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>start uni
>want friends
>wait for people to try and befriend me for once
>3 years in and no ones has tried to be my friend
>tfw no friends
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It's not always a good thing desu.

I have no friends in my class either but met one from gaming society. It's not bad to play with him to kill time but at the end of the day, I feel like I'm just wasting my time with him and would prefer to be left alone. If he was an online friend, I would have blocked and deleted all contact from him long ago.
>wait for people that try and befriend me
>sitting in class waiting to get an A without doing any work

I wouldn't be your friend.
That actually makes sense. My autistic mind never thought of it that way. Thanks anon

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come on now1.jpg
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What do you do when jerking off no longer feels as good as it used to?
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Stop for a while, it'll feel much better.
Wait a week and try again
What, you think people nofap to make them enlightened supermen or something?

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images (8).jpg
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Well wagie, what kind of haircut do you want? The same one as yesterday?
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Of course, my good wagie. I like to keep it neat and always the same. I like the eucalyptus rose shaving cream last time so let's do that after you finish. Mush wish, I've got a busy day planned.
What's this meme about wagies getting a new haircut everyday?

I think op got it backwards, the neet gets a daily haircut as part of his lavish lifestyle. I sometimes flip flop my words to, usually when I'm distracted thinking about my neet projects. Ragie wagies are unable to get even a weekly haircut.

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Hey anon, my parentes aren't home, wanna come over ?
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Back you foul succubus your slender hips hold no temptations for a gentle men such as my self
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Why are you so mean? Just come over, I feel lonely.
Is this Chris Hanson? Because I wanna be on TV

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Women don't go only for chads. They go for all types of men, uglies, fatties, athletes, and other less desirables. The problem is they don't want those at the very bottom of the barrel. They don't want the 1% of worst men. We claim they only want chads when the reality is we just don't want to admit we are the very worst the male gender has to offer. And that hurts.
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There's a reason why your thread got ignored. All in denial. Sad!
It's the truth m8. We are the bottom.
I dunno man.

Life's probably more complicated than either of those things.

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>he unironically thinks free will exists
Serious question, HOW? WHY?
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What, you think it's expensive?

provide evidence

captcha: big memes big dicks
Reminder you are a slave to your unconscious urges

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The last bastion of robotkind is still resisting the normie hordes, come join robots


No women

No homos or traps

No non virgins

https://discord[dot goes here]gg/6swuwjN
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Why would you lie anon?
Have you lurked on the new board /bant/ robots? I'm enjoying my time there desu

Hey guys I had a question.

I was wondering if there was a questionnaire or something to find out what I am.

Am I a normie? a roastie? A Robot? Wagecuck? Wizard?

Just wondering how I can find out,

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Do you have a job, have you had sex, are you a girl, are you 30 years old or older?
Job? Yes.
Sex? Couple times a year?
Girl? No
30? In 7 months, yes.
Oh Am I supposed to reply like this?

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Is your place comfy? Pls post picture
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>people are actually this wealthy

Still boggles my mind.
>microsopic apartment
>cheap ikea furniture
>computer is clearly for work not gaming
>cheap TV

The entire room probably cost less than 3000 and gathered over years
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its pretty comfy desu famalamamama

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>someone yells at you
>start crying

every time
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then stop crying and start punching bitch
>someone yells at you
>start to tear up
>"awwww what are you gonna cwwyyyy now??"
>someone provokes you
>act tough
>try not to look like a pussy
>raise fists
>also crying at the same time
>opponent looks confused as fuck
>backs out
every time

Reminder that no matter what opinion you have about yourself you are a superior human being compared to him.
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but I can't sell my old shirts for $12k
>implying chris will actually sell that shirt
anon pls
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EDCWC (1).jpg
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Looks like Chris is trying to get a sex change

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>ywn swim with a steller's sea cow
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fucking Russians killed and ate all of them, sons of bitches.
Better than for them to continue living a shitty existence like most targeted species right now
they made one mistake:
they were gregarious harmless foodbags

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i'm a bored male receptionist.
Ask me anything.
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When does your shift end ? ;)
Post your phone number so we can "tie you up" and let you take the day off.
At half past eight, at lest today.

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where do normies get their confidence from?
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Appealing genetics, strong fatherly role models, constant support and key development years spent at social events
liking these accurate/precise answers lately

most normies are absolutely fucking shitbrains. They have no self-reflection. Look up Dunning-Kruger Effect.
If they didnt suffer from delusion they would probably neck themselves for being such worthless airwasters

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delet this original post
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wtf is wrong with white "people"?

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