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Have you ever held hands with a girl?
Was it weird?
Was it awkward to walk around with your hands locked together?
Did you get a boner?
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Former normalfag here.
I'll greentext w/e

>be me
>be in HS
>have gf
>held her hand on the table/bleacher things
>i don't remember if i had boner
>was it weird? for me, yes maybe i'm gay IDK
tldr; 2d girls are better
Yeah it's weird, it doesn't feel like a "close" thing to me unlike hugging or cuddling. Hands are bony and cold. I only ever did it because my ex gf wanted to
>be 26 walking in crowd
>cute girl walking holds my hand
>immediately get boner
>she realizes I'm not her boyfriend when I pull my hand back

It was weird as fuck.

Should i be rethinking my life if i unironically want a body pillow. It seems like the only way to satisfy my needs. Is there anything i need to know when getting one?
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Stfu and just buy one, or don't and stop overthinking.
The only thing to know is dont get a titcow if you do buy one
They don't seem to satisfy much for me. One stagnant position, should get old pretty soon.

Maybe an onahole will serve you better. Along with some good doujinshis.

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Anyone here that thinks they straight up deserve a girlfriend?
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I can't even talk to girls so no I probably don't deserve one
Define 'deserve'.
I would certainly not agree if someone said I don't deserve a gf.
I don't deserve anything. None of us do.

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tfw literally born without imagination,a minds eye or mental imagery.its like im blind,my memory is shit and i cannot visualize anything not even something that i was in a million times.i can not remember my favorite songs,the faces of anyone...i have no childhood memories literally none.all i remember is words for example when i was 5 i went to the beach with my mum and she bought me ice cream but i literally cannot picture the beach or the ice cream but i can remember that the beach is sandy.

anyone else feel like this?


its called aphantasia and its literally hell,i feel like half a human and its probably why im so autistic depressed and logical and an intp.

explains why i cant draw and why im so good at abstract things like programming

im literally a ROBOT in the true sense of the world,literally a fucking machine who cant imagine or dream or visualise
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Hahaha op is a roaring faggot hahaha
op is a massive faggot omg
this is very distressing,you try being a depressed autist and you cant picture in your mind a different reality.its like being stuck in hell for eternity

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Taking turns addition

Talk to and help each other and try to make ourselves feel better.

Name in name field makes communication easier
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Evening Medman
I need these threads. Letting it out and venting is something I haven't don't in a while and is therapeutic for me
Hello Facet.
Just got off of FaceTime with the female.
What's going on with you

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Where's the "it's my only form of socializing" option?
Under "memes"
Right above Black dick

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>tfw no woke bf
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These threads are always cute
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ick woe.png
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>tfw no ewok gf
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elma bread.jpg
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there are a lot of them 2911 to be exact
>there are approximately 2911 OP's using this image and some form of >tfw no bf
>the first post number was 18320267, meaning there has been 19614662 posts between the first one and this one
>this was originally posted on the 29th of April 2015 at 03:22:41, meaning there has been 2 years, 1 month, 26 days 18 hours, 18 minutes and 28 seconds between the original post and this one
>there are around 1397301 OPs on /r9k/, thus >tfw no bf threads make up approximately 0.208330202% of all OPs, which is up from last time

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Can a high-testosterone person be a beta/submissive?
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Ask a /fit/ robot
Why does everyone call a wide-hipped girl high test? That's a feminine trait, so it should be high estrogen.
God that woman is so ugly

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>Develop a crush on partner
>Imagine my whole life with them
>Know they don't feel the same at all
Has anyone else felt this?
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Original bump
pls respond
yes and I liked it
feels better than apathy
Really? You don't come to the sudden realization that you'll never really be loved? Does sadness really feel better than apathy?

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>join discord because want to make friends since im a lonely loser
>start getting to know people and seem to be fitting in
>theres a qt girl a few hours away from me
>ironically ask if she wants to marry me
>obviously get declined and explain that i was just messing around
>she hates me now
>thats ok ill still try and make other friends
>other people slowly start hating me for no obvious reason to me
>one day i realize that i have a tag that says "suspicious"
>start asking around why i have this tag
>someone says that its because theres something fishy about me and that the mods dont trust me
>ask what it is i cant be trusted about or why that even matters on a discord server since im not scamming people or asking for nudes and just genuinely trying to make friends
>told that its just the aura that i put off and that im creepy
>say "this is probably why ive never had a girlfriend"
>start getting bullied and asked what my motives are
im never going to get a girlfriend ;-; shit apparently i cant even make online friends?
why am i such a worthless loser....i just want someone who's nice to me and watch movies/cuddle with
>pic related is the last girl i talked with
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lesson learned
don't hang with normalfags
don't propose to girls
How about dont be a creep. People dont like being around whiny bitches who only care about finding someone to fuck.
Post body? Are you a chad?

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I fucking hate breeders. None of you realize how normie the desire to reproduce is.
None of the whores on here are self-aware enough to not want to be creampied.

Pregnant women should be lined up and shot in the stomach for carrying on humanity.
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don't blame the women, it's the men's fault for allowing this

Testosterone is at fault for the vast majority of the world's problems. Anyone with half a brain can see that teste leads to more violent populations, to conflict.

men should be castrated at birth, myself included. I can't wait until I get my orchiectomy.
I'm getting a hysterectomy in september

I kind of like your perspective.
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Now I this is what I call edgy 2017
AlbumS include

>Why are humans reproducing
>I'm angry and must shit post
>Fuck normie reeed

And now special featuring

>Everyone but me deserves to fucking die

>accidentally call your teacher "Mom"
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>accidentally call your mom "teacher"
>did this in college at 23
Now everyone knows
>accidentally raise your hand to talk to your mom

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Is it immoral to have a practice gf?

Don't women do the same thing with practice bfs and then leave them as soon as a Chad shows interest?
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Who the fuck cares? Not original ban me mods
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>Don't women do the same thing with practice bfs and then leave them as soon as a Chad shows interest?

That was me I was the practice bf.

She actually wanted to have practice sex with me so that she could make Chad happy when she had sex for real with him. I was too much of a betavirgin at the time to get it in her but she gave me practice blowjobs even though i couldn't cum

So then I got myself a practice gf to turn the tables.

and now 9 girls, one STD, and 14 years later I'm still waiting to get a real gf
I've thought about this. It's probably pretty "bad" desu but who gives a fuck? Sometimes you just need to have something to bust nuts in so you know what to do when you get your real gf.

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>tfw over 30 and no gf

How do you kill the pain /r9k?
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I smoke weed, try to everyday
Eat, exercise, job , game a bit, eat, jerk off, sleep.

I don't mind it too much, things that turn me on these days are only possible in hentai doujinshis anyway so I accepted that fact and jerked on.
Do you not feel wrong doing this? I don't really want to become an addict, which both of you clearly are. I'm having a lot of trouble surrendering to this fatalist attitude

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Are any of you guys playing comfy Stardew Valley?
Post farms and comfy feels from the game
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Isn't this just a SJW knock-off of Harvest Moon?
Do i need nvidia for that?
It's only SJW if you want it to be.

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