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Who is this guy? Didn't he shoot up like ten schools, how are his videos still up?
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He make de funny video
the meme is dead and youre not funny
That is Cody Cigar and he plays the character "Sam Hyde" on the internet to entertain 15 year old boys who hate themselves

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Do I even have to say it originally?
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I went to reddit once out of curiousities sake and holy fuck it was one of the most faggy, unfunny places I've seen
Just read up comments on their top posts and you'll see

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I'm sad

I don't want to kill myself. I wanna kill my character. I wanna have fun, but I hate myself.
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You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.
Hey Arnold was so fucking red pilled. You don't notice it as a kid but when you watch it as an adult all that shit makes sense now.
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>that pic
>Constantly bullied by mentally ill girl
>Still a nice guy
>treat the girl that he loves as good as possible
>Roasties would say that Arnold was not a good guy because that would imply that good guy don't get the love of their lives
I wish I had taken the teaching of that show more seriously, I still remember how the big brother of his nigger friend dated the most stereotypical Roastie to ever exist during an episode.

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A former school friend of mine said she used to have a crush on me and it all makes sense now...

We used to hang out at school together constantly, people around us were joking about how we are a great couple. We sat next to eachother whenever we had classes together. She said she likes boys who dress and act like me. I only saw her as a friend because i thought she was joking...

Now she's ben in relationships with other guys and is over me. She's happily together with a dude now for over a year. Probably the only girl that ever showed interest in me.
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Can't change the past, Anon.
Take it for what it is and move on. She liked you because there was something there, and that something could attract someone else down the road, too. Don't get hung up on could-be's and instead focus on what's ahead. You can do it.
Kinda know that feel. Had this girl looking back that must've been totally into me and I never acted on it. She was super qt also.
C'est la vie.

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Literally Normies: The School
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It's no different than 95% of other state schools. There's literally nothing special about you or your pain.
So are you planning on making this a daily thread or something?

this man is serving life in prison, he will never be even next to a female.

you think you have it hard?
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he made his choice
oh shit wow all those tats...what do they mean?


here comes santa claus

here comes santa claus

right down santa claus lane
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>Local supermarket is already displaying those big tubs of Christmas chocolates

It's the end of August for fuck sake. It gets earlier every year and I'n sure that in a few years time stores will stock xmas stuff all year round or start doing it like a month after.

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So this is what success feels like, emptyness
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you were always here to suffer
Kept you waiting huh?
you were played like a damn fiddle

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How do I know if I'm ugly fellow robots?
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Has anyone ever called you cute? other than your mother?
Yes, some girls have Actually.

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how common are interracial relationships in your city?
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Photoshop needed
Make my new Tinder profile pic cooler please
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This was posted on reddit a few hours ago and now is on the front page of r/all
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Here ya go reposting faggot

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Is there any way to make a living without having to resort to wageslaving when you have absolutely no skills?

My parents are furious now that I can't get NEETbux or a job anymore. I desperately need money but I'm unemployable. Are there any robots who have started their own businesses or have a reliable alternative source of income?
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smug anime girl to attract robots
Well, if you don't or can't work, you need to have a ton of money to be able to live off your investments.

It's easier the less you spend, but even on a min wage salary it's a lot of money

Let's say you make a low salary and take 2 weeks off a year: $7 / hr * 40 hrs / week * 50 weeks / year = $14k per year.

At 3-8% return that's 175k - 460k

Learn investing/cryptocurrency trading

NEETed for almost a full year.

Made 90k from initial 15k investment

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>tfw no slothful bf
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funny but racist thread
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