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Anons i ask you: are traps gay? Im asking for a friend.

what are the arguments for and against?
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i love traps. i love trannys. i love effeminate faggots.
gay is just a word. a word you can choose to assign value you to if you care enough. i don't. you only live once.
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traps can be the gayest thing in the world and they can also be pretty okay. If you knew that the trap was a guy in the beginning that's gay. I mean you like this person because it looks like a girl and acts like one but has a dick and is actually a guy. But if you didn't know, until you were in bed or something and you decided you loved the trap it would not be as gay considering you loved the person for who they are
I say it's like 60% gay.

You acknowledge its a guy and there are some things that you can't really hide when naked (frame, bone structure, voice, dick), but they very feminine features and dress up as a girl.

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>normie brother and slut cousin convinced me to go out to a few parties with them
>they're actually awesome and it's never been easier to meet girls and make friends
>actually have a ton of fun for the first time in a very, very long time

You faggots told me being a normie sucked.
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Nah it would suck. Imagine that being your only thing that you do in life.
If it was that easy then you probably had very little wrong with you in the first place. Nothing new here.
That's fair. You could just tell most of the people there had few interests and weren't exacty intellectual

I mean I've just been a loner NEET for the last 3 years, outside of some wageslaving. It was interesting to see life in a different, non-robot way

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is world of warcraft a good game for a NEET?
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Yeah. It gets really old with all the dailies though.
10 years too late I'm afraid
You're too far behind to start now, really. try Final Fantasy 14 instead.

So why haven't you taken the blackpill yet, robots?

Black GFs are loyal, sexual, nurturing, and tend to have low standards for white men. Literally the ideal fit for robots.
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>Black GFs are loyal
Race mixing is disgusting.
Black girls are so terrible even black guys talk shit about them lol, what are you on about?

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>someone asks me if I have a girlfriend
>instinctively start laughing
>'w-what's so funny?'
>enter sperg mode, explain that people asking me this are usually trying to mock me
>'s-sorry if I offended you'

Why do I do this? I've had enough of my shit.
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>girl I don't know talks to me
>immediately think they're trying to trick me
I'm doomed to be a wizard, aren't I?
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>Why do I do this?
It's obvious you're just a loser, take it in stride silly.
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im pretty sure my only friends know I lie about everything and they just play it off to be nice. god i want to die

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Remember like 3-4 years ago when you wanted to get started doing that thing, then you quit and have regretted it ever since? You try starting again and cant find the time.

Where would you be now if you didnt quit?
Would you be making vidya games for a living? Would you be fucking ripped and never afraid to take your shirt off?

Tell me you sweet baby
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OP here, I'd be an animator, working for Frederator. I quit when i was 17 cause i was so fucking stupid i thought i was too fucking old to get started. Now im 23 and wanna go back in time and cut my own fucking face off.
I can't give an example, but I do know that feel, OP
I did it op. Went out of my comfort zone, went there, did my best, got it done. Got home safe. Met some of the best people I have ever been around, and founded stronger friendships than I ever had before. Regularly talk with the guys, everyone are safe. What I am left with, is that I have no clue what to do next. My bucket list is done, I would die fulfilled. But the boredom is slowly coming back.

Man, it really sucks to be a non-Westerner here. All the stuff discussed has literally zero cultural relevance. Chad, Stacey, alpha, beta, permavirgin, White pride, all these are Western concepts. In my country people literally have to stay virgin until marriage which is like when we're 24 or so. No one judges men based on looks. The concept of "being alpha" is completely alien to us. Also on top of all this everyone hates me because I am a shitskin. Why can't I stop coming back here, and why do I take everything I read here so seriously although it has nothing to do with my real life. That's how 4chan works. It declares certain unpopular opinions as the supreme truth and makes it look like everyone outside it is a bloody idiot. I have unironically started feeling inferior because my society can't fit into the /r9k/ equation since everyone is a megavirgin anyway where I live by Western standards. Also I have been completely convinced that I am genetically inferior after reading all the White supremacist propaganda. Since I am sort of the closest thing in can be to a NEET in my country and don't go outside and interact with my real countrymen and spend a very long time on the internet, 4chan has become my reality and I judge myself on the basis of 4chan's ideologies. Anyone else knows that feel?
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Let me guess, you're from an Islamic country? I'm curious to know which one, I talk to a bunch of Arabs every day and I know how foreign their struggles are to us westerners, but they're interesting none the less.
I'm from kuwait
Ethnic Arab?
No, but close. You'll make fun of me if I tell you, so I'd rather not say.

