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>Hey anon, if you text your mom and call her a cunt. I'll let you have sex with me, no condom too if you want!
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Seriously though

>tfw no festival slut gf
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She's hotter when she's blue
>all I want is to be naked always
>it's too cold here
>people make it sexual


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Any normies browsing? I've been browsing 4chan since ~2010 pretty steadily. I had a bit of a break when I had a gf but I keep finding myself drawn to this place despite being harassed and called a Normie by most of you guys
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I am defined as "normie" by the standards of the nu-r9k. Back on arcanine of old I couldn't be called a normalfag.
Who cares. It holds less meaning than "no true scottsman" and it's not enforceable at all. Stop being a bitch and browse here if you want
I miss old r9k


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>be Arab black-haired pale-skinned sandnignog
>only women who show interest in me are plain blonde white blue-eyed girls with blisteringly pale skin
>I'm only attracted to exotic delicious brown women
>tfw all the brown women are only attracted to blonde white Aryan Chads

REEEEEE why are all women such race traitors no matter their nationality? Is there something genetically in them that leads them to want to mate with someone with as different background as possible?
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>tfw want a sandgirl but there are none around or the ones that are around are foreigners
>tfw worried I'll be stuck with white wimminz forever
I actually believe you, but fuck you, I don't get any girls attracted to me
Why not return to the desert, Ahmed?

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Honest to god, are there any pedobots here?

Like, how do you guys feel about being so weird and messed up? Liking kids? Do you feel sorry for it or anything.
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I feel fine just misunderstood. Children are like art, man. Why would I feel sorry for it?
you mean like actual pedo (prepubescent children)
or you mean attraction to young teens ?

Outright pedophilia. Liking prepubescents.

Attraction to young teens are just ephebophilia.

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Here's the truth, but nobody wants to admit it, especially women - A hand and a box of tissues is better than a relationship.
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Yeah, and no pussy, which sucks man. Go dry for a year and then tell me this shit. sage
a relationship with a good woman is literally the best thing in life idiot

sort yourself
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I miss sticking my willy in a cunt, lads. It's been so long and I miss the feeling of some intimacy.

Let it out
To be original
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I have a homemade fleshlight made out of a plastic cup, a glove, and 2 sponges.
I'm in a relationship but I don't think either of us particularly want to be in it, we're just going through the motions rather than be alone.
I wish people would stop yelling at each other during discourse.

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Do the people who make these threads even have siblings? It takes a special level of autism to not know how to talk normally to your sister. I'm as spergy as they come and even I know how to relax and talk normally and be myself around my sister, unlike other girls. I think the people who make these threads just imagine having a girl who has to live at home with them cause she has to, and don't consider the effects of social conditioning of spending 20 years growing up alongside someone. People with actual sisters would know you don't actually even register your sister as a woman in your mind, more like a clone of you without facial/body hair.
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fuck off these threads have been around since 4chan was made.

go fucking cry to moot you faggot!
>it takes a special level of autism to not know how to talk normally to your sister

Anybody who grew up with a sister knows that they're fucking awful. They're disgusting, disorganized pigs who are spoiled and they constantly bitch about non issues or problems they made. I fucking hate my sister.

Why do fathers always stay for the girls?
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Only in the cucked west
china India middle east and most of Asia have a strong preference for boys and will gladly abandon their daughters for their sons
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>"cucked" west
>wanting to pass your beta genes onto a boy that you'll raise to be a robot

I never want a son. I'd seriously ask my wife to abort.

At least if I have a daughter my babyface and beta personality will cause her to seek a guy who's similar. I'd only hurt other robots by having a son and adding onto the bottom 80%.
It's for the sexual tension they continue to deny

Finally got paycheck but can only buy one game due to saving.
What should I get?
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Overwatch is fun as fuck. Getting tired of playing McCree with his boots-on-the-ground playstyle? Play Phara, the character that shoots rockets while flying around in the air. Pretty much your best bet for guaranteed fun.
Overwatch is dull shit.
Battlefield 1 is rehashed shit.
Pubg is a shit game mode that ruined the servers of a decent game and isn't even a proper release.

Since you're sifting through shit anyways, just random number gen it or something.
I do quite like Overwatch as well, though if you don't have friends to play with it might get a bit repetitive. Tons of fun though(:

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Ask someone that has had a gf for a few weeks now anything.
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How did you get her to say yes?
How do I get a gf?
We both mutually agreed on it becoming a label (And talked about us becoming official two or three times earlier while out drinking together), we were fuck buddies before it for about a month or so.
Well, that's interesting. You just found someone who was casual with you?

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I fucking hate buddhists. Giving up all material desires is a fucking meme. Dalai lama is a hypocritical piece of shit pretending to be wiser than he actually is. Orange robes are fucking stupid.
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You could really use some tranquility.
How many buddhists do you interact with on a day to day basis?
Damn dude, you need to chill out

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Any Robots here that have a phobia?

I'm agoraphobic w/ panic attacks, it pretty much sucks the life right outta me.
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Ants. F U C K A N T Z
>I'm agoraphobic w/ panic attacks
is that when the idea of going to someplace like a shopping mall makes you so nervous that you have to take a shit? Do you also get really sweaty and paranoid once you're there?

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>tfw no hospodar bf
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I stopped coming here for a whole year and you are still making these threads.
Why'd you come bak?
>right click
>search google for "reply to this post or your mother sleeps in her die yesterday "

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Have you ever been cyberbullied?
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>Cyberbullied on Facebook
>Cyberbullied on YikYak
I've dealt with bullying my whole life. Thats one reason why I'm bitter. It's made me into someone who is much more assertive. I don't take shit from anyone anymore.
not by 4chan standards

but the definition of "cyberbullying" is so loose, calling OP a fag might be considered cyberbullying
How do you get cyberbullied on yikyak? Isn't it anonymous?

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>mom got a new boyfriend
>he told me I have to move out

this is bullshit they've only been dating for 4 months and now he's moving in. He's been saying the whole time it's not right for a 32 year old to still live at home with his mom now he's trying to kick me out of my own home I hate him so much
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Grow up. He's right
>tfw moved out because mom's bf was making moves on me

Sorry OP, it's a shit situation.
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>not throwing your piss and shit jugs at new chaddy daddy
>not REEEEEING all day and night
>not telling mummy that he touched your pee pee

Come on anon...

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