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If I cum in my dog will she get pregnant?
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breed ur pupper senseless
make a litter of furries
No it only applies for cows.
are you retarded?
oh wait of course you are. you fuck your doggo

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>"Stacy! is that your brother?!"
>*everyone looks at you*

well, don't be silent. wot do?
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Keep doing whatever it is I was doing.
only valid answer
these are your sisters annoying friends, they dont concern you at all
what if the situation was switched where one of them was in a room of chads?

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Fembots, why wouldn't you give this guy a chance?
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he makes me want to swallow my own vomit
I would if he had a good personality.
I'd encourage him to make better life choices and help him clear up his acne.
Then I'd get him on a diet.
It'd be a win-win because he'd probably feel better and healthier, and I'd be more attracted to him.
Why? You're just a stuck up roastie brat

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potato head.jpg
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Hi /r9k/, this is a review of the board /mu/.

Board reviews might seem odd, but I'm trying to broaden my reviews. /mu/ is one of the worst boards on the site. Not worst in the sense like /b/, where they're just pure garbage that needs to be deleted. /mu/ is worst in the sense that it's useless and offers nothing. Music is typically talked about on other boards, there's really no reason to have a whole board dedicated to it, but even past that no real discussion happens on /mu/. /mu/'s threads typically compose of memes, album covers, "how do i become an rapper????", porn threads, and people screaming random lyrics from songs. It's very obvious that the majority of /mu/'s population is underage. The music they claim as good is typically modern normie-core stuff or edgy teen drama music, of which- as you guessed -they claim to relate to. Sometimes they even exclaim attraction towards very old songs. It kind of reminds me of those youtube comments where the kids say they were born in the wrong generation. As far as discussion goes, it's practically nonexistent, but maybe that's for the better as the discussion that does happen is basically just "this rapper is god tier" "all they say is nigger" "shut the fuck up, you don't know music". I don't mean to offend any /mu/posters, but the board is in short, just a thinly veiled place for instagram dropouts to hangout with each other. If you were truly interested in discussing music, I'd recommend just making the thread on a different board.
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yeah honestly i feel pretty similarly about all of the boards on 4chan that i browse: no content, and formulaic, overstretched cultures.

i'm pretty fucking bored of it all at this point.

but where else is there to go from here?
Good review, please do a [s4s] review!
yeah, /mu/ is fucking trash. I do music for a living and I have never had one good conversation or recommendation on that board. it's complete shit.

Is this the ultimate stacy?
67 moons orbiting.
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I thought this was genuinely funny.
kek anon

I wonder which planet in the universe has the most orbiters. Must be some mega-stacy with like 1k+ moons right?
Yes. The shining example for all women.

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>there are people on this board RIGHT NOW who unironically visits reddit regularly.
just fucking nuke this entire board pls
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newie spotted.
You realize the "hate reddit" is just a meme we use to tell apart newies from legit 4chinners right?
>low quality bait
sorry anon at least you tried
It's too late now OP there's no turning back.

>parents force me to go with them to vacation
>my cousins go party daily
>forced to go with them
>my cousins pull hot birches daily
>not a single one even looks at me while they playfully check my Chad cousins out
>sit down with my 3 Chad cousins and their freshly pulled hoes
>they flirt
>I sit down just being quiet
>basically fully ignored
>get bored
>fuck it and fire up Drastic and play some pokemon
>after like 5 minutes my cousin asks me what I'm doing
>checks out my screen
>jebemti maiko is that pokemon
>10/10 blonde hrvatska goddess looks at me and starts laughing
>other goddess asks me if I'm not to old to play child games
>third Stacy says to leave me alone he seem like a lonely person
>cousins keep joking whole night about pokemon and me
>time. Skip right now
>cousins getting ready to go out
>I sit here thinking about how to survive this night

Help me brothers
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>third Stacy says to leave me alone he seem like a lonely person
Push your luck and try to flirt with this one.
why don't you just say you're going explore the city or something
I'm with you Croat bro

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In an 18 year old and feel like a failure. Ive had a job, I've saved up money, ive had a good internship. I'm going to college with free tuition because of scholarships, and yet I feel so depressed. Other people my age are partying and what not, and I feel so alone. I dont have any friends and I hate my life. What can I do to change this?
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I'm 27 and I've never done any of that. You're still good to go.
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Drink alcohol. Alcohol makes everything better in social situations. Trust me.
I drink when everyone else is. I dont know anything about alcohol on my own.

