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The DMV earlier, and incompetent people at work.

Both are just awful.
calm down morty

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>do no fap for more than 2 days
>literally get turned on by myself
>masturbate to a pic of my dick
>cum buckets
is this normal?
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I haven;'t done it recently, but a few months ago I would cum quicker while masturbating if I looked at my dick.
It's not normal, but there is a term for it called autosexuality.
you're a self-sexual

kys yourself degenerate

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>tfw no fashy daddy bf to bear him strong alpha sons
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Are you a good breeding material tho...
Traps can't have kids you retard
I hope you enjoy the abuse

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It's an 'anon thinks about the people who have done him wrong and angrily thinks of a plot to exact revenge but ultimately ends up calming down and sinking back into a depressed slump and taking no action cause deep down he's a soft-hearted Frenchy who never takes action' episode

I wish I were strong enough to hold a grudge and pay back the people who deserve it
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Who wronged you, anon? Tell me about it, please. Or at least one of the instances.
All the people who wronged you were just doing what their genetics and conditioning compelled them to do.

Free will is a joke. Our behavior is the result of physical and chemical reactions.

I hope the stimulus of seeing this post compels you to make better use of your time than brooding with these revenge fantasies. But if it doesn't, I don't blame you.
Real strength is moving on. Use it as motivation to better yourself. Best revenge is a life well-lived and all. It never feels as good as you think it will.

I don't know if that's true but I'm in the same boat as you and I hate it so that's what I tell myself.

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Where are all my fellow robots from? I'm curious which country/state has the highest concentration of us. California here.
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I am in Rhode Island.
Illinois, not chicago
Texas robot reporting

Do you feel bad for women that die? Poor girl, was just out having fun eating waffles and choked to death. Its got to be the worst way to die.
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who runs an eating contest and nobody knows hemlock maneuver
really wonders the ponderer
Those pancakes look really good mmmmmmm
would really like some waffles right about now

>wake up and do my morning stretches
>drowsy but go on discord
>rando is there
>ask who and he spergs out
>banned him
tell me some of the discord autism you've seen
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why should l, hmm?
I see OP making threads

but not the past few days
cod, you shouldnt cling around me for too long
it doesnt make me feel good to see you posting in this bad thread
i dont deserve you

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what does r9k think about acid attacks

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they're pretty based desu senpai
nice blurry photo
It's always sad to see people suffering from abuse.

We can only be better as people to grow up and leave
such terrible acts behind us.

post hi res wallpapers like these
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I rate this
trynna make my phone look aesthetic
mad aesthetics

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Today I saw some milf in luxury car. I could easily tell that she is rich as fuck. Both and her two daughters went to local grocery.

Her daughters were ~hs and both were 8+/10.

I see this picture very often.

How is it possible that rich people are not only rich but also aesthetic?

Its like some people are born with health, aesthetic and money and take it for granted.

Like life is some fucking disney trip

how is it possible for fuck sake.
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A few reasons.
>rich guy attracts women and has lots of hot women to choose from to marry
>they have kids and make more rich attractive people
>easier for good looking people to get rich
>looks are positively correlatef with intelligence
Isn't it just straight up cruel to reproduce without wealth or looks?
This is why I'm a strong advocated for abortion, now we need permanent sterilization
And also because
>rich people can afford to take better care of themselves
>better clothes
>cosmetic surgery
>less stress

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How to escape robotism and become a normie? Im so fucking tired of this shit, you can't be a robot forever in this world.
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read your bible and believe everything it says, then go on to study religion in uni, then start your own religion claiming to be the one true faith and call everybody an idiot who doesn't submit to your teachings and you will be jesus

get and read Nathaniel Branden's books on self esteem.

>make friends
>Dress well
>Have good personal hygiene
>be confident

I think that's about it,

ITT- tell beta cuck stories

this isn't much of a story but it really drove home how lucky I am to have a big penis

>talking with my friend, HD, about our girl troubles and our social circle
>HD is a ratty looking hyper-manlet who is bullied and friendzoned by the girls in our social circle
>over the course of our conversation, he repeatedly took a moment to rub his eyes and choke down a sob
>I know from a previous conversation of ours that his "tiny penis" is at the center of all his issues
>it's probably why he was crying, he was thinking that even if he got his social game down pat he still thinks he couldn't keep a woman
>he says he's had sex before but I don't believe him personally

some brief HD stories

>a chick convinced him to walk her home late, to her boyfriend, simultaneously pulling HD away from a girl who might've actually liked him
>a girl cuddled with HD and told him all about her abusive bf whom she's left and came back to 8 times, "didn't let him leave" and he "didn't make a move" although she might have been fine if he did, it's still a shit test though
>a girl came over to his room, saw his cock, he ended up sitting around outside his room waiting for her to figure out how to get out of there
>he says he inconveniences himself like this for his "friends" but even the way they talk to him is borderline abusive
>he did admit that he doesn't really enjoy their company besides their girliness and he's doing it because he doesn't know how else to attract them
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I'm having a hard time reading this OP. Learn to write better
if you read my real work it'd probably be the best writing you have ever read
Well, post it then. I need something to read

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Is "Spain is a country" an objectively true fact, or just a commonly shared opinion?
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Are you asking a question about the statement "Spain is a country" or questioning the legitimacy of Spain as a country?
Fuck OP what an UKtard. What a racist and xenophobic and useless country that looks over the shoulders of his countrymates and discrimines them. Kill yourself.
You are a piece of shit if you think that.
Please make us a fovor and kill yourself

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Do normies think
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they think new thoughts all the time from life experience. our thoughts just exist in an echo chamber
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Perpetrator-you arent one of us
They think empty, basic thoughts, and they are not concerned with anything deeper than daily life.

Why do women lie about what they want and find attractive? Mothers, friends, they all lied to us.

They taught us to be nice, respectful, that women are romantic, idealistic, pure, innocent, warm, caring, have empathy, wait for one great love, need to fall in love to be open for physical contact etc.
Mothers and female teachers crushed our waking masculinity, disencouraging it at every step at home and at school. They made us into desperate, weak, beta males, doormats.

Women are attracted to
- money
- looks
- status
- confidence
- sense of humor
- assertiveness

They WANT a strong man to take control, to just come and take them, take whatever the fuck we want in life. Why the fuck didn't they tell us that? Our mothers, aunts, grandmothers? Why didn't they teach us THAT? Why didn't they want us to be MEN not boys, why didn't they want us to be happy and strong?

They have zero attraction to "nice guys", but our mothers brainwashed us so much that we still act like boys not men, being nice and hoping we'll get candy for good behaviour.
All this pain when we were in love with girls we tought were pure, innocent, that inspired our souls with their very existence only to see some asshole come and simply take them. And they let them take them, use them, ruin them, they were powerless to resist. All it took was 1 alpha male for all those "innocent" girls to show their true face.

Even the strongest most bitch-boss woman will turn into a purring kitten if a man strong enough comes into her life. Men essentially mold women into who they want them to be.

I hate women not because of how they are but because of how dishonest they are. Fucking Emma Watson giving speech about how she fights for men's right to be sensitive and cry, and then she goes home to her football star tall Chad boyfriend and looks up at him with this completely submissive, devoted, misty eyes look. WHY DO YOU LIE TO THOSE POOR BOYS? YOU DESPISE WEAK SENSITIVE MEN.
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Beta bux alpha fux. how hard is it?
fuck off marc anthony
The problem is that what you think is a "nice" guy probably isn't so nice.

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