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Any other fembots here DONE trying with white guys? I've never had a race preference before but I've realized that all they care about is looks, even when they themselves have zero game or personality. They are not worth my time.
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this might be a bait but hey im asian...
Just like you don't want to be with a dork most cool guys don't want to be with a fat woman
I'd fuck your butt you stupid whore.

You should get off my fucking board though loser.

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Everyone on this board is one or the other. Please be honest with yourself.
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I wanna say dylan I guess? Eric was a fucking weirdo
Among my friends and shit, definitely an Eric. I was always the charismatic leader of the group. Always the most outspoken and the known voice/leader. Even teachers referred to me as a "ringleader."

As viewed by everyone else though I was probably more a Dylan. Quiet, introverted, not necessarily disliked but definitely not liked.

So probably a 50/50 mix, maybe leaning more towards Eric.
I identify more as Eric, although I look more like Dylan

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>April 9 2017
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you mean april 10th right?
What shithole timezone are you living in?
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>only a month until im gone from this shitty military academy and can finally not have to worry about beating my meat with a roomate around.


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19 year old, kissless virgin here. Ask me anything. [Comment not original, wtf. I guess this place really is my home.]
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>19 year old virgin
>rock bottom
>Ask me anything.

Is your asshole tight?

Lol I'm a 21 year old virgin and doing just fine. I even have a job now. There's actually a good life you could be living as a virgin, but I bet you're a boring peace of shit with no interests other than vidya and porn.

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space nigger.jpg
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ITT: best of /r9k/
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>starts the thread off by posting unfunny shit
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the faec when
fine go fuck yourself.

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Do you have a oneitis or do you miss having a oneitis
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I have a oneitis who doesn't even live in the same part of the country. All in all I'm happy with it, it makes interacting with other females less stressful when they don't come close to her in my eyes.
Once a few years ago, I liked having a oneitis even if i knew it was pointless it gave a little purpose to my life I see too many people daily now that i can't make anyone a oneitis
yