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My therapist once mentioned how much of my issues are caused and worsened by my family. She said my family was dysfunctional because
me and my brothers and sister all still live at home with my dad which is apparently 'unhealthy'. My oldest brother is 36 and finishing college but is retiring before starting work because he wants to stay at home. My older brother is 31 and only left home once for a week in jail because of a fight, someone attacked him!! Now he has ptsd and won't leave the house. Then there's me, I'm 29 and just graduated high school (GED) but I'm not planning on studying because I'm not a good learner and not good at social situations. My therapist pushed me into it even though it was super stressful for me.

My sister is the youngest, she's 27 and in the same situation as me. She moved out once to live with a boyfriend but after that relationship ended 3 or 4 years ago she moved back home. She now wants to be a teaching assistant but no one will hire her because she never finished middle school and only got her GED in her 20s like me. Though she's very competent, I suppose it looks bad in interviews.

Then there's dad who's a construction worker. His backs all fucked up because he started working at 15 and always worked too hard. Bless him. He recently got laid off (forced retirement), so basically at the moment we're all unemployed. My dad gets about 15k (I think) a year in unemployment and that's what we live off. The only bad part I'd say is how poor we are.

I'm sure we're not the only ones in this living arrangement, but ever since my therapist told me it was bad, I question things. Luckily we lost our health care and I can't see her anymore. -.-

I've thought some time about it, if our family is dysfunctional or not and whether my problems are caused by my family - I have come to the conclusion it's not. We might not be the biggest achievers out there or anything, but besides that we're pretty normal I'd say. It was rude of her to say so.
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Are you gonna tell her how you feel or are you just gonna complain on 4chan some more?
being 1000 miles from any of my family is pretty lonesome and depressing, but then i had a pretty good family
if all you siblings got part time jobs, you could maintain a pretty simple and comfy existence now that your dad is out of commission
I have not seen her again since I gathered these thoughts. Now that I lost insurance she refuses to.

I could write to her but I doubt she'd care. $=care, no$=no cares given.

he was a boy she was a girl can I make it any more obvious
ITT: songs you listen to when drunk
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Always go to this one t b h
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>you have been muted for 2 seconds
this song has been posted already wew

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who else is a complete loser?
>Parents High iq upper middle class, father is a mechanical engineer at boeing, mother is a computer science professor at a university
>all relatives are stem major
>me fat 25-year-old khv, 5.10 manlet neet who has adhd and dyslexia
>high school drop out
>gamer but too much of a loser to have any friends to play with
> I can't learn anything productive because my attention span is fucked from day one.
At this point, suicide is the only option.
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yeah can't argue with that. you're pathetic as fuck. at least you're spoiled and have an easy life.
Start working out. I'm not talking about going full fucking Arnold, but start taking walks every day. Then work yourself up to other physical activity. Put on some good tunes, and lose some weight. Nigger.
maybe you should ask your parents to buy you broken/spare computer parts and you can build a hobby on repairing them for the satisfaction of seeing them function properly again.

you could even maybe learn to make a small amount of income doing this, op

>TL;DR: Help me fuck a cute trap girl tonight!

I just met a super cute trap girl, and she's definitely into me, but I don't know what to do. We're in a hotel for a job conference, and she's from a different location than me which is hundreds of miles away. I know she's a dude because she's registered under a male name and has a slightly deeper voice, but other than that she's an 8/10 cutie. I know she's into me because we've been chatting it up during the meeting and she followed me out of the conference room towards an elevator that was way out of her way while making small talk.

As we got to the elevator, I felt like it would be awkward waiting there with her, so I walked back the other way and entered my room (which was just past the elevator) just as the elevator doors opened. WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T I JUST GET IN THE ELEVATOR WITH HER?! She's in a hotel room by herself and I could have said something as simple as "what are your plans tonight?" but I fucking didn't!

Now I'm sitting in a vestibule on her floor, hoping that she just happens to leave her room and see me. WHAT DO I DO NOW?! If we see each other again, I'm sure we'll both make up something in order to fuck each other, but what if she doesn't leave her room? I'm thinking I could just knock on every door to find hers, or just start calling her name down the hall. I've even thought about pulling the fire alarm so that everyone would have to leave their rooms and I'd get the chance to talk to her, but that seems like it would just cause extra complications...

What should I do?! This is the last night that we'll be in this hotel, and tomorrow afternoon we'll all be going our separate ways and I'll never see her again. Please help me suck this pretty girl's dick, you're my only hope!
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I'm even a god damn virgin too... So I'd be getting laid for the first time AND it'd be to a once-in-a-lifetime sexy trap. I need this...
Desperation bump.

