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>23 years old
>Never been in a relationship

What's the point anymore?
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>never been in relationship
>had female friend once and think about her every fucking day for 4 years
>then she turned into enemy and I think about her more

at least a bullet can stop it whenever I want.

she has a degree and I have nothing because I failed.

she got to ride the cock carousel and live a normie female life and I became a scum sucking wagecuck and neet contemplating what degree of mentally ill I am.
>first kiss at 27
>First gf at 28

Hang in there. I was an absolute turbo virgin at 23
Setting a world record

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>pedophiles are more accepted on 4chan than faggots
How did this happen?
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Well normies love faggots but loathe pedos, the ever contrarian nature of 4chan dictates we must do it the other way around.
what's there to hate about pedophiles? It's just another criminal.

I've been friends with murderers in real life. I don't give a shit.
For the same reason 4chan is racist

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Ok guys. No more jokes.

How many of you guys are ACTUAL virgins ? And how many of you have never even kissed or held hands with a girl ? I refuse to believe it

Even me, a 5'5 spic with a 5.5 dick has had sex with 10 girls .
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24, all of the above

turn 25 in 2 weeks
do you live in california though? if so try moving east and see how you do
5'5 mixed race khv at 27 here.

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>Be in dental school
>See someone studying from my year
>Convince him that the class is easy and the professor is gonna have to curve due to a low class avg
>He actually fucking listens to me and goes to his dorm to party instead
>I go to the library and study for 5 hours
I do this with anyone I see studying. It's gonna be hilarious after after midterms
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OP very devilish. I just recently failed dental school because of some fag. I will hunt you down OP.
lol you gotta be pretty fucked in the head to want to be a dentist
>Be in college
>Drop out because even professors consider you competition
>Video games

False realities and books are supreme

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Do fembots get breast envy?
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boobs are the beards of girls

if you can't grow a beard you are no man
if you can't grow them boobs you are not a woman
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I don't see why small boobs aren't outlawed
>tfw chestlet
>tfw no tittymonster to dominate me and cuck me

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Has anyone done:
>no internet
>no junk food

Is it even possible to do these all at once in this day and age?
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>no fap
It's possible but it's not easy
>no internet
I download everything anyway. The internet I use only whenever I need to grab something new or whenever I want to talk to people (4chan). I'd just spend time watching anime, reading manga, reading a book, listening to music, watching a movie, or playing vidya.
>no junk food
Not that hard assuming you know how to actually cook a meal for yourself.

I'd probably last 3 days honestly, if we exclude the nofap part then I could go a week, if we exclude the junk food I could go for two weeks.
I did 6 months nofap, it worked wonders until summer where i basically stay inside all day watching porn and jacking it.

I also did no junk food, until I lost motivation, it lasted for a fucking week

No internet will be the end the end for me
If you keep yourself busy, nofap isn't too hard. No internet is impossible imo and depends if your family buys junk food. Hard to resist when it's in the house

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Do you ever wish you had a kid? Roasties, commitment and normalfaggotry aside, do you ever daydream about what it would be like to have a mini-you around and showing him stuff about the world?
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all the time sir
Sometimes, but then I realize I would be a terrible patent, also I don't really make enough money.
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I try not to think about that too much.

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Why don't black people ever get depressed?

Whites do, Asians do, Hispanics do, Indians do but not them
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I'm black and depressed, AMA
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Stupid people generally don't get depressed. Also most races become depressed when they are not employed or contributing to society; blacks give fuck all about that
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I'm a depressed nigger. We exist.

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I miss my gf soooo badly help
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you need to man the fuck up soooo badly
man up and dooo what exactly
well she doesn't miss you, so get over it

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I'm on my fourth mug of coffee and I'm getting the jitters and feel a bit elevated wtf I love coffee now?
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coffee sucks!
drink more, only gets better.
Coffee is pretty alright in my opinion but it's alright you're always entitled to your own opinion my good man. Tell me what your experience is with coffee.

Will do my dude, there's so much coffee here I'm going to drink a lot of coffee.

Why are sub-saharan africans so fucking retarded? Why?
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Whites set them back 500 years.
Because they are niggers. /thread
Resources, you mong. Nothing to work with out there.

Robots, what the fuck is wrong with me? Why do i always assign personalities to my belongings and act as if they are "alive". Some examples of what i mean would be feeling like i have to use all my pens equally so none of them feel neglected or feeling bad after not wearing a piece of clothing of using an item in a long time. The things i do this most often with are pens, dice, trinkets, chairs(moreso the seats on my dining table) and other inconsequential stuff. The worst feeling however is losing/breaking anything, I feel such a crushing weight when this happens and i can't get over it for quite a long time, especially if i used that item frequently. It's starting to affect my life.

What do i do? Does anybody else do this?
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sounds like a compulsive neurosis posssibly some shit in ure childhood triggerd it
I can't really recall anything traumatizing happening in my childhood. Parents were mostly nice and raised me properly, strict enough not to be a dipshit but loose enough to have fun and i never lacked anything essential. The only thing that could be related is that we didn't have money for all the toys on the planet so i had to make up stories when i was playing with any kind of figures and i would set up scenarios in my mind
It's the same for me. I compulsively hoard shit because I feel like if I don't, I'd be abandoning or throwing away a person, and no one deserves that. I pick up things from lost-and-found bins just bevause I feel bad. Hell, I have shit from my childhood that I don't care about, but if I got rid of it, I'd feel guilty. I know it's irrational, but I still do it. Giving stuff to goodwill is difficult, but I feel good about it because I know (I hope) it's going to someone who'll use it.

For me, I guess I got like this because I grew up lower-middle class and both my parents worked a lot, so everything I ever got felt like a big deal to receive, and if I got rid of it, I was being ungrateful.

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Your neighbors invited you over for beer so you want to piss them off?? Just say nothanks you stupid asshole.
do you have an original gun?
drink your beer you worthless shitstain

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Do you think society is ready to accept multiculturalism as a constitutional right?
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Depends which country.
You would hardly apply that to slav countries such as Poland.
>multiculturalism as a constitutional right?
What the fuck does that even mean.

How can you answer a nonsensical question? Are you braindead? Do you have some urge to spout whatever remotely relevant opinions of yours whenever you're given the opportunity? Fuck off you inbred retard.
My god. What have we become?

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Amerifats, are you looking forward to being drafted into Trumpo's upcoming invasion of North Korea?
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Yeah. How else am I going to snag a qt who has no idea what the world outside her country is like?
>tfw don't meet weight requirements to join even the air force
Does that make me exempt?
This raises a good question:

Could Burgerstan still field an army despite being mostly fat?

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