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Are there any men here who sit down to pee? We don't need to be afraid anymore. It's okay. Let's join together and talk about some of the struggles we face in our daily lives.
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I sit down when im tired. Even after years, I still don't know what this fuss is all about, honestly. Who even gives a fuck?
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I have to because I'm in chastity
I do it bc I'm a lazy ass no struggling here

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Convince me why I shouldn't move in to a barrio and get a qt mexiwife.
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they dont age well

theyll be browned wrinkly hobbled trolls by the time they are 50

pic absolutely related they will tan and the tanning ruins their skin making them more wrinkly
They smell like greasy food covered up with spices; they can grow a more full, dark and tasteful mustache than you, which you will feel tickling your lip when you kiss her; if you go steady, expect to be bombarded with exponentially increasing number of relatives who mean to test your machismo and economic viability
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mex pepe 4.png
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>tfw spic
>never had a gf
>in to Asians
>they're just as bad, big families and cousins who wanna test
>Be lifting for years
>people already want to test me for no reason
>to autismo to ask qts out
maybe it's best to stay gymcel

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Running out of Amber Leaf edition.
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>when a general on /bant/ and /int/ isn't enough
Don't forget /eirepol/. Though that's mainly full of LARPing burgers
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>going to /pol/

would you wear this shirt in public? I'm about to buy one.
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I like band tshirts but that's just gay as fuck
quad quads means this shirt is now mandatory fashion for robots
if i was to be paid 10-50 bucks i would for a whole day around normies and everything

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Should i tell my bf my real number?

I was a huge slut in high school. I was young and stupid and easily manipulated and regret every fuck i had. When i met my bf freshmen year i realized what true love was. We never spoke about our pasts but he made a remark a few hours ago in response to one of our friends that she was a 'massive slut' and that he though she was gross. I told him it was unfair to judge her becuase you nevre know what it's like to be someone else but he said she had to live with her choices. Now i'm tormented by the thought he would think less of me if he knew my foolish past. What should i do?
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You should learn to post better bait instead of this old triad bullcrap
So you agree that he's right and, even if you keep it a secret, you will have to live with this shame for the rest of your life, and nothing you say or do will heal your emotional scars?

Also, tits or gtfo
go away little man, femanons are talking here
You don't wanna do that, trust me. Most modern males are insecure af.

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Hi /r9k/, this is a review of the cereal "Fruity Pebbles".

Normally, I wouldn't review food because taste is subjective, but I've got a bone to pick with Fruity Pebbles and it doesn't regard taste. First off, lemme say that I do like Fruity Pebbles and have been eating them since I was a kid, taste isn't the issue here. You see, most cereal bits are either big or thick, that way when you put your spoon in the bowl, you can easily scoop up a handful. Take Cheerios for example. Fruit Pebbles however are both small and thin. This means that they often stick to the bottom of the bowl, leaving you to waste your time trying to scoop them all up. The closer you get to finishing the bowl, the more of an issue this becomes. You WILL end up wasting a ridiculous amount of time trying to get every last bit. Eventually, I got so tired of this that I began to just drink the milk out of the bowl with the cereal bits still in there and just swallow them alongside the milk. Sometimes however, when I get near the end of the bowl, I just stop completely because I don't feel like going through either trouble. It may not seem like such a big deal but you have to try the cereal yourself to see just what I'm talking about. Fruity Pebbles aren't bad and I'll continue to eat them, but if I had to recommend a fruit flavored cereal that doesn't have this problem, I'd probably just recommend something like Froot Loops.
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Try Trix, faggot. Also, be a man and chug that milk.
Thank you for this valuable contribution to the board OP. You should do reviews more often.
trix are for kids

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Anyone here have tinnitus?

Try pushing your lower jaw back, does the pitch of the tinnitus go up for you? wtf
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Just looked it up for the first time in my life. I have had it for my whole life and I thought everybody has it. It's not bad tho.
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Pretty much everyone has a mild from of it, that's why the record for those sound-proof chambers is like 45 minutes cause your brain goes into tinnitus overdrive due to lack of sound input

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