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Will girls laugh at my small 6x5 boner?
Anyone has experiences?
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I know u the same nigga talking shit about Asians, Mr. Fabulous ass nigga
No I have a pretty average cock (6.5 length, idk girth) and every girl I've ever been with talks about how big it is. If they do make fun of it, it won't be to your face.
I don't know man. I'm not that big myself with 7x5.5 but I have also been turned down by a few girls for it being too small... Guess that's the hand life dealt us.

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What do you look forward to each day?
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Smoking weed anon
right now? waiting for my drugs to get delivered.

other than that I like talking to my friend about stuff.
yeah speaking of drugs in this thread lsd is great...
listening to music and studying math is calm

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>tfw in love with a bimbo

Would you be able to be in a long term relationship with a bimbo gf?
Introduce her to your family, friends, and basically grow old with her.
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Seeing fake tits is a boner killer for me.
Your pic is like my dream woman of course i would.
name of that girI?

From yesterday till today I have reflected on so many things. In the chad chat we had a very animated discussion about why we work here on our project and how we should behave.
You know when I started basically I was alone. Italo was really lacking at exposure, lacking the equipment and its format. Our goal was to make beautiful series known and hope that our board can appreciate with us all these series that have often been deaf.
And I have to admit that over the years we are here. Who would have said that some editor took a YUASA ... but what I say ... THREE YUASA(BORINGTASTEKEK). Yet we succeeded and we deserve it because we have been pushing ALL of you to ask for these series.
Yet in days like this we are afflicted with a new cancer. Yesterday I read an ASSURED discussion on how communities that "produce" people with similar tastes are dubious. Or rather different people who follow community for a long time approaching a few series just to be noticed. From this then the concept of "Boring Taste".

We start from the fact that:
1) Boring Taste does not exist, if you think seriously about this thing you are retarded (that is, we take the ass for Shit tastes, but we do not really think certain things!)

2) The concept community = boring taste is delayed. Otherwise explain, how do all the communities after a while produce the same boring taste? Is not that some beautiful series can please many? Especially after you have made a little animated culture?

3) If you have any doubts about the people you are late: BUT WHAT PRO should you have one who puts bebop on his 3x3? I say "good" and that's enough. What recognition should you have?
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For all this, I feel an insult to AMI, my person and everyone who believes in this project because the goal is NOT uniform, but FAR TO KNOW and if we succeed is POSITIVE. It is normal that tastes or preferences will come close to many. Let me give you an example: I and Gennaor left we have attended for years (much before AMI) animeclick. We wrote assiduously, we read each other and many of our visions were similar. But it was not to let us see, just by attending the same bulletin board (or bulletin boards) of the site we were confronted with spam by certain souls and certain discussions.

Sincerely. Be always positive, there are people among you young but smart or who is eager to know. Do not be fooled by the bullshit of certain communities who are losing the concept of "Doing Good" to make their stupid despotism to be accepted and recognized by the internet.
And most importantly, last but not least, DO NOT MAKE YOUR DIGIBRO. I think it's the essence of what youtube NOT SHOULD DO.

Thank you.
My name is B-chan, the man who crushed AMI.
Chad chat kek
>paolovitafag non guarda i cartoni
>fa le recensioni sui cartoni
mamma quanto mi sale il cringe

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>you will never be good at drawing
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10k hours to master any skill I hear
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>you will never be a doctor in outer space treating a crew of astronauts representing Earth as part of an intergalactic voyage to increase humanity's knowledge of the vast unknown
>you will never be good at making music

Don't listen to this I put in way over 10k hours. Just made me get bored of it and wonder why I suck so much despite practicing so I quit

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Left or Right, pick one, only one.
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Left, mainly because of bush.
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I choose you, shotty!
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Left actually took care of the skin and has curves probably from years of HRT.

Right is literally me if I shave and steal some kids underwear.

Don't get me wrong I'm not a fan of trannies but at least left is an actual tranny and is trying, right is just made of cringe, probably some weird pedo too instead of just being a faggot like left.

Is there even a point in trying to get a cute gf if you don't have the proper face/looks for it?

It's like trying to do theoretical physics PhD with an IQ of 95, you are just hindered genetically.

I went from not being able to do a pull-up to a 250 squat, 195 bench press and 100 military press. It's not anything impressive, standard entry level stuff but still it is a change and it doesn't help a bit.
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>Is there even a point in trying to get a cute gf if you don't have the proper face/looks for it?
Maybe if you are rich and tall you can pull it off. Otherwise it is not really worth the effort. Especially if you don't have any friends. It would be near impossible and you might aswell forget about it.
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fit wojak2.png
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Keep at it anon, don't call your gains useless just yet. Have you actually been trying to talk to women? What drove you to post this?
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According to anyone who leaves the basement and mainstream science, yes

But you'll just whine and claim not being 10/10 is the reason for you personally. Yes. Not the autism, not the beta tendencies, not the cucked mindset. It's because you're not 10/10. That's totally it.

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britfeel august 3.jpg
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Let's have a comfy thread, no politics or tripfag drama please edition
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Lads what the fuck happened to Godwinson? He terminated his channel about a week ago without an explanation.
Shit OP image edition
Literally who? Looks like a typical uni fag harping on about THE TORIES on youtube

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will this meme reach the normies?
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**in some form or another
>Hey son, please treat women with respect!
>Hey son, get a job because [some Boomer shit]!
This is how it would go probably
Na I imagine they would ruin it and make it some cringey "muh things white dad say" shit

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What are some signs of low testosterone?
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thin pubes
small testicals
weight problems
did you try googling 'low testosterone'
using 4chan

oregano on my pizza

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please comment originally in this original thread
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Why do you make this thread everyday, why are we still here? Just to suffer?
I am very happy and content.
holy shit nice hahaha

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LDR anons, come here and talk.
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what's ldr? I've never heard of that before
long distance relationshit, basically all the drama with none of the sex of a real relationship.
Long distance relationships, you have like 0 image comprehension

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Did your penis grew after 16?
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Yeah. But so did my heart <3
No. Once it reached 16cm my penis stopped growing.
Naw, and I'm 7 inches

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I'm looking for a friend

I'm a 21 year old female neet
(very lonely )

I like dogs cats and bugs
i like anime and videogames but I mostly like to draw and makeup

if ya for a female neet buddy of even a cyber gf

my kik is cyber_kitten
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Instagram? Skype?
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Do you have discord?

you seem like an interesting girl;can i add you on fcb instead?i don't use kik

I made an even better pledge for you manly masochists out there. What are you waiting for?

1. I am lucky to even be alive, so I will constantly look for ways to express my gratitude and never complain about anything.
2. Anything bad that happens to me is my responsibility and my responsibility only.
3. I will do my best to conform to societal expectations. I was born into society and therefore defined by my worth to society.
4. I will share this pledge with everyone I can. I realize that the only real value of opinionated Internet pledges is the publicity they gather.
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>that pic

fucking lmao I swear all Americans care about is 'hard work'
I don't want to be a slave, I don't know why you do.
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>you'll never get kicked out by your parents at 18, because "tough love"
>you'll never pull yourself by the bootstraps and work two min wage jobs while working on your mech eng. degree.
>you'll never marry a cute white woman with a black child from her previous relationship, but non the less step up to the plate because you're a manly man
>You'll never incessantly be praising your boss to total strangers despite him working 5h a week and the only interaction you have with him is being yelled at for not working fast enough.
>You'll never vote republican just so those shabbo goys can take away the last benefits of being middle class away.

Fuck guys I just wanna be a good manly masochist, is that really to much to ask for?

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