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>tfw just found out my 13 year old neighbor touched a 6 year old
what do? s-should i call the cops?
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You should keep to your self untill more information presents itself you white knight cunt
You should punish them with anal sex. Tech them a lesson
Make sure you have hard physical evidence before you ruin his life forever.

>mfw he gets his hair circumcised

I feel sorry for you haircucks, I truely do.
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>mfw I have 1 year into growing out my non-balding hair.
>1 year
Your hair wont really be that long after a year anon. 3 years is where it gets long
congrats, fellow hair master race.

It should just long enough to tie up?

It's great how having long hair lets you change your hairstyle multiple times a day without having to fuck around with mousse or hair gel and a hair dryer and then worry that it'll get messed up by wearing a hat or something

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Anything that makes you feel at home!

Gondolas welcome
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is he talking about the villain or about spike in the beginning of the movie
I am too dumb to undesrtand that
Pretty much anything like this
I want to live a comfy life
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hey guys
how do i clean cum out of a keyboard
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Holy shit that's a big load. What were you jerking off to, OP?
just lick it up brah
lolis, of course. only the finest for a patrician like myself

I kinda wanna suck a dick, just to see what its like.
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>just to see what its like.
it tastes like skin and it's like sucking a phallic object while a guy is moaning until he paints the back of your throat with penis pudding
>I kinda wanna suck a dick, just to see what its like.
I also want them to cuddle with me and call me cute and hug me
post location boys

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>mom is trying to make me get a job again
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>mom keeps begging me for money just to buy white trash brand name clothing and alcohol
I'd do anything for a job right now

It feels like the universe doesn't want me to have one
Why in the FUCK would you want to be a wagie?

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Femanons, how closely does this picture represent your day to day life?
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why dont men prove their worth to make women want to fuck them isnt that how it works?

No. Lmao uu
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average woman.jpg
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That's nothing, anon.

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>trying to change my life for the better and be happy
>pull it off
>share my story with other robots and hope to help someone else
>bitter idiots reee at me, call me a normie and try to put me down talking lies and shit

And this is why people like those are always gonna stay miserable. Almost all of us are here because we were/are miserable and we would all like to live a normal happy life, then when someone actually pulls it off you guys hisss at them as if it was a bad thing, instead of being happy that a robot made it and got off this ride. For the first time in a long while i can say im truily happy. I went from a hateful, full blown neet who jerked off 5 times a day, played games 16hrs a day, didnt leave the house and was a skeleton, to a fit, positive mindset, college student. 7 months ago I also fell in love like never before and me and the girl recently started dating and it feels so right because she is hinting that she genuenly loves me back. Im doing well in college, im going out more, i restored my relationship with my family and they are actually happy with the way im turning out to me and i have to say im happy too. I still dont enjoy most normie activities so im selective of what i do, but luckly my group of childhood friends are great and my girlfriend is the female version of me.
I will never lose the robot mindset because once you go robot you can never really forget and go back to a life of ignorance, but i am trying to live my life the best i can and enjoy it while im doing it, and god damn im enjoying it quite a bit. There is not one aspect of my life left, that i am unhappy about and it feels great.

Never give up guys. Do what makes you happy, and i have to admit, the NEET lifestyle is comfy as hell, but it is disgusting, degrading and you start losing your mind after a while. So i recommend that you try to be productive and do something that will actually do you good and will be worth something.
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Boring blog post. tl;dr
Are you the one who just magically stopped caring what others thought of him?
>le i conceded to the normals
>le proud of le surrender le
thanks for nothing
and get lost immediately

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why do you care so much? Love is love
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I live in the South. Down here, people stick to their own kind.
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because it makes little nigger children.
Niggers are a culture, not a race.

>IQ of 132
>Can't wrap my head around this chicken tendy

Can someone help me out?
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Get retested for that IQ buddy. Online tests done several times doesn't count
I just stopped staring at it and actually put a pencil to paper.

Sorry that I'm retarded.
It's actually 250$

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I hear this is the board with in depth information concerning women (male). I found this qt girl (male), but all of her porn is post-op. She's still really cute, but would definitely look better with a penis. I'm hoping someone knows where to find some pre-op porn of her (him). Her (his) name is Carmen Kaspar. Help me /r9k/, you're my only hope.
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Rephrase and try again.
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lol dude turned his dick into a meat pocket

>never seen a post-op tranny-vag before

>it looks a lot like chris-chans autism hole

I knew it wouldnt be great looking, but holy shit that looks horrible. It really does look like an open wound.

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download (12).jpg
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Masturbation is equivalent to temporary castration. You think it's a joke but it's not. You're abusing your reproductive system. You're supposed to come in a woman. Not by your hand.
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>temporary castration
It is. It takes weeks to fully recover from an orgasm and people are doing it daily.
>Couples should only have sex a couple times a month

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What's it like to have a female friend that I can treat like one of the bros? Growing up I only made friends with girls because I either wanted to have sex with them or with one of their friends. If I became good friends with a girl it would always result in sex. Half the time they would be in a relationship already. Sometimes even women I'm related to it's hard to be friends with because things always get flirty too (I have some pretty hot aunts one of which is actually younger than me). I've been with my girlfriend for almost a decade and I just don't try being friends with women at all. I'm not the cheating type and would rather kys myself. I just push them away because I start to see them useless if I can't have sex with them or with one of their friends. Have a hard time being online friends with fembots because then I just start thinking about sex.
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>If I became good friends with a girl it would always result in sex.

Fuck off Chad.
this hurt to read, do you have male friends?
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I can't be Chad. I'm AZN.

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I had a hard time getting out of bed today
thinking about how worthless I am like Aya told me
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Me too. Cried last night and took too much benadryl and slept like 12 hours. Feeling really dizzy and just not well.
i feel dizzy too
I want to cry so bad
Its okay to cry if you need to.

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Are they like the new bronies in a way?
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Yes they really fucking are except they wont even stay in their containment board
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Yes, yes they are.

When you actually step back and look at it, holy fucking shit, yes they unironically are. It's actually pretty funny.
That's probably why they got along so well with /mlp/ when it was /mlpol/

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