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What are you addicted to, R9K?
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Ou hell yea
Shit posting and procrastinating.
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Ironic originality

why don't u black bots just get a white gf they love black dicks?
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Life isn't all about white girls. Yeah, many of them are cute, beautiful & charming but at the end of the day beauty is everywhere my nigga. Don't waste your time chasing butterflies. Mend your garden, and the butterflies will come. ;)
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>Don't waste your time chasing butterflies. Mend your garden, and the butterflies will come. ;)

Thanks blackbot, I'll remember this.
what the fuck did i just read. butterflies what?

>*sees you approaching to initiate conversation*
Whoa pal, coffee is more important, capisce? Stay quiet until I'm done.
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B-but my dad told me to ask you for a j-job
this is my favorite morning meme. I drink my coffee to it and pretend to silence every poster in these threads.
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This is a good rule.

>People losing their shit over politics, sports, world news, charity etc.
>Couldn't give less of a fuck

Is this how normies distract themselves from how shitty and pointless life is?
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Wow youre so special anon i wish everybody could be an edgy autist with no interests like you
t. butthurt faggots who gets obsessed with politics

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>be Kagari
>fiddle with the timelines to get >>39000000
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Wew, nines
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let this be known as the day kagari screwed up and got the wrong get
>tfw you stole Kagari's get
I'm proud

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>tfw just got diagnosed with autism

I've always thought I never had it because I've been okay with reading people's emotions and don't have any autistic interests, but apparently I do have it.

My parents made me see someone after I had another breakdown during a job. This was the third time it happened. I thought I was just being a pussy faggot who can't handle pressure but my therapist says it was sensory overload due to autism.

Anyone else been diagnosed with the 'tism late in life?
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I was diagnosed with autism when I was 22. Apparently I was diagnosed when I was 4 years old as well but my parents hid it from me because they thought the diagnosis was wrong. It fucked me over.

what r the main traits?

i highly suspect i have it but my psych says no and doesnt wanna send me for further testing.

i dont have reading emotion problems, no autistic interests, not much sensory issues etc either
Why has everyone autism the last 5 years?
Sounds like doctors have lowered the medical reqs to what autism means.
I think I have it too. I fail interviews all the time and act really strange during regular jobs.

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>the more I do something the worse I get at it
This world and everyone in it has lied to me.
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Well then try to fail at things and eventually you will fail at failing

Problem solved
I already tried that, I just dug a deeper hole.
1.you got used to doing things mindlessly:based on intuition
2.started putting brain effort in those stuff
3.you dont know what to dio
4.anxiety hits
5.you fuck up

so if you keep doing them;trying to use your brain everytime , learning more every time then you start getting better slowly
and that is why people get paid for doing stuff

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Why don't you own a trap shirt yet, robots?
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Because it's gay af
Because I'm not a gay retard
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There's nothing wrong with being gay.
It's 2017.

How can I get my boyfriend to stop standing/sitting with his legs so close together?
I'm not a feminist, so I actually like when my guy doesn't pose like a little bitch.
I've asked him to stand differently, but I still catch him doing it.
He also doesn't hug me like he's my bf, it's always a nervous hug with enough space for Jesus.
Why does he do this? Pic related, it's exactly like this.
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>legs far apart is manspreading
>legs close together is beta
Is there a golden angle guys don't know about or what
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Do you think that a fully adult male should be keeping his arms and legs together like a woman? If so, I can tell you why you're still a virgin.
No, idiot. Feminists want you to be beta. There is NO wriggle room. And if you find any, they will encroach.

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Fembots, how many of you fit the lazy, slutty nerd girl archetype?
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>can't get out of bed today
1/6 requiresments. That's like a C average nowadays do i pass?
You aren't fun at all. Stupid whore.
Im a C student can you share the bed?

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A woman will never look at you like this, ever. You will never know what it's like for a woman to be genuinely attracted to you and worship you for your genes - fundamentally who you are. You'll never know how it feels for a woman to submit to you naturally as a result of your genetics. You'll never get the best of a woman - you'll never be the target of her affections, never see her genuinely happy to be around you, never have her willingly submit and want to please you, never have her jealous when you're around other women. You'll never see the sparkle in her eye when she looks at you.

If you ever end up with a woman she will resent you and use you as a walking resource/emotional validation machine while she stews in bitterness over her failed relationships with Chad and dreams about him and the time he used to sneak in the window and fuck her ass in her parents house when they were home when she was 19, while she lies in the bed you paid for, in the house you paid for, next to you, after she's rejected sex with you for the 7th time this week.

There's no point in anything
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Is that Anakin Skywalker
Not with that attitude it isn't, champ.
I had that kinda but I lost my hair and its gone now so

Here I am *sigh*

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Have you tried nofap?
Is it real or is it just an out control meme?
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I think it's best to fap once every week or so.
Why the fuck didn't he just unhinge it? Stupid redditors.
I've tried it and I believe its very real, I always start to feel better and more energetic but cant seem to make it past two weeks, currently trying to make it through day 4 as we speak

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who wants to watch a livestream suicide? quads and ill post it
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please don't do it anon. suicide is never the answer
fuck off retard, just post it
fuck off normie shit
It can be an answer, especially if the question is "what is never the answer?"

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>Get robot bf
>Everything goes fine for a year
>He gets too used to me and loses interest sexually

We're still together but the lewd has pretty much disappeared. He says it's not my fault, it's happened with all his previous relationships. Why does nothing nice ever last?
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and why you need to trade guys in ever 3 or 4 months or have one or two back up guys that keep it interesting.
You have to rape him.
>robot bf

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I feel the only reason I'm not liberal is because of how bad the vast majority of them need to get good at arguing/ understanding other points of view.

That to be a productive member of society, giving them pushback is necessary to evolve us
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At this poin, I'm more anti-left than I am right.
Only reason I'm not a liberal is because I believe eugenics should be enforced to get rid of the stupidity and various genetic diseases from humanity, also feelings don't matter and they never will.
Other than that I'm pretty left wing.
Ethnic nationalism is usually considered right but I don't agree that it's outdated.

It's common among certain people to try to make the views they don't agree with seem outdated but it's not objectively true.
Really there's no forward and backward in this, the only thing it's about is how good the consequences of something is, regardless of wether is new or old.

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