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ITT: Share stuff you drew/wrote/sang/created

I'll start with some of my music.
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i enjoyed some of your one song.
hey that's something

here's a song i wrote subscribe if you like got some plans to make some electronic music on my channel

I enjoyed your song untitled 27 nice and simple melody

pls help
dubs chooses next response
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I am not sure why I should aim to please a filthy roastie to begin with. I am looking for a pure loyal virgin girl who is looking for marriage and creating a family together.
I definitely came to the wrong board
ask her if she supports national socialism

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Is there any symptom, that shows with 100% probability that one won't archive anything in his life, and will be complete loser forever?
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Mods mods mods
>Posts gore on /r9k/
That's b tier!!!!
You banned me for posting gore on r9k because it's b tier! BAN HIM
Not really.

Most losers could probably force themselves to at least get normie-tier success, though it would require a lot of effort.

If you're truly fucked then you're in a hole that you can never get out of, but there's no sure sign of that that I'm aware of.
>Most losers could probably force themselves to at least get normie-tier success, though it would require a lot of effort.
What would make one so drastically changing way of thinking? Are there any semi-universal advices?

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You know the drill, he's always shit posting the same unpopular opinions over and over again
>dweeb that screams at anyone that disagrees with him is a female
>the dummy that doesn't believe 20% of the males get all the females 80% don't
>the tranny that posts about wanting to have a vagina
who are some of the other annoying usual suspects I'm forgetting here?
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>that kid that put mlp on his presentation for class

tfw that kid was me
alright threads ruined let's just pack this shit up now and let it hit archieve
>The Dominican mutt with a fetish for white girls
>the anon that ask girls what their favorite toilet paper brand is
>the anon that ask austria lesbot if she washed her hands before posting

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Why the fuck are normies do goddamned hateful towards any niche hobbies?

>Work in a restaurant as a waiter
>all the other works are fucking normies, younger than 25, I am 35 and worked here for 14 years
>today it is the break between services when we eat
>I am writing down some travel plans
>one of the normies asks what I am doing and I explain
>they ask where I am travelling
>tell them I am travelling to Greenland to see Geological rock formations
>they act like I told them I am going to fuck 10 year old prostitutes in the Philippines or something
>'omg anon that is so weird, why would you do that'
>try explaining that I am interested in the history of the planet and want to see some interesting formations in East Greenland
>one of the girls says something like 'but rocks never age teehee, if you look at a baby rock it looks the same as an old one'
>try to flirt with her in front of everyone by saying 'haha even rocks of Acasta Gneiss age worse than you'
>she doesn't get it, acts confused
>they all bully me ever since, calling me 'rocko', making jokes about how I was working at the restaurant before rocks formed on earth etc
>joke at me in front of customers causing me to do a worse job

man I fucking hate normies so much, go and talk about phones cunts
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why can't r9k faggots handle bants?
Bants are fun. If they fire at you, fire back. You should have said something to the effect of the last thing you wrote. Mock their generally low intelligence and obsession with frivolous shit like cell phones.

Tons of room for creativity, that's just one example.
this is called BANTER you fucking autist, if they hated you they wouldn't laugh and chat with you. Everyone mocks each other in the real world, get a fucking grip

Looking for my Christian Brothers here on r9k. I would have asked on 8ch /Christian/, but for some reason I can't get past the captcha.
Why was it necessary for our Lord to die for our sins?
Please excuse the comic, humor is only a coping mechanism.
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Because god would not alow anyone into heaven before jesus died it is only when jesus died that god allowed the gates of heaven to be open to man
jesus is just a symbol whose purpose was to reduce the incidences of future scapegoating
tfw no girl will ever love me let alone a christian one

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Never said anything about smoking weed. This was during the campaign. When is the other half of the country going to wake up from the indoctrination of the fake news propaganda machines and realize that President Trump is the Greatest fucking thing to happen to this country, ever next to the creation of the constitution. He's bringing America back, bringing back jobs, soverignty, safety, and so much more that is just classic Americana. America is back Baby. Grab some popcorn and watch the left and loony liberals either join the Trump Train by the millions as is already happening or stew in their hate and slowly slip further into madness until they kill themselves or get so radically angry and violent that we have to exercise our glorious 2nd amendment.
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Im a liberal leftie, I don't really care, was mildly miffed about the Democrats choice of candidate knowing she could lose and she lost. Didn't really care, oh well, it's just 4 years, have to start getting ready for the next one.
Liberal left leaning minority here.

