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>tfw no qt autistic furry weeb artist gf
Why live?
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I know, it's fucking draining.
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i just want to have a gf who is popular so maybe i can have more friends.
>go out with popular girl who had a crush on me
>show autism and spill spaghetti
>all her friends know im a degen now

its best to keep that in your thoughts

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>tfw gays keep hitting on me
Should I bring jumper cables with me at all times from now on?
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Yes it's the only way to keep those degenerates at bay. I don't know how you use this board with all these faggots here.
are you emitting a gay scent anon
No. Carry a large wooden cross with a encased bible attached to one end to smite gays with.

Music for lonely people thread. Post songs that makes you feel less alone.


These guys get it.
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great choice too

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>tfw saggy tits
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>tfw saggy balls

Feels good man
In the dark of night, under the covers, it doesn't matter. Your hole is the only important thing, and all girls have the same hole, so you're good. Still life on easy mode

But they aren't aesthetic. Everytime I look at myself naked in the mirror I cry and it's too late to do anything about it.

Trap / Architecture Thread [2]

talk about cool buildings and cute boys

let's see if just that one phrase in that order causes autosage
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Nneeeeoooaawwww :333 !!!!
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i'm a cute boy who uses sage to scent his house : ^ )
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>Nneeeeoooaawwww :333 !!!!
cute boy~

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White people make better hip-hop. Prove me wrong.

Protip: You can't
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Hip-hop in general is utter garbage tho so this does not matter
>He listens to genres of music that Normans have actually heard of
Danny Brown's new album is really good tbqh
But black people also rap about them hoes and bitches and guns and drugs

>that friend that would start talking shit about you because a girl he likes shows up
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Last time a "friend" did that to me I got together with his crush
The guy in question in my post would do it whenever the girl he had a crush on would show up and he would just start tearing into me.

We would be shooting the breeze one minute, and the next as soon as this roastie shows up around our group he would suddenly just start cracking jokes about me to make himself look cool.

Got really bored with this routine and would bring up some really embarrassing shit that I knew about him whenever he did it. Eventually he stopped, but he quit hanging around me after wards.

I guess that was the end our friendship(he never got with that girl btw lol so he lost a friend and didn't get laid)
Man that's pathetic

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>help out father with heavy yardwork because it's the least i can do as a pathetic neet
>body is pretty sore afterwards but feel generally a lot more well then i usually do, a slight sense of euphoria

maybe a job would do me some good. it's the human interaction im really hesitant about. if i could just do heavy lifting all day and get paid, id love to do it. if even just for my psyche and not money at all
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Get a manual labor job. Not much talking or socializing. Plus:

>Start manual labor job
>Start lifting
>Become fucking shredded in 3 months.

Only problem is that your knees will get fucked up. Basically all manual labor will fuck your knees.
That's why I want my first job to be manual labor, if I don't make it through college. No mandatory long periods of talking, and you get stronger the more you work. I'm a beanpole and I look really disproportionate, especially since my elbows are almost an inch wider than my upper arm
I got a job with my dad working in a warehouse and it's cool. 16$ an hour, hard labor, but i get to be by myself basically for 7 hours a day. Have 10 Gs saved up, not bad for a highschool drop out :)

Still have crippling anxiety and can't even make eye contact with a girl and will die alone, cold and scared without ever experiencing love but whatev

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If you could change one of your physical features to anything you like, but only one, what would it be?

Hard mode: not height
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I would fix my misaligned jaw so I could eat and speak normally.
>Hard mode: not height
Fuck, I would love to lose 2 inches of my height.

Your webm is what's up though.
my nose, it makes me look like a subhuman and fucks up my aesthetics

>jerk off to porn
>cum after 10 minutes
>doesn't even feel that good, just did it to get off

>jerk off while reading erotic literature
>cum after at least 40 minutes if I'm fast
>god-tier orgasm, feel good and satisfied for hours

I sure love some good ol' kinky stories but damn, you gotta strangle the snake forever to finish.
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I am a world-class speedreader and I attribute it all to only being able to get text porn when I was a teenager. This shit will literally train you to be superhuman.
> train you to be superhuman

go on..
well, it obviously helps you learn to read faster (and all the benefits of that), put it also helps out a lot with imagination. The ability to generate an image and hold it in your head, to visualize scenes without other thoughts interrupting and so on. It kind of changes your brain. It makes lucid dreaming really easy.

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Chad walks up to you and wants to make some bro love to you.

What do?
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Let him pick me up and take me to his cave to do whatever he wanted. I'm a guy so I can take it and I I'm up to doing more, better things than a girl.

And I can do it better.
what is bro love? I may accept hj or bj but not sure about anything elsw

accept, but only if I get to be the top and put my dick in his ass.

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Neo Nazi girl.jpg
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What would you do if you found out that the girl you were dating was secretly a Neo Nazi?
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I'd be happy because im also a nazi
I would have found out she was an ignoramus early on.
I would marry and impregnate her.

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/pol/ here just want to say if you losers got a job and took the steps to improve your life you could be successful
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/r9k/ here I have a job and there's nothing wrong with me
I have two jobs and I think you're a massive faggot who will get purged
What jobs do you guys have? Just wondering since I never worked a day in my life.

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What's the last thing you'd want your mother to find on your harddrive?
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my gay furry shit
my loli collection, all the lolicore I've downloaded and the edgecore music like Whitehouse

I don't want to go to therapy
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high test.jpg
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>tfw this is legit the most offensive folder I have on my PC

feels good not being a complete degen

>tfw fell into the "just lift bruh" trap
>prepared for like a week
>instantly fucked up my back
>like playing fucking dark souls without a guide and one try
>back fucking hurts and can't bend over
>faggot aunt wants me to visit a fucking chiropractor

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ill bite, how did you reach snab ciddy?
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>do bent over barbell rows because they work dat back so fucking good
>herniated disc

Some of us just weren't meant to succeed.

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