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spongebob coffee.gif
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How do I move away from the desert?
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Pick up an apple instead you fat cunt
>Go on google
>type in "forest"
>search images
>click first link
>move to that place
it's that easy
You just need to build up enough money so that once you move where you want to live you can keep yourself alive until you find a job.

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I just finished getting the platinum trophy in persona 5 and now I feel empty again.

Time to wait 6 years for the next persona.
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Persona 5 was too modern for my tastes.
You're fast anon. I haven't had much time to play. I'm jealous that you already plat.

Congratulations though, nice job
How? Did you get it early or import it? Skip every scene? I've been playing a shit ton since release and have hardly made a dent.

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lately i've been noticing some strong feelings of dissatisfaction with my body. i feel like i'm too tall, too hairy, my voice is too deep, etc.

sounds like some kind of gender dysphoria going on right? i thought so too, but the more i think about it the more i realize that it's a bit more than that.
i don't want to be a girl. i want some girly things, like long hair and a higher voice, but i don't feel like a girl inside
at least not an adult one.

i am a pedophile, i will admit. i'm attracted to little girls and teenagers but would never act on my desires.
though, any hentai or fantasy that involves a grown man or woman having sex with a child disgusts me.
i can only enjoy it if it's two children/teenagers, usually self-inserting as one of them.

another thing that seems strange to me is that i don't like the innocence of children. the more mature a child is, no matter their age, the more i'm attracted to them.
maybe it's the "contrast" that i like? i'm not sure. but sometimes, i fantasize about being a child again with the memories i have now so i could be like that, and possibly even find someone similar to me.

i want to look like a child again. i want to be shorter, i want to be smaller, i want to have childlike features and a higher voice.
i don't even care about being treated like a child, or anything like that. i would live life the same way i do now, i just don't want to look like this. i don't want to be an "adult". i don't feel like one.

i just don't understand it. why do i want this? i wish i had gender dysphoria, because at least then i could do something about it.
but with this, i can't become a child again. i'm only going to get older.
why can't i just accept the fact? why do i want to look younger so bad? what's wrong with me?

can anyone else relate at all? am i just screaming into the darkness here?

what am i?
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Try to shave
Because you can only relate to other children, not adults.
trust me, i shave. it doesn't help very much.

did you read the post? i don't relate with most children at all, i just wish i looked like them. i wish i related with them though, that's why i said more mature children/teenagers attract me.

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How many of you are planing suicide? I was reading le plebbit r/sanctionedsuicide and I know that I can find even more poor men here. What pushed you to that decision?
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I just got a gun to shoot myself with but I'm so fucking scared of the pain man.
I have all means except for my own will and courage.
I fucked up today and I think because I made my sister lift up something heavy she's going to miscarriage. If that happens I don't know what I'll do to myself.

Come listen to some comfy tunes with us robotos.

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:D we got little einstines remix in here lit af
oh wow, you have some good music here bro
this server is amazing xd im crying

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>tfw in love with my best friend
>she's trying to get me to move up to where she lives
>delude myself into thinking we're going to spend time together
>delude myself into thinking I might actually have a chance with her
>she just told me she wants to move to an entirely different state because her boyfriend might get a job there

I'm fucking retarded. I know that moving up there would still be a good thing for me, to try and become more normal, but fuck it. Fuck everything. Fuck this blog post. I'm 28. Should I just give up and embrace wizardhood?

pic isn't her btw
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kill her, it's your only hope
this, op
if you dont do this you're destined to be a cuck eternally, you wont even get wizard abilities if you make it to 30
what? no. you can't just change the rules of wizardry. It's always been 30 year old virgin.

I dont wanna kill anybody. Maybe just beat the shit out of her hipster boyfriend.

So how are you spending your saturday evening robots? I have a few people over for the night, a guy's talking about Mafia in Southern Italy. He's Sicilian, so I'm willing to let it slide.

Pic semi related, it's my desk
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It's only the afternoon here.

I just cleaned up most of my apartment. In a few hours I will go grocery shopping and pick up a burrito from my favorite Mexican place for dinner. Then I need to start my coding project which I put off so I could go out Thursday and Friday nights.

