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I fucking hate being born in a small town so much. I fucking hate it. Literally being born in the city dropped off on a doorstep and growing up homeless would have been better. Theres nothing in my town but crazy ass holes who yell at me and call me names even when im nice because they are angry scizophrenics.

I have terrible anxiety every day cause theres no way out. The closest amusement park is 5 hours away and I have to drive 7 hours to go to an actual big city. theres fucking nothing to do I have to make a half day trip just to go to a store and buy something useless like a wire. I have nothing in my town but a dollar store and every other town is exactly the same near me its just food and one or two useless stores.

Theres no way to hang out with and even when I do theres nothing to fucking do and everyones an ass hole who hates you just for liking different stuff. Everyone here is exactly the same just your typical pissed off white poor person complete total shit literally the bottom of the bottom. all cities are expensive as fuck and its fucking gay I dont want to get a job because my dream is to be a young rich rapper but thats fucking impossible especially being born here. Even if I got a job and moved it would cost thousands and thousands of dollars to house myself in a city and if I dont find a job fast as fuck welp too bad go back home minus 5000 dollars and a bunch of your time and hard work wasted.

FUCK THIS. I cant even have a career because theres no real jobs here and none of them definetely will be hiring you for life so theres no pension type shit. The only long term careers you can get is cutting down trees and prison guard so both incredibly dangerous and you're literally just playing the odds of falling out of a tree with a chainsaw attached to you or being stabbed by a bunch of blacks in jail.
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My town has a population of 700. I understand. Everyone who is a """"robot""" and who lives in a city has no excuse. It made me angry for a while, but I think I'm over it now.
same bruv I think part of what makes city robots is the fact that they have the choice to do but dont and learn to hide it from an early age and it just keeps going. I honestly dont know whats worse being a robot and having the chance to do shit but just dont and being a rural robot and having no chance to do anything.

still if i lived in a city and was like that i could at least pop a xanax and go to a club or just walk down a busy sidewalk drinking a beer or something and meeting people. Here all I can do is walk around empty darkness and the whole town smells like cow shit and for some reason the whole town will literally stink like cow shit so bad its literally all i can smell even inside my house
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I know this feel.
I've been saving all year just to afford a nice car to leave this shit hole, and I'm barely half way there (car is 15 grand)
Going to take several more months at this rate because there are 0 good jobs, only fast food, absolutely no career options.

My parents made the worst mistake of my life

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"Anon I thought you said that Burzum is Death Metal. I gave the Dunkelheit album a listen and it's all touchy feely and not Death Metal at all."
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umm im p sure i said its black metal but aight babe, my bad.
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Oh. that explains it. haha. Don't worry about it, Anon. It's all good. I'm not dissing Burzum.
It's black metal you stupid fucking cunt. I hope Varg Vikernes comes to your house and blows your head off with a shotgun you fucking whore. You deserve to tied to a tree and raped by a pack of Somalian refugees. I don't want to hear you call black metal "death metal" ever again you fucking bitch.

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>not ugly
>virgin to
>traditional, right wing

When i hatred of women gonna end? I just want an ugly bf to cook for and watch anime with who won't cheat on me
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>when I hatred of women gonna end?
When you learn grammar bitch.
Nice bait. I'll respond as if it isn't though, and suggest that you join a church or other organization that shares your traditional beliefs. You're far more likely to find a good bf there than r9k. However since you're just after (You)s you're right at home.
>right wing


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Thanks! :3
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Here's the male version:

Why do you guys focus on individual qualities when you, as a whole, are shit?
6ft for girls

5'5" for guys

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How's your relationship with your siblings robits?
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My sister and I are friends I guess. Not really much else to say.
My brother is an older successful version of me. He was my idol as a kid.
My brother was a heroin addict. He stabbed me in the chest and stole my money for years and years.
I repeatedly had to snitch to the parole board.
He's nearly 1 year sober but,he likes to steal.
He got raped in prison but grew to be bisexual or was always bi sexua.
I remind him of his past often.
I have intense hatered for him and drug addicts.
I wish he would overdose. I wish he would die. I want him to kill him self or get sexually assualted till he dies.
He's normie on the streets but a deranged chad in jail and prison. He functions better in jail and prison.
I lost respect for both of my parents because of him.

