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>Be out walking around
>Random girls always tell me to smile

What the fuck

Why can't these normies leave me alone?
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This. Fuck people who tell me to smile and not look mad all the time. FUUUUUCK OFF REEEEEEEEEE
>be on bus
>roastie gets on
>stops by my seat and smiles asking if she can sit here
>look around
>there is literally just like 3 other people on the bus, open seats everywhere
>get up and move to an empty seat
>"yeah, go ahead."
leave me alone, fuck.
>go out to check mail
>some girls say hi to me
ruined my day

Hey robots, im feeling down af,
Why wont fembots like me?
Plz someone dont let me slip back into my depression
Save me
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Self bump with a side order of more of me
Please bump? I need this
My kik is mazza.masters
.... any1?
You look like a poser ass jabroni faggot

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what is your reasoning?
do you think your life is magically going to be better once you have one?

i wanted one when i was younger because it's what people do but once you're out of hs it doesn't really matter anymore
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I've had multiple gfs
my ideal gf would be a clingy girl, though

sorta yandere, I guess.
same. they're just gonna drain your resources. the only they can give is sex. better pay a hooker. much cheaper
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I don't want one. I have very little to bring to the table in a relationship and have grown cold and distant these past few years making me somewhat unsociable and unhappy in frequent close proximity. Knowing all this I really don't want a gf, someone who would be up with me would be nice, but it is highly unlikely and unreasonable.

>Diagnosed with psychotic depression
>People putting thoughts into my head
>Extreme paranoia
>Extreme homicidal and suicidal urges

Please god help my medication is going to take weeks to kick in im gonna die unless my therapist involuntarily commits me im so scared my friend is hurting me so badly i cant take it anymore im dying psychosis is the worst hell on earth please god make it stop
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blah blah blah

originally, though
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Have you tried not being a faggot? Original
which medication? clozapine? olanzapine? haloperidol?

seriously some of those will fuck you up even more, you need someone constantly monitoring because you can impulse commit suicide on anti-psychotics.

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found a nu-male in the wild
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He looks like a cuck in those redpill comics.
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I don't even give a shit about this guy's political stance, what pisses me off is that terrible fucking "pixel art" avatar he has. Artists nowadays use pixel art as an excuse to draw badly. "I-It's pixel art bro! I-it's a style!" what they fail to realize is that the pixel art in old games LOOKED FUCKING GREAT, it looked far superior to the shitty fake pixel art all these people are doing now. Pic related is what REAL pixel art looks like.
They are everywhere this is nothing special


Is this true?

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>you will never be Chad aka Ryan in the OC with a beta friend named Seth IRL

hold me, robots
California is like 39% white now.
All those comics and not one Mexican gangbanger shoots innocent people, or illegals killing innocent people, or showing the areas where no one speaks English

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come on now.jpg
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Post candidates for pepes replacement, i personally like buzz
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Here's another one, i'd like to see an edit of him hanging a normie but i can't Photoshop.
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Pepe can't be replaced... Pepe is unique...
This show was early 2000s Y2K-aestheticy kino

As a kid I remember having a crush on inez

Why do I even bother talking to people online? They just screech the same old opinions, and jokes repeatedly.
I just question why I subject myself to this because people are conditioned and simply repost the same thing over and over again. Why don't I just get into my car and go somewhere and do something fun for a change?

Like this thread let's call it sour grapes edition, because I already know the anti-mgtow types are going to start screaming sour grapes because women wouldn't want you anyway, which ironically is in itself a sour grapes statement or projection, and then post a picture of some guy in a goofy outfit with a sign about feminism.
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What i don't like about MGTOW is that most of the community are made up of whiney bitches. They are obsessed about women and yet hate their guys for rejecting them.

MGTOW isn't a new phenominon at all. There's a few guys I worked with over the years and they gave zero fucks about women and wanted nothing to do with them other then jizz in them. That's jsut who they were, they liked to cat call and flirt with them, get hookers but had not much patients with them when it came to work or anything that wasn't small talk. They were real men and they gave didn't cry about the media and it's pro feminist agenda or get butt hurt about the fake wage gap. They didn't pretend to be alpha or try to act a certain way or read a load of stoic shit and 'the game'. They more then likely never heard of any of the terminology and say it was stupid and they are dead right to.

