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So what seperates /r9k/ from /b/ ?

I've been on this board for years and always though it was:

>less dick rate threads
>more comfy / lonely talks
>more robot life talk
>more robot life green texts / stories
>mostly more helpful

what have you robots noticed?
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Prior to the porn, /b/ was more about being a general free topic board. You'd see "dubs decides" threads, drawthreads, discussion threads, shitposting threads, etc. Just a good mix of everything. /r9k/ on the other hand was more greentext based and had a younger tone (around high school - college)

After the porn, /b/ is well, just that, porn. /r9k/ is gay with trap shit and fetish stuff all over the place. Hardly any real discussion.
there's no consistent threads on /r9k/ that are there to appease furshits desu
I'd tend to side with you as of late for sure. I notice though (as you said more highschool / college/ just working but in 20's) that /r9k/ is at it's best during the summer and winter.

My favorites stories and boards are always around christmas.

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My gf of 4 years just broke up with my bf of 3 years, and it's kinda awkward.

It feels a little weird, we've been dating each other for over 3 years, it just wasn't working out with them I guess but I feel I'm in a weird place not wanting to step on anyone's toes. They're cordial to each other but it's awkward, like when your ex has the same circle of friends so you still see them everywhere. Anyways, anyone been in this situation before? Any tips?
**tl;dr**: I'm dating a guy and a girl and they were dating eachother for ~3 years and broke up, but on good terms. They still see each other a lot because of me.

Pic is unrelated but cool.
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i don't give a fuck, roastie normalfaggot whore. i'd tell you to fuck off to /soc/, the board literally made for sociopathic, intellectual midgets like yourself, but i'd much rather see you have your head removed by a short, blunt knife, jihadi John style.

Nice trips.

Dunno why you're so mad though.
You are literally fucking disgusting. And so are the dregs of society you associate with.

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Coming to this board these last few months has been draining the life from me. I'm a newfag, just wanted to see what this place was about, and it's just so full of pain and hate. You guys vilify everything that isn't an autistic basement-dwelling tendiemuncher. Any attempts for "fembots" to try to sympathize are met with "REEEE ROASTIE YOU'RE NOT A REAL ROBOT" and then you fuckers post about wanting to be held for once. The contrast is so extreme between the two that it gives me vertigo.

And then we've got the faggots who post /cuck/ shit in here, or try to get you to mutilate your dicks or crossdress, and then encourage these fucking god awful threads. Is it just this board? Is it everywhere? I came here thinking I was gonna find like-minded individuals who had a hard time interacting with people IRL, but it's more than that.

>Why are you guys like this?
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Get out while you still can. A life of shitposting is not a life at all.
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It's not that every single man here simultaneously wants to cut his dick off, wants a virgin girlfriend, hates all women and has autism.
I'd say on average a guy on here as at least one of the aforementioned quirks but rarely if not never all of those at once. So what you're looking at is a multitude of individuals with different quirks and opposing views creating a very chaotic seeming community.
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fuck yeah!.png
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No, you won't find good, helpful discussion here if people saying females can't be robots offends you.

I agree with >>36508552 , get out now before you start getting sucked in.

Also, the people here wanting to be held are either A. Gay boys in denial that have given up on women because of how shit they can be and decided to go for feminine guys instead or B. Dumb orbiters that don't GET that females can't be robots, and they get goaded on when they see a thread that contains a female in it that STATES THEY'RE A FEMALE and says

tl;dr there are no good people here. get out. if not for us, for you.

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no matter how bad your life gets, at least you aren't him
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He's doing God's work, degenerate barneyfag.
Can someone give me a quick rundown on this barney fag

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>You want this, don't you?
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Yes I am thirsty.
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Mega milk
mega dubs
>painted nails
Eww no

I wanna be so masculine that other men feel feminine around me.

I don't wanna be built or handsome.

I just want the vibe.
Like a psychic thing.