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This is what your oneitis thinks all the time. It's time to ask her out bros.
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I don't have a oneitis. I don't even have a crush. Haven't for years and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

>implying I know any females to ask out
Knew a shy girl who would wonder when a crush of hers would ask her out. But when they finally did, she chickened out and told them "no." Every time.

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Daily reminder that there are thousands of stay at home daughters out there just waiting for someone to marry them

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Well how the fuck do I marry them if I stay at home all day, and they do too
Just from the thumbnail alone, what the fuck is that monstrosity on the left. Is that trasngender?
>retarded mannerisms
>keep shaking while saying simple words

this is why public school bullying is necessary. It fixes you.

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>he doesn't believe in an immortal soul
>he believes he's just random chemicals
>he denies his own free agency just to be a sinner
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For me it's not a matter of if god exists and I have a soul or not. I just don't care. Even if god exists I don't feel like worshiping the guy and I'm pretty apathetic about hell so if I end up there it doesn't really matter.
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Honestly don't see the problem with being a sinner if it's by your own choice to sin. If someone wants to roll in cosmic/psychic shit then I say let them. As long as they don't stay tooooo long and return to their immortal ethereal form now and then to exercise their true powers. After this Earth trip I need a few lifetimes vacation before I rerun this particular hologram scenario.
>free agency


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Listens to chief keef once
>repeating the same word twice because you can't think of an actual rhyme
niggers can't even rap today, sad!

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>Be 19
>Fulfill lifelong dream of enlisting in USMC, in delayed entry until I finish my Senior Year
>Just started getting nudes from my crush if I continue to treat her like a queen
>Start going to local gym
Am I evolving? I've thought of myself a robot for years, but am I getting the change I wanted?
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>going to me a professional bullet sponge
I'd say you took a few steps back actually. You wanna make sure thouse abs look great when you get shot by an AK. Marines are the biggest idiots in the forces.
I'm actually going to be an Artilleryman, I'll be a good mile or two from the action but be apart of the nightmare of Korean Communists
>enlisting in USMC
kek hahahahahahahahah *breathes* hahahahahahahaha

you're in for a rude awakening hahahahahahhaa

Anom you are so stupid. go to college kid, I'm in the military. it sucks. Marines? HAHAHAH gl being treated like shit for 6 years and dying for 1500 dollars a month living in a small dormitory for 6 years with another man.

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Flaite asqueroso punga hijo de narco, fuera de 4chan

My heart beats like a drum - like a drum
Dam dam dam dam dam dam
And my feet step the beats like a drum
Dam dam dam dam dam dam
Pachinko Machines are the likely cause of deaths in paraguy

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Is it bad I often add people for lewd discord chats?

Mostly talk about fetishes, share lewd pics, and get them whomever off.

It feels really good when you do it with another cute anime boy and I can't help it >///<
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This board and website make me feel weird because I'm not really into lewdness all that much. I'm not asexual or anything but for instance I've had girls (female) offer to send pics and nudes before but I shut it down because it just makes things awkward since I'm not into it.
Source on pic? Oriboriginal
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I dont think its bad, its fun for everyone involved. My biggest fear for things like that is that it may negatively impact my perception of relationships and love, turning them into something about only seeking pleasure instead. So just be careful, I think

Give me one (1) good reason I should become her patreon

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The more heroin she can buy the faster she will od
Let me take a couple of guesses here. You are:
>a beta orbiter she asked to shill this video here
>the actual camwhore herself
stop shilling your bullshit here, cunt.

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>tfw affluent enabling parents you give you whatever you want and let you be a disgusting overweight NEET
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You truly have won life's lottery my friend
indeed. My mommy is a attorney bucking in $250,000 a year. She brings me home KFC and tells me how much she loves me before she goes to sleep every night

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I just fucked someone /r9k/.

W-was that truely it. Was this the deed that drives men insane.
Holy fuck that was worse than jacking off.
If this is highlight of life I don't think i can go on.
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Welcome to the reddest red pill. Sex can usually be better if you have an emotional connection with your partner but overall it's not everything robots crack it up to be. Now you'll see all the threads on this board whining about being virgins and not having gfs and know just how useless it all is.
im rly sorry for u, robot
Fucking isn't the issue anon. It's getting a wife. having a woman stay around and fall in love with you is ecstacy. The love of women and the sexual comfort of a female's body, her breasts, her body is what makes a man happy. Not fucking a hooker.

The love of women is sweeter than honey, and you need to be a handsome Chad to get it.

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