Gosh I HATE racism lmao it's so bad.

But I voted for Donald anyway because it was cool.
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The fake media will not win.

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Looks>Anything else in life
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what if you look good but are bipolar, clingy, and over emotional.And you're a guy

Looks don't help then
This, manic depression fucks you over hard, no matter what
the man was convicted for several armed robberies
he is scum and women all over cream for him
several studies indicate good looks and success go hand in hand
looks always help

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How do I cure depression once and for all without medication and a therapist?
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Find out what's causing your depression and work on it.

It's probably due to loneliness and a lack of any sort of activities or interests. Any human being will become depressed if they're stuck inside the house not doing anything all day everyday.
Bumping for interest. A popular meme answer is "exercise" but personally I have found it useless (running for 30/45 minutes every morning or so, maybe there are better types of exercises though)
It's not like doing anything will fix it. I fail at everything I do anyways.

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This dude seems too kind to be believable . Maybe its too much time on 4chan but i just think people with dissablities should be aborted not out of spite but because their life is hell .
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She seems very happy to me, why euthanise her?
That guys face scares me.

Looks like his tapes right before he kills them and eats them.
>What do you wanna be when you grow up?
>"A doctor."
I literally laughed out loud when she said that, uncontrollably. 4chan has ruined me.

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Do not FUCK with me, Champ! I know when you're lying! I know you haven't followed up with the manager since I drove you there. The handshake, Champ. Did you remember the handshake?
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I've had enough of you giving me shit! Here's your fucking handshake, you sob!

>mfw my dad told me the handshake meme when I had to get my first job years ago
>It worked

You guys are such bitches
You want a fucking job? Well go shake his dick, I'm sure he'll give you a pence!

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>tfw too poor to buy cool clothes
>tfw i wear with ugly tracksuits like pic releated
>tfw i will die a virgin
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Are you by chance Russian?
Squatting is a pussy magnet you nigger.
tracksuits are cool, fuck off
however those in the pic are ugly as fuck, why the hell would you buy them?

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Remember to be kind to animals
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Reminder that people are animals
but are an exception to the kindness rule
My sisters dog is sleeping in my room right now, he's breddy cute desu
Dear Dog Friends

If you walk your dog on hot days just remember that if the side walk is too hot for you, it's too hot for them. Stick to the grass.

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Why do you even deserve a grilfriend?
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Nobody deserves anything. You can only earn something from someone else, trade. There is nothing anyone inherently owes you. Except for the state of course, it robs and terrorizes you from birth.
Why did you leave for so long, why'd you just randomly show up out of the blue like this
You deserve nothing. Nobody deserves anything. God made everything. And you are unworthy to even live on Earth and eat.

But women were made for men to be helpers.

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>You would be such an alpha if you lost weight

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skinny robots (like me) beg 2 differ
How much do you weight, fatfuck? Disgusting blob of nothing
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bumping heres my story

>go to mccucks on during diet week
>gget a wrap because its diet week
>walk in
>immediately become ten times more hungry from the smell alone
>they just made a bath of fresh fries
>smells too good
>order a large big mc meal
>its not enough
>pretend im on the phone and to take my brothers order
>a-and what does anon want
>the cashier now thinks im ordering for two other people

end up with 3 large big mc meals (different soda to make it look real) 3x6 nuggets, and the wrap

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