I want the power to make people feel weak and uncomfortable around me for no reason.
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Isn't this basically what they call bear mode? If so, it's mostly a genetics thing (height + stature), combined with not being overweight and having good posture.
be a biological female and come here (any board on 4chan) to feel like every woman ANd man is a fuking weak ass bitch lmao
just murder chad's like toxie

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>tfw want to beat on both /pol/ and antifa

Who wants to join my "out with all of these miserable fuckers" party?
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It's not right to attack people just because they think differently from you. Just be happy you don't have the capacity to have a firm conviction or concern for politics. You're no different from antifa if you sink to their level.
so much for the tolerant center.
>doesn't mention /pol/

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God damn, I fucking love being a NEET.
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1490768302261 JUST.jpg
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God damn, I fucking hate being a NEET.
what's so good about it?

It seems pathetic
I get paid $1000 per week to do absolutely nothing while all my friends are busy wagecucking and jealous of me

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Please help me /R9K/ i have a 14 year old brother who's turning 15 in November. I'm his older sister, I'm only older by a few years. My parents don't know what to do. He doesn't listen to them whatsoever. All he does is smoke all day and leave the house at 6 pm and come back at 12 AM, my parents think he might be depressed so they're trying their best not to do something that might push him off the edge. and the worst part is, he probably is depressed. He doesn't speak English (keep your illegal immigrant comments, we live in our home country) has no social media whatsoever and he only goes on youtube to watch videos of motorbikes and cars, so it can't be something he picked up off of the internet. When my mom tries to wake him up in the morning for school he just keeps yelling. and not the okay kind, he actually fucking yells so loud and threatens her. He's always had anger issues. Since he was little. He yells a lot. so does my dad though. He missed about 6 weeks in total of school so far because he just doesnt fucking go. If he does go, he ditches school by atleast 9 AM and takes a bus to a falafel place or something. (We live in the middle east) we dont have a lot of therapists or anything like that here so there's absolutely no one to talk to about this. It's 7 in the morning and I'm typing this after my brother woke up for school normally then as soon as the bus came, he pretended to go downstairs then didn't take the bus. Please someone help me. On top of that my dad blames my mom and calls her a nutcase. My mother is the most loving person and most compassionate and the most rational person I know. This really hurts. My mom cried to me yesterday and she thinks she's gonna lose her son to suicide and she doesn't know what to do, she feels helpless. Her own son is right fucking there, and she's doing everything in her power to make him feel loved. Please someone tell me what to do. I want to help my mother, and my brother ultimately. I can't take this anymore.
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Tell him you'll give him a brojob if he stays in school all week
Redpill the little shit and tell him he is not going to be shit if he doesn't stop being a pathetic self centered self loathing faggot.
Go to Rojava and Join the YPJ.

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Are these guys really the ten greatest writers ever?
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Orwell isn't that great talking about writting skills, I mean, he is amazing talking about politics and society in general but not in creating an entertaining masperpiece of fiction
Yeah it's a good list.
Holds the most important modern influences.

It's like how every good band is some combination of black sabbath, the beetles, king crimson and a handful of others.
>no Melville
>no Joyce
Shit list

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Quick lads i need help. Im messaging a girl and this came up and I thought of saying...
"Id rather eat you out" as a response.
Should i do it or will it ruin our friendship?
Some info were not very close but i think theres a mutual attraction
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"I'd rather eat you out"
"jks hehe"
Go for it, but don't say 'jks'.
Instead, end it with a desu.
only if you are good friends or if shes a whore

but desu you know her and i dont, she sounds like a dumb bitch to me but all roasties do, id say go for it and post response

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Why did this guy's sign work but Chris-Chan's didn't?
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Is this what freedom smells like?
>Stacies will literally sit on some random guy's face and fart on it but you can't even get some used up roastie
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Does being yourself really work even if you just want to sniff butts?

