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Are you a good fighter /r9k?

Also list disciplines
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I'm an awesome fighter if the fight doesn't last longer than 5 minutes. After that I get too puffed. Luckily pretty much nobody can take 5 minutes of getting pounded on by a 260lb fat guy so I'm usually gtg.
Decent enough I suppose.

punching with full force
art of the cop kick
hitting a nigga in the head with a rock
I'd say I'm average to okay; somewhere in the 5-7/10 area. I have 10yrs under my belt of martial arts but the last 4 of those has been focused on instructing so I'm admittedly rusty on the actual fighting side but against the majority of idiots who start shit I can ride on muscle memory and reactions.

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>when you realize all your social problems are worth it because the alternative would be the brutality of nature
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the brutality of nature is completely intact merely abstracted within the social network

Are there any average girls who are legitimately attracted to manlets?
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I'm seriously having this feelign that average girls have the highest expectations. I had more 8/10s and a few 9/10s clearly showing me signs of interest in my life than any lower numbers combined... And i'm a 5/10 guy.
Depends on the attractiveness and dick size of the dude and if the woman is shorter than him

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This album was made for robots.
Only normies dislike it.
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it's alright. dinosaur jr. songs all sort of blur together a bit, very similar melodies, they all hover around the fifth scale degree. i saw them live and it was OK but the similarity of the melodies was running through my head the whole time.
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I'll be grazing by your window
Please come pat me on the head
I just want to find out what you're
nice to me for.
Oh, it is. And that's what makes it creepy, cringy betacore for niggas who would rather cuddle under the blankets (>w<) being awkward and comfy in winter XDDDDDDDD than, well...

be anything but THAT

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Play online
Create a gameboard
Engine copy legends playstyle
Deliver mates

Climbing the ladder
Up to 1000
Up to 1400
Up to 1600
Up to 1800

Tal's game
Fried Live's atk guide
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Is this thread a thing now on /r9k/? I like playing chess but I think I play better in real life than online.
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bumpy bump

you have been muted for 4 seconds


Hey OP, want to play?

>missed out on young love
>Nothing left to do now except die
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Young love doesn't even exist these days. Even the kids are just doing hook-ups now.

Young love it's just about not being alone and having free sex nowadays.
redditor detected
fucking kill yourself

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As whites, how do we know when to finally end it?
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>set alarm clock for 0730 hours
>wake up at 0727 hours
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I have a serious inquiry, if a girl you have chance to be with is high maintenance and you prefer relative seclusion would you go for it? Remember she will want to be with you 24/7, how can you tell her this without her having a fit and expecting you're cheating or having no interest in her anymore
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>if a girl you have chance to be with is high maintenance and you prefer relative seclusion would you go for it
I'd explain to her the terms from the beginning, if she can't deal with it then I guess it won't work. I won't lose any sleep over her being all "wahh give me attention", it's her problem.
>Remember she will want to be with you 24/7

How much of it would be sex?
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If she can't understand where you're coming from no point going any further with her

One of the most autistic things I did this year.

>Be me
>have happy supporting liberal family
>maybe a bit to open minded.jpeg
>watch Guillemo Del Torro's Pans Labyrinth
>frog scene crawling thru bugs
>inner part of brain says this is true nature
>the twists and turns of the concrete world outside are not meant for the soul
>dirt and and mud and bugs are the true nirvana
>start walking around barefoot and sneaking outside to stare at grass and watch the bugs come and go
>Sunday after church
>go out with family to the new chipotle that opened up in our small town
>get all veggie burrito because meat is degenerate
>take tiny bug bites with only front teeth. I'm talking the smalles possible nibbles humanly possible
>whole family finishes eating I haven't ever gotten thru the first layer of tortilla
>dad gets annoyed and says just finish it faggot, but momma runs the family and I'm special!
>drive home. don't eat because car jumbles would mess up bite size.
>get home. family goes back to stupid shit they do all day.
>I go out back behind the shed with my burrito.
>Curl up in ball and focus on ball of food. Super comfy.
>Sit there with burrito. occasionally taking nibble of burrito.
>the sun falls. I've barely finished a quarter of my burrito.
>No need for sleep. Turn off all brain functions accept for burrito awareness
>sit. staring at wood fence behind shed
>the true nature of all life begins to dance before my eyes
>it is all just a game. a series of smoke and mirrors.
>Everyone is defending there burrito with houses and laws and "normie" behavior but I see the truth
>we are all guarding our burrito
>look at burrito. start crying. truly a life changing lesson
>finish burrito like a regular person and go inside
>to this day everytime I drive past a chipotle I remember the true nature of the world and tear up a bit
>We are simple creature at heart who developed all this nonsense around us to be better at defending our burrito
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When I was little I was really into ants so I would take care of a bunch of ant colonies in my yard. I would always try to find other bugs like grasshoppers or slugs and pin them down beside the anthole with a stick and watch them get eaten alive by ants . I always found it really interesting and I still do it every now and then to this day.
there is nothing so fascinating as the pace of nature

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>tfw no pedo gf
who else knows this feel?
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Who the fuck takes these pictures and what is their intention?
Aren't you like 13?
stop posting in my thread, degenerate

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>I don't need to eat right now because I'm using my saved up body fat for energy

Isn't this sound logic for weight loss?
I just wanted to share this because it's blowing my mind, as retarded as that sounds.

Also this is a fat thread probably
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You have to fast for a few days for that to happen
It's called Ketosis
You theoretically could but you need an ungodly amount it restraint. Your metabolism skyrockets and it's super easy to regain the lost weight. It's kinda dangerous too.

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Who /never had to work a single day in his life/ here?
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>never worked
>never been to school
>never gone out with friends
>never travelled anywhere

>repeatedly sneezing right after jacking off
No worse feel.
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How do you meet girls and make friends when you are done with school?
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>Meet girls
Friends of friends, friends of friend's girlfriend, friends of family, work friends, friends of work friends
i should read stoner soon

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