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Pornstars bleach their assholes, could I just bleach away some of my nips? It's really stopping me from socialising so far this summer... and I don't know why because it never used to bother me
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Hahahahaha holy shit this can't be for real
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>the image-name actually is summer
So it begins.
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pepe disgust.jpg
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I went to the beach last year and the girl working the burger hot dog stand was definitely thrown off. What can I do??

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because tfw no gf intensifies too much sometimes
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I literally do this every single night thinking about her. I feel like I have zero sex drive but at the same time I can't stop thinking about her
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could I ask you why you care about having a gf so much
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i don't know exactly... i've never had one and i feel lonely and i've lack of affection, lack of love

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Please be honest, am i too ugly to get a gf?
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To be honest, you looks like a normie and you should not be here. then get THE FUCK OUT OF MY BOARD! REEE
I'm not even going to click, I know it's stan
Correct. Can you guess his rating out of 10 without opening it?

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>This will never be you
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>she won't even accept my ig follow request
You don't want these girls. They come with a myriad of mental issues, are normies with a good aesthetic who just understand memes, and even if you find a good one I doubt you have the sufficient testicles to deal with a genuine crazy bitch.
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I'll dump some pics for ya, anon!

Let's get a sound cloud thread going ladies and gents

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i get cluster headachesalot
remove this picture of my husband from the cover right this instant
nice shit op here's mine

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>be me
>skating at my local park
>underage roastie comes up says i'm cute and starts bothering me and my friends
>asks me to teach her how to skate
>tell her to drop into quarter pipe
>tells me to hold her while she does it
>she says she's gonna get hurt if I dont
>tell her falling is apart of learing how to skate
>starts whining at me so I take my board and fuck off
>she walks off in a huff

REEEEEEE why do these roasties always try to get me to pay them attention when i'm skating I don't care seriously REEEEEEE plus she's fucking underage REEEEEEEE FUCKING WOMEN
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She wanted to get to know you, anon. She also wanted you to hold her. Are you just anti-gf or something?
He said she was underage, he probably didn't want to spend the next ten years behind bars.
Yeah, not being in prison would be nice ya know? also when i'm skating i don't like being harassed by stupid girls wanting my attention.

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Sup robots
I'm writing a suicidal character and I need your help, as you lads are the most qualified in this subject. i'm not going to /lit/ because that place is pretty much dead and you guys may know this mindset better.
Is this suicide note too tacky?
It's Google Translated with some small fixes, so it may sound a little awkward.

>I killed myself out of boredom, that's all. Crushing, depressing, overpowering, boring boredom. In the life that I have lived, or did not live, depending on your point of view, never have I done anything remotely interesting. I've never been revoltingly evil, nor impressively good. I never screamed with all the strength of my lungs in the middle of a crowd, just to revel myself with the stares. I never jumped from some very high place, not sure if I would hit the water or the rocks, only to feel that freedom whirring through my ears. I have never made friends with whom I could be honest, people with whom I could laugh at all that I speak now for its pure childishness. I have never believed anyone could hear my prayers. I have never found anything I could like, something that I was really interested in, that encouraged me to get out of bed every day. I have never belonged anywhere, anyplace, with anyone. I have never hated anything or anyone. I have never cried with unfanthomable sadness, nor have I ever felt overwhelming joy. I have never felt the temptation to try to love someone. I have never felt hope about anything that could make me look at the next day and delude myself into believing that perhaps someday everything could be better.
Also, share suicide /lit/ to keep interest up. Or your own note.
I guess.
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It's alright

You didn't blame anyone
Use the power of guilt now that you have your chance to blame literally whoever you want. They cannot really defend themselves from something so grave and will likely blame them-self harshly for what happened. Punish someone you've always hated. Seriously, don't let this chance slip.
I think it's weird his motivation for killing himself is simply boredom. All he expresses is feeling empty inside. I would make it so that there would be a tint of desperation over his inability to feel anything.

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>teachers keep telling me I'm disrespecting me because I don't show any signs of emotions when being reprimended by them
>mom says she doesn't feel loved by me because of my constant apathy when talking to her
>buddies are getting more and more angry at me because I always look bored when they're talking about their problems and I rarely give them any advice because I don't understand how they feel
>during meetings I'm forced to mimic other people's reactions so I don't receive any unwanted attention
>unable to feel guilt over ruining my buddy's many friendships
>some smartass girl who is a self-proclaimed psychology expert tries to prove me that I'm hiding my emotions beneath a thick mask because expressing them caused me a great suffering in the past, obviously she's wrong
How can I start feeling emotions again?
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So...any advice?
See a therapist, or you can try faking it until you internalize emotions and it becomes real
Why do people get offended by "lack" of emotion it is not like you have to express something constantly, can anyone answer this?

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