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Comfy General.
>ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzTzGWWKevA [Embed] [Embed]
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFt4mTm9k1k&t=1051s [Embed] [Embed]
Post Comfy Media/Pictures/Links
Tell me what you're doing/drinking/eating/reading

Try and keep things non-political and non-shitpost. Be kind to eachother. We try to encourage everybody to have good feels even if they're feeling bad.

Get settled get cozy and /COMFY/

comfy is a good feeling of wanting to exist in the moments of absolute bliss you find from experiences or in pictures you like. comfy is subjective but there's a few trends you can whittle it down to.
>nature images
>urban aesthetics
>warm colors
>rural houses/landscapes
>the aesthetic of rain or other weather
>VHS filters, 90's aesthetic images, or cyberpunk
>interior design
composition is very important when it comes to creating an aesthetic picture (obviously
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I don't know how many robots are into comfy hip hop/cloud rap, but here are some of my comfy picks.


Sippin on some kratom tea, feeling good. I appreciate your thread, OP.
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Pretty good tastes anon. You'd like Lil Peep if you like Bones



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I don't care about anything, not even the end of the world. I just don't want to be alone anymore.
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I don(t care about anything, not even being alone. I just don't want the world to end
I don't even care about getting a gf.
Get on my level.
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>I don't care about anything
>I just don't want to be lonely anymore
Hmmm. Something contradictory about this but never you mind that, are you seeking companionship or a relationship? Let me know!

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Why don't you creatively write, anon? Be it a novel, fiction, fantasy, poems or rulebooks. What themes do you want people to know, or is there anything? Have you ever had the urge to but couldn't think of anything interesting, or did you compose something you're proud of?
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i actually would like to write, not even for money just to get a cool idea on paper but that's all it is. No idea how to develop any good transitions or plan out an end with meaning. Just random characters and thoughts with no structure. Seems pointless to put on paper.
I actually did some writing myself a while ago. I've wanted to do it again recently, but as soon as I start I eventually give up and loose interest.
I really dislike literature.

I'm good at writing. I can tell it's decent quality but I can't enjoy it. I still try but it's hard to make much progress. I prefer writing songs.

I was writing a story about a guy who dies and wakes up like nothing happened. Then he starts killing himself compulsively until one day he fucks it up and wakes up in the hospital paraplegic. It was going well, I might get back to it one day.

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Have any of you guys done acid before? I've never done it but im doing it for the first time tomorrow(2 tabs each) with friends. We're gonna take the acid, then go out to eat, then maybe go to a driving range or something. Idk its hard to think of things to do on a 12 hour high.
Any advice?
>inb4 "degenerate"
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ive done it over a hundred times. most i ever did at once was 7 tabs of some strong shit.

>chill music, no depressing shit
>nature is fun
>outside is fun but not around other non tripping people
>drink water
>good setting is key
>Never done it
>200 ug first time
>going out into public with friends who are also high
Pretty sketchy, OP.
Why is that sketchy? I hears doin one tab isnt worth it and doesnt do much

I have a hooker coming here in an hour. What album should I play while we fuck?
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but only if you're having sex with a white girl
All star by smash mouth

Le xd
The next episode by snoop

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I sent to this girl a fuckin long letter telling her how I feel about her and she just replied with a emoji

did i dun goofed?
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Well that all depends on what emoticon she sent back in retort.
emozu were a mistake
Bruh come on now, you know good and well we need to know exactly what emoji it is

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"Okay, Anon, thank you for that information. Your job interview will be tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. Bring 3 copies of your resume as there will be 3 people interviewing you, your Driver's License, and your social security. Be sure to dress 'SMART CASUAL'. Okay? See you tomorrow! Have a good day, Anon!"
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I had 5 interviews last week fucked up every one nigga
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> have interview tomorrow
> kind of excited, kind of nervous
> trip will be fun though
> remember I failed every interview in the last two and a half years
"how do you handle stressful situations?"
"do you get along with others?"

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This is you. This is how dumb you sound.
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i read that as 'manlets are so efficient'
i really gotta spend less time on 4chan
Nothing wrong with investing in PR and advertisement.
it's dumb wageslaves keeping things inefficient with their entitlement complaint, unsatisfactory labor, and work "accidents"
soon as we roboticize and waste these fucks we can really get going on terraforming mars or whatever the fuck

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Would you date a girl who had sex with 20 guys?
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I wouldn't date a girl who's fucked more than three guys.
Would you have sex with 20 dates?
Holy shit has everyone girl flashed their tits? This would disqualify a girl for me.

I refuse to date sluts so I have to fuck girls in the meantime without dating which makes me a slut but I still tell
Girls no if they are a slut. I'm just doing what they forced me to. If they weren't sluts I wouldn't have to be.

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>Transitioning doesn't fix your pro-
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Anyone who thinks transitioning won't fix their problems is an idiot

Put a little bit of work in and it can fix ALL your problems
It's like 50% hormones and 50% finding that one angle that doesn't make you look like a man.

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If a woman rejects you as boyfriend, reject her as a friend.
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What if she's engaged but is still throwing out heavy sexual vibes, like touching, massages etc.

Wat do
Heh totally. That will show her.

I bet she'll go sleepless nights thinking about me and not talking to other guys or not caring.
It's not about getting back at her you literal retard. It's about having a basic sense of respect for yourself.

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>be obsessive compulsive
>ywn have one of the cool mental illnesses like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder and all you do is wash your hands and you tell people it's OCD but the normies normalized that term so they just judge you and look at you weird instead of apologizing and leaving you to wash your hands
I want off this ride
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>glorifying mental illness
Heh, what a silly OP you are. Why on earth would you want schizophrenia or bipolar disorder?
>washing your hands

you're like a baby
try vacuuming 3 times a day,sleeping on the floor because making your bed is too much of a struggle, pissing in bottles because you are afraid of getting piss droplets on the floor etc etc i could list things like this all day

You're the normie that thinks he has ocd.
So I can do something besides washing my hands and showering for 4 hours a day. Also normies don't give a shit if you have OCD and they think you're weird but if I was schizo they wouldn't judge me because they'd actually think I was mentally ill and can't help myself

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Death background.jpg
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Does /R9K/ like Death?
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>There is literally a band called death
yeah but only the albums before that one
Because Chuck Schuldiner is a god

I guess pol is invading r9k today
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I'm not usually into white girls, especially the blonde, skinny type but Elsa Jean and Naomi Woods just do something to me.
Hiding threads is hard :(
who is this beautiful fembot pussylord?

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kinda cute.jpg
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Post the lowest you would go for, and other anons post even uglier girls and try to persuade you to go lower.

This is the lowest I would go for.
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You gotta be baiting right anon? This boy is atleast a 7
Wew lad..
Really? I'd say at least a 5.

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