I'll probably also watch the Dave Chapelle special while eating.
drunk as fuck off wine because I don't eat and waiting for my girlfriend to get home from work so I can fuck her somehow and then go to bed and wake up in the morning to realize my miserable fucking ugly existence and look in the mirror and see my ugly fucking face and realize that I don't know how the hell I got a girlfriend but I am losing her because I substance abuse because life is boring and yeah.

going to go make a frozen pizza because I'm becoming fat anyway and what's an extra 1k calories lmfao fuck hahahahahah
I had a few drinks with some coworkers, including the hot redhead girl.
I was silent most of the time, but people seem to enjoy my remarks.
I don't know if they smiled because they enjoy my presence, or to make me shut up.
I'm at loss in social situations, I just don't have much to tell, help.

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Join here: http://pyx-3.pretendyoure.xyz/zy/game.jsp#game=24

password: robot
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bump, lessgo
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come on in boys. there's a few already, it's sure to be a fun time.
bump come on and playyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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"Her principal Anon, Leviticus 19:34 says 'You shall treat the stranger who sojourns with you you as a native among you, and you shall love him as yourself.' The Bible is great, isn't it?"
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Build a brick wall infront of just the spic
And bomb the russian
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Be Gone Spic.png
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"But none of them are Russian."

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At what age do women's breasts stop being perky ?
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If a pencil under the breast doesn't hold they're more like chest cysts and ugly af.


The stages are;
Tits 14-19
Boobs 20-26
and finally Breasts 27+

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r9k, why do normies have kids? I don't understand what they're trying to accomplish by polluting the earth with their genetic material. Honestly, people being pompous and self centered enough to have kids disgust me.
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Kid's are awful I just wish everyone didn't want them because not wanting kids is a huge black mark in the dating game.
You guys say this while the poor retarded niggers, spics, and dune coons keep having litters
Stop letting the white race, in turn, the civilized part of humanity, die
Aww hey there little guy! Did you get out of you get out of your cage again? >>>/po/

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How do I get laid?
>literally autistic, zero social skills
What type of girls would be interested in me?
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right now, none. if you diet/exercise you can be as poor as you want and youll get all the pussy.
But I'm not fat
>getting girls

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I am tired of /b/ and I'm not retarded enough to browse /pol/

Someone redpill me on what /r9k/ is out

If i can't seek refuge among you guys, I will respectfully leave
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Go to s4s via an original route
/s4s/ is a good idea. /r9k/ is for autistic losers and genetic piles of garbage. Not to mention the NEETs. Don't forget the NEETs.
You will find peace here tbqh. When i started getting bored with /b/ i went to /mu/ then /lit/. I then started browsing [s4s] for a very short time because after 2years of lurking /b/ i didnt have fun on it anymore. [s4s] is actually great because its a big fucking nothing. While browsing [s4s] i started going on /r9k/ and this board really got me. Since im on /r9k/ ive been maybe twice or three times on /b/ - only to spam on there and observe the doings of newfags. Its been now about 9months since im on this board so im pretty much new but anyways - im still not board + i dont browse /mu/ or /lit/ anymore, this board kills my time perfectly

How do you guys jerk off? Any weird rituals/favorite video/lube/etc.?

I usually use mineral oil as lube since it leaves my skin nice and soft afterwards, but lately I've been using coconut oil. It's nice and slick without being sticky or making cleanup difficult, and as a bonus it smells really damn nice. The only inconvenience is that it's solid at room temperature so you have to get it out of the jar with a utensil and then let it sit in your hand for about 30 seconds to melt it.

/jerk off general/ etc.
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>Fold towel in half
>fold again
>fold again until it can't get any more folded
>should now be a tube
>place a rubber glove on one end, the opening overhanging
>now fold it length-way, so you're folding the tube over the glove at one end.
>use elastic bands to keep it like that
>pull the opening of the glove around the towel
>should form a tight hole
>continue applying elastic bands until it's tight enough
>apply lube
Go take a shower, or do it in my bed dry. Can only finish to full frontal fully naked fully shaved white girls. Kill me. Lube is overrated.
>Lube is overrated.
You are missing out on a world of coconut-scented pleasure, my friend.

Whats keeping you from a chance at happiness with her?
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she is an extroverted person, I'm introverted, that plus she is graduating this semester
There's no "her" in the first place.
God, I'm so alone.
Whats stopping you from finding a her? There must be a girl you see and you're just enchanted at first sight right?

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