The MGTOW community is full of beta faggots who are butt hurt and adore women more then anything.
I'm pretty sure a lot of that is guys from /r/theredpill and here that sit online all day reposting copy pasta, and the same images, trying to outwit someone else that sits online on their phone facebook/instagram/reddit all day who also reposts the same rhetoric with as many examples as they can find but ultimately just end up with the copy/pasta images like the first guy.
I don't see why either would be considered fuckable desu. I think excessive womanization tends to mean you're compensating for something, or just tend to fuck up relationships easily
i quit MGTOW to legit go my own way. their negativity was crippling.

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>tfw last day of school
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it's all downhill from here on
have a kick ass summer senpai
Summer is here!
Let's have a great summer!

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When will 2000s kids realize that the first half of 2000s was an inferior version of the 90s and the second was an inferior (yes, inferior) version of 2010s?
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An accurate assessment of the 00s
i'd but the line on 2005 because it makes more sense. So basically yeah, both are shit.
But the first half of 2006 wasn't any different from 2005.

It wasn't until the latter half of 2006 when Saddam got necked, the Democrats gained control of Congress, Pluto stopped being a planet, The WB changed to The CW, social media exploded, being liberal became a popular circlejerk, all the good 90s shows ended, etc. that things began changing.

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Wojak cry.png
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>it's another anon has to make a phone call so he delays it for days writing down lines on paper in order to remember what to say and how to respond if they certain things episode

It's been 3 days and I still have not called my doctor to discuss my recent results.
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He called and told me you have AIDS

You were busy sucking off niggers so I waited until now to tell you, OP
That sounds difficult man, I hate making phone calls too. I also have problems with avoiding my doctors. I wish you well my man.
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>it's another anon avoids calling his parents episode because hes to embarrassed to face them

Dads face when

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>tell /co/ I voted Trump so Mr. Garrison would become president on South Park
>tell /mu/ I voted Trump "because it will mean a lot of good music is made"
>tell /pol/ I voted Hillary because it's about time we get a woman in office
Who /devilish/ here?
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>Biology major in uni
>tell other biology students that vaccines cause autism and don't work
>at liberal arts college so everyone believes me
>watch everyone lost their shit
so like , is /r9k/ the safe house of /devilishpeople/ since you're here posting about your mischief?
>door says 'pull'
>push instead

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Can someone PLEASE give me advice on how to escape homelessness?

I am currently homeless in Minnesota, no one will hire me, I have done thousands of job interviews.
I am traveling to dallas next week, does anyone know any good cities to escape being homeless?
I had got one job in MN before, and it was part time minimum wage.. I'm talking sometimes only 4 shifts a month.

I will show up to work and my boss asks me why do I look sad.
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Where are you typing this now?
I'm scared you might know me if I tell you since I keep showing up there.

Let's just say it's open 5 am to 3 am.
If you recognize me, please don't talk about it on here, I know I'm a loser but I'm trying.
4 shifts a month? What the fuck job was that? Anyway, it's not gonna be easy, but you gotta work your ass off as hard as you can. There's definitely some good ways to get free food, honestly I'd look on Reddit for shit like that.

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Survey: how many times at day do you masturbate? What is your fap material of choice?
2-3 times / boorus
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>1 on average
>none, cycle through a lot of shit, currently camwhores
File: IMG_5364.jpg (134KB, 655x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'd say twice a day on average.

Mostly big butt porn, preferably involving anal. Sometimes BBWs. 80% 3D, 20% 2D.
3 - 5 times a day
mostly 2d/aco/

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Why are men so cowardly? Spicey literally hid in a bush while a woman had to do his job and defend Trump from the fake media.
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Reminder that Sean Spicer is literally an autistic weeaboo who took a job where he gets verbally abused 24/7 because it deflects a small amount of negative attention from his boss.
Sauce on him being a weeaboo?
He mentioned he watched a lot of DBZ in an interview.

>blumpf is literally hiring weebs
What has this world come to

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