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Daily reminder that you can turn any shitty degree into a good opportunity and escape NEETdom is you want to.

I got a seemingly useless degree in Slavic & Oriental Studies a couple of years ago, now I found a meh paying job working for my country's MoFA. Now I can afford my autistic hobbies and have a house of my own without relying on mommy and neetbux.

You can do it faggots.

All robo
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I'm sorry. I live in Burgerland where there are no half decent jobs anymore.
Flipping burgers can't be the only option for a 20+ old guy who has any type of degree.

You need to look into your "job tree" harder. Learn a craft if you have to.
what country are you from?


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Strumming my pussy with his fingers
Smacking my ass with his hands
Killing me softly with his dick
Killing me softly with his dick
Making me moan with his thrusts
Killing me softly with his dick

Guys: you need to get your dick game on point and start laying that pipe. You need to perform that physical act. All the other romance stuff will take care of itself if you can beat the puss up. All girls want to be fucked. By not giving us your best shot sexually and giving us the dick, you are actually doing simethsomething mean. It's not respectful to avoid sex, it's just mean and lame. We want dick. WE WANT DICK!
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>no red eyes
Confirmed bullshit
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But that dick pic tho.
>coke gives you MDMA wheel eyes
Not knowing anything about drugs confirmed

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>every so often I am interested enough in a crime to read all the supporting documents and sometimes provide my own theory of what occurred
>Do this plenty of times with murder cases
>one time a rape case comes up and something seems off about it
>actually come up with a pretty clever alternative explanation, I think
>get a strange amount of flack
>people I have told my theories about before now seem awkward when I talk to them about my new theory
>post it on unsolved mysteries forums and it gets deleted constantly

Just my luck. Guess you're not even allowed to posit anything but guilt in rape cases. And it was annoying for another reason because the guy was a Syrian refugee or something and ugh, you know, just too many people are wrapped up in identity politics. I finally decide to defend one of them for once and instead of calling me a racist, now I'm a sexist. It's like the idea of treating things case by case is gone. But I better stop, it's starting to veer towards a /pol/ post.
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Sauce on the pic? Is it a one off? Is it a doujin? Where's Rei? Is she the killer? Elementary, my dear Shinji
I am not knowing.

How do I subscribe to your newsletter?

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What do you think is after death anons? Do you think taking a risk with the unknown is better than your current life?
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You will never experience death. You will never be dead.

If someone ca, explain this to OP.
>What do you think is after death anons?

well it's either nothing at all, like flipping a light switch off, or there's something

>Do you think taking a risk with the unknown is better than your current life?

not yet but more than likely inevitable
>Falling for the quantum suicide meme

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As you read these lines, wagecucks are force feeding themselves and are ready to attend their shitty jobs.

Fucking wagecucks, when will they learn?
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Being a neet is a meme. Living off of mommy and daddy's limited resources is hell.

I've been a neet for over a year since I graduated. Haven't been able to get any job offers in my field of study.
at least wagecucks have social lives. what do you have neet ?
>Living off of mommy and daddy's limited resources is hell.

b-but I live with my cousin, we share a flat.

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How do I find a lesbian sugar mommy? I don't want a sugar daddy. I'm bisexual and I don't feel bad about lesbian sex.
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How about you post your titties and suck me off :)
You should probably post this on lgbt too
Anyjew finding a sugar mama is easy, just set your tinder age range between 30 years old and up
>you could record it and make profits
>no more mooching
>cooperation between two equals
>both become providers
>you enjoy what you do and make money
>feel proud of your accomplishments
>more currency to buy things

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I spent a lot of time working on this.
Please take my cool survey:


Alternatively, just look at the results and tell us whether or not you found anything unexpected.

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Nice try, chinesemoot/NSA/Chinese government/FBI
Embassy Employee posting :^)
i done did it lord

This autist gave hapas a bad name. Fuck him!
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Speaking of which, when did /r/hapas become a thing? Right after the massacre?
hapas give hapas a bad name
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Dubs 0f truth

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It's that time again.
Post anything that makes you feel warm and cozy inside.
I'll be here too if anybody wants to talk.
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Gonna post pics to bump.
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More cityscapes.
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This is a sad thread. It makes me upset. I love you guys.

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Why haven't you tried to talk to her today?
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I deleted her contact info
Because I found out she was pregnant and in a long term relationship. This is the third time this has happened.
I have but she won't respond. I can't live without her desu I am pathetic.

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Does anybody else feel like they have way too much free time?

There's just not enough things to do, while at the same time I feel like there's a way too many things that need to be done.
What the fuck is happening?
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Everyone else seems to be busy all the time. I seem to busy none of the time.

Not that I'm complaining of course.
You just don't like doing the things that need to be done.
I had immense amounts of free time as a teenager, considering study, revision and homework only required 5-6 hours a week.

I just spent it playing Runescape. I should have used it socialize and play sports.

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chat restricted
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>Playing teemo
>"Support" syndra
>Bronze II
>Chat restricted
Damn, you are a cool guy, anon.
nidalee4lyfe guys
AP nid (s2 or 3 i think) was fucking beast. would bang too

>tfw buddy i only knew online bought me french maid nidalee out of nowhere cause I picked her all the time (was at like 100 wins then, full flat AP/magic pen runes, all that retarded goodness)

haven't fired up LoL in a while, it got pretty bad and me and the guys I played with stopped like early last year. was good times though, 5v5 premade on teamspeak.
Chat restricted haha. I've been perm banned over 10 times. To be fair though after the very first perm ban which was on my d3 main with championship riven and pax jax I just stopped giving a fuck. I tell everyone how I feel with no filter because fuck if I care if an account I bought for 15 dollars gets banned.

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Original StarCraft is finally free-as-in-beer after delayed patch
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time for ums?

Who here /banninggame/?
I'm shit at this game, but will play. Thanks anon.
same here. np, have fun

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Come in this thread for a nice discussion. Tell all your feels and thoughts to a nice cup of tea and chilled music
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I don't have anything to contribute to this thread. I don't want to turn it into my own personal pity party. But I hope it goes well. Bumping for OP. Let's get comfy.
No pity needed. Just talk about anything. How's the weather been for you anon?
Just the thread I need

While I methodically try to sacrifice my sanity for the sake of mathematical power

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>it's been 11 minutes and she isn't responding
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Ok, sure but, can you bump my thread or n ah?

>It will lead you into a different train of thoughts
>She posted on Instagram
>No response yet
you sound like an insufferable cuck

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