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1. He must be quiet and unassuming 2. He must be intelligent and have a good standard of education and be able to hold a good conversation on any level with anyone he comes into contact in his daily life. 3. Good mannered in all respects. Notwithstanding this day of equality, I want him to e.g. a. Hold the door for me - Car, particularly if he is taking me out for the night and I have dressed especially for the evening: House door, and make sure I am safely inside. By this he must not be flamboyant in his approach, so that it looks unnatural, but do this as a matter of course as it flows from his upbringing. b. Stand up when a lady enters the room. c. Hold the chair for me at dinner particularly when out at a restaurant. d. See me to the door after a night out and make sure I am safely in. e. Not embarrass me in front of friends, family and neighbours, e.g. shouting to me in the street "well, are you coming in?" and letting everyone know we are having a row. 4. Not to treat me like a sex object 5. Not to treat me like a possession i.e a car, tv, dog etc. 6. Not to take me out just to show off to friends and outsiders "look what I have". 7. Treat me as an equal. 8. He must trust me in all things and not be suspicious of my motives and he must be trustworthy. 9. Not assume that I will always fall in with his plans 10. Talk matters through with me first and consider, and most of all, value my opinions, after all, he should want a partnership. 11. Not to be domineering and have the need to show all and sundry that "I am the man, and I wear the trousers!" 12. He must respect me as a person, intellectually. 13. He must be forgiving. 14. He must be slow to anger. 15. He must love me unreservedly.
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Literally l i t e r a l l y me wtf
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What I require from a woman:
Be cute
Don't be a cunt
Don't be unloyal
Let me do my thing
Not have a huge slutty past
Pref into bideo bames
>b. Stand up when a lady enters the room

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>girl is finally ready to have sex with you
>have to use a condom
>cant get hard enough with a condom on and can't have sex

Also was nervous for no reason, basically it was about to be good to go but she put the condom on the wrong way, I took it off, lost my wood somehow, then just started panicking, and at that point there was no chance.

*autistic screeching*
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Stupidfag, you should have at least gotten a BJ out of it. Feels better than pussy sex anyway.
I have the same issue. Girls use their ex's condoms, and my donger is too big for them. It's like rolling it on rolls all the blood out. Just buy your own or smash it raw like a man.
I did get a BJ earlier that night so I think that's what made it hard to use a condom later on

Also took a little bit of stims earlier in the day which didn't help.

She says she understands and had a good time anyway and we're gonna hang out again and do it right, but I just get the feeling she's lost all interest

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Why, oh why is this even a huge fucking problem? I mean fucking really I am 20 years old now I shouldn't be having this problem, but I still have to deal with women saying I love you but forget me, or I am too Free

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i haven't been here a while, and I am sure if it is much of a story, but boy have I got something say. I don't think I will ever understand woman, I get told there is nothing wrong with me, and I keep pretending I am victimised because of the way I complain about this. So I am hoping that you guys would be more objective. I cannot, I just cannot find a woman whose attention I can captivate. I just cannot find someone who can pay attention to me, and it is not that they aren't capable of it. Believe me - they all start with having long conversations staying late up and night and sacrificing a lot just to talk to each other, but they all end up with: you shouldn't be waiting for me. I don't have time; I am sorry I cannot change it is who I am. Almost every single time I have shown interest in a woman - it is turned out this way. Am I legitimately an uninteresting person, or do I scare them by getting too reliant on them? Because when they tell me that I usually have expectations and feelings for them, expectations they had no problems fulfilling not too long ago.
Women don't feel love
They feel attracted to certain personal characteristics that demonstrate strength
But unlike men, they don't actually love people

The only thing women care about is strength
If you don't somehow demonstrate it, they won't care at all

It's sad, but there's no way around it

I would recommend trying to find happiness outside of women. It's still possible to live a rewarding life. You can find happiness and personal validation in other sources, provided you're willing to put in some emotional work
>The only thing women care about is strength
even if I worked out and hit the gym and had the muscles I don't think I have it in me to be able to show strength, to display it I mean.

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