>never gets any you's

>This shitty post I made because I'm angry will probably get tons of (you)s
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To be fair there are alot of posts. That you see that you yourself don't reply to. Once someone pointed that out i felt slightly better. It is a pretty shot feeling though I feel like Alot of my posts are high quality that deserve a couple yours yet I hardly get a response. I have so many posts where I was the only reply and the thread dies.

Guess I'm too robot for r9k
autocorrect fucks me again. I hate this faggot phone
Link other thread. I'm curious.

(You) denied.

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>father ran out on me and siblings when we were young
>found out last year he's in Thailand running some ladyboy porn site
>watch his videos because I have a tranny fettish and I want to know my father better
>mum walks in on me yesterday jacking off to one of the videos
>convinced I have some sick incest fettish instead of just a vanilla shemale fettish
>threatening to kick me out if I don't get therapy
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This is the most /r9k/ post I've read in ages.
If this is true. You should move to Thailand and work for your dad.
Do better OP

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I hope you have a good day anonymous posters.
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Hmmm. What're you up to anon? Something seems suspicious!
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Just my almost daily hope you have a good day thread. Nothing to be suspicious about.
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Y-yeah. Thanks.

I must either kill or die
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I think you should choose option 2.
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You and I are in a very similar place right now, anon
High School is very scary place

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>20 years old
>have been my dad's apprentice/business partner for years
>have basically paid for my life through indentured servitude (it might be hard to believe that I generated THAT much revenue, but I did)
>we're real close
>however, I'm fucked in the head and I use drugs to cope
>because of how I've set up my life, I won't really have "my own money" until I'm 21 (magic age of manhood) and I go make my own way
>at first we did it like that because it just made more sense but now my Dad knows I spend all the cash I actually touch on drugs
>this leaves me having to scramble for money like a normal drug addict, on top of everything else
>yesterday I said fuck it, I'm gonna take some money from my dad and see what happens
>he notices eventually, yells at me, assumed I had already used it to get stoned
>prove him wrong by giving him the money back
>I didn't have any other way to get my fix yesterday
>why the cuck did I give it back

I wanted to kill myself
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>like a normal drug addict
Yeah no shit, you're a terrible person and a bad son. More upset about giving back what you stole than stealing it. Get some fucking help or just end it.
>stealing from your family to buy drugs
Honestly kill yourself.
maybe just don't do drugs then

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