Also, holy shit this captcha has gotten fucking annoying. It asked me to select all squares with a vehicle while the picture was a close up of a bus and I had to select every single square.
Well, the thread is moving on /b/ at least:


Why do toes turn me on so much?
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I eat way too much ass to give a fuck about any of this gay shit.
still wondering that myself nigga
It's weird, toes/tops of feet almost disgust me, they are pretty gross imo.

But soles are cute af

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>go to metal detecting meetup group first time this summer
>not my first year doing this
>its fucking infested with normies unlike last year

what the FUCK ... who is responsible for this
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sorry to hear about that, anon.
metal detecting seems cool,
but i've never tried it.
what are some good robot hobbies?
>metal detecting
>finding old shit normies lost

I never got why people like this.
lol find any gayass old coins recently

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tranny snacks.png
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We live in a timeline where Moot works for google and snacks is a MtF tranny

what the fuck happened?
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moot faceapp.jpg
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What has Snacks even been doing lately?
as if anyone here remembers who that is
No one on 4chan knows who Snacks is anymore. 2003-2008 was a long time ago. Pool's closed fellow Oldfag.

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Welcome to /rcg/ or Reecraft general
How are you helping Kekistan today?
IP: reeecraft.mchost.pro
no lefties or commies, praise kek.
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yegg is a faggot
Fuck kek my sigils will destroy you
says the fag who wont help me with the blaze grinder

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>Whats then point with life anyway?

I only do things that i am supposed to do, like the sheeps we're.. I don't have any motivation for what are supposed to be the bigger parts of my life. Get a work, get a gf/wife, apartment etc..

I can see that my mother lives for me, which hurts me alot to see. Since I dont take life serious enought and waste it, and cry for myself. Her life isn't anything great, she might even find it boring.. Still she puts alot of effort to make me happy, and still im this selfish person who only thinks of "me"first. Life is hard.
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More on this matter. Boosh.
My only fucking hope in this world is that dying dreams are real and I can spend what seems like eternity in fantasy whatever land to make up for this shit existence.
I understand "dreams" as the one you get while your sleep.. I love those dreams. Sometimes i write down mine, find them interesting.
But i've never really dreamt about anything.. my life motivation have always been, "what ever happened, happens." Not for a reason or anything, its just how it is. I lost a good friend since I didn't care enough, it just happened.

This is exactly how i feel deep down.. even if there are somethings i do enjoy with life, like walking alone the the forest.

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Why are you a robot?

What physical attributes or life experiences led you to this predicament?

Is there any way out without suicide?
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>Why are you a robot?

Because I do nothing but jerk off and watch anime all day
but why anon?

Because I want to take pride in things I'm not.

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>it's an "anon dreams he's in highschool again" episode
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>it's an "Anon daydreams about being in elementary/middle school with all his best friends that he lost touch with after highschool started" episode
>it's an "anons teeth are falling out because he fears change dream" episode
>it's an "anon dreams about imaginary friends in a fantasy land that will never exists and then wakes up staring at his dirty ceiling in his shit life on a shit planet in a shit universe that will always and forever be shit because it's a shitty fucking existence"
shit, again?

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Who here /proudvirgin/?
Noone is getting my virginity without marriage, and only if it she a female (female) virgin as well.
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So, noone is getting your virginity ever
Female virgins past the age of 15 don't exist in western society anymore. You'll never find a pure and decent woman.

Same here. I will NEVER settle for a roastie whore. Ignore all of these fags that try to make you believe that past partners don't matter. Don't give up your virginity until you find your qt wife.

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>Just be yourself
>It gets better
>There's someone out there for everyone
>Everything happens for a reason
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>woman don't care about appearance as much as men do
>woman are people
>woman can be lonely too
>woman deserve equality
It's normie propaganda.
>>Just be yourself
>>It gets better
>>There's someone out there for everyone
>>Everything happens for a reason

Theres literally nothing wrong with this advice

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I want to die young
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I plan on dying when I'm 27 if my life doesn't improve. I put myself in harms way and do dangerous shit constantly but I never can die.
how old are you now? what kinda dangerous shit?
He works at a McDonalds in Detroit.

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>you can actually see yourself mentally deteriorating over time
>it's like your inner observer knows things are different, your reactions are different then what they usually would be and your mental phenomenon has changed and you're much slower then years ago

I'm losing myself in all this
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Your accumulated knowledge compensates for it.

This is a normal part of aging, by the way. It's not limited to robots.
That's a good music video OP.

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