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Wojak War.jpg
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>tfw still no WWIII
>tfw you will never fight non-stop for almost a decade alongside your brothers in arms as you learn to apprieciate every second of life
>tfw you will never return to your wasteland home country praised as a hero with far less males to compete with for females
>tfw you will never repopulate the earth as a true nuclear family with a wife who knows her place
>tfw your community will never be 10x closer and friendlier to you as you rebuild to a cleaner and brighter future
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>implying you'll be alive to repopulate the earth
>implying you won't die from some accidental misfire
>implying any girl would want to fuck you, even in the nuclear apocalypse

top jej

Anyone who says they want to go to war has never gone to war

I am certain that if you threw your average robot in the military if for some reason you didnt go gomer pyle from full metal jacket in boot camp surrounded by chads. the second the bullets flew past your head or you saw some really fucked up shit you would cry for your mommy and shit your pants. Yall say you want to go to war but most of you guys complain about wagecucking or cant even handle the feel of no gf without having a mental breakdown and sprialing into depression. just imagine what watching your friends get blown up would do to you.

War is not vidya anon


-pissed off loser operation iraqi freedom veteran
This is true. I get scared as fuck when I play paintball to win; let alone walk away without getting shot once.

WWIII would be nuts. WWIV will be relatively calm as humanity tries to repopulate.

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Hello i am a failed Australian Born Chinese Sydney born and raised.

I went to see a psychologist. I told him im thinking about living in a regional town such as ballarat, albury, townsville, etc. he asked me "do you see yourself more of a country boy?" I was perplexed by his question because in front of me an anglo man asking me a question as if i too was a fellow anglo, which i am not. I believed he was being genuine but i took almost as a sarcastic remark.

Does my lack of personal identity run this deep? Do i no longer consider myself Australian due to a lack of outdoor exposure coupled with increased multiculturalism in which anglo culture has been muffed into lesser prevalence?

I hate myself because im not white, i fucking hate asians and all ethnics in sydney. If only Sydney was 90% anglo it wouldn't have been this way but the government and greedy new age Australians are so greedy for extra shekels that they would roll over and sell themselves out to the chinese and arabs.

As a chinese-Australian i have seen it. Why do you have chinatowns? Why are ethnic enclaves legal? Why do you allow buisness signs to be written in anything other in english?

There are now businesses that have no English presentation at all.

The only true anglo area in metro Sydney are eastern suburbs and even then the eastern suburbs are getting gooked up.

You people are so cucked for allowing ethnic enclaves and it's such a shame pauline hanson has also been bought out by the chinese.

Sometimes i think i should just go to china with my grandparents and learn how to be a real scummy gook.

Sydney, the most iconic city of Australia (fuck up melbourne) to the rest of the world is full of asians, curries, and arabs.
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Fuck Ballarat lad come to Warrnambool. Ballarat is full of slow manlets
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>tfw fellow Nova-castrian in thread.

Fight me cunt

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I have my ged science test in 2 hours. How hard is it?
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As hard as my dick on a sunday morning.

So, like a semi.
Most robots have sexual disfunction issues, so not hard?
Katy Perry passed it when she was like 15 and never went to school again.

Is the prostate proof of intelligent design?
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>breathe through the same hole we use to eat and drink
Putting it away from the place you expel waste from would be proof of intelligent design.
>humans are supposed to be monogamous
>that's why penises have mushroom shaped heads that can suck out the semen of opposing mates

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No interpals thread?

Why not?
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Why the fuck would there be one? Why the fuck would anyone ever go on Interpals?
Are you a newfag or what? there were interpals generals daily not that long ago where did they go?
Interpal is trash and full of retards who don't even speak English. It's pointless.

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Are you man enough to handle this /r9k/?
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some people are just unlucky in how their shit looks

i hope that bitch has been teased over that shit
I honestly don't think so.
What the fuck. Get that shit out of here desu. Reported!

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>tfw haven't shitten in 2 days
>I usually shit twice a day
W-what is going on? Am I going to die?
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>tfw go through cycles of shitting daily to shitting every 3 days
I don't know what to think of this.
>shit (third-person singular simple present shits, present participle shitting, simple past shit or shitted or shat, past participle shit or shitted or shat or shitten)

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Were you gay before /r9k/?
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Yes I was anon
At least somewhat

It's r9k that made me gay

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What would happen if you went to North Korea, got a female tour guide, and grabbed her ass?
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Kim Jong Un himself descends from the sky on his golden hover platform and tosses kimchi into your face before nuking Seoul
10 generations of your family go to the death camp.

I'm probably right desu.
Then you'd be forced to marry her and eat nothing but Kimchi for the rest of your life

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>always take messy sticky shits
>impatient wiper
>skid marks on all my panties
>often faintly smell of shit
>if a guy ever goes down on me he'll probably gag from smelling my shitty asshole

pic related is my asshole just before I post this
I haven't taken a dump all day and it's still all shitty
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>implying robots aren't into that
is this your first day on r9k
IMG that isn t you, fuck off
stop larping you fat autistic faggot
timestamp or no one will believe your shitty asshole

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God, I wish that were me.
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>God, I wish that were me.
Which one?
That's how I'm currently posting
Obviously the guy

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Tfw obsessed with a girl who doesn't want to be with me
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Story of my life, anon. I feels ya
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Well..you can..you know? Move on
Stop association now dude otherwise it's misery

What are the comfiest RPGs? Don't feel like going out today.
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something about shadow run is pretty comfy. I love that cyberpunk setting.

when i want maximum comfy feels tho, I cant go past the yugioh TCRPGs like 7 trials to glory, or the pokemon TCG.

Or yellow in a 20x emulator.
Morrowind always feels comfy.
It's not the best rpg by far but for some reason Seyda Neen feels like home.
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Persona 4 Golden

All the love and adulation you could want

So I have two good friends in the world, and one (let's caller Amy) has a bf and the other is a lesbian (I'll call her Stella). The other night, they slept together (at my house, which is shitty in and of itself). I really like Amy's bf, he's a really great guy and doesn't deserve to be cheated on.

I confronted them about it and Amy thinks that it doesn't count if it's a girl and not a guy. We had a big argument about it. I am honestly at a loss for what to do. On the one hand, I don't like getting involved in my friends' drama as there has always been a lot of it and it's never ended well (I'm the quiet, sensible, "clever" one). But on the other, it seems very wrong and I think the guy Amy is dating deserves better or at least, to know. Stella, for her part, is a bit of an SJW and hates men, and thinks he deserves it.

What should I do?
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Tell her BF, bitch deserves it also post pic
If you truly value the guy, you'd tell him. His honour is being destroyed, and you're watching it happen. If she can justify doing that, god knows what else she has done.
What, of me?
I'm not really one for doing that, I only came here for advice on what men would prefer.

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Red flags for guys

>he still believes in aliens
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>he never had a kiss in HS
>he never ha sex in HS
>he wears autism glasses
>mom buys his clothes
>no driving licence
>he still listens to metal
>he's afraid of touching female
>never been outside his country
>never had a job
>is underweight
>doesnt know how to dance
>has a bad relationship with family
>doesnt tip to waiters
>has long hair
Dumb bitch. Tipping waiters is a Burger thing. It's not done in other countries.
>Tipping waiters is a Burger thing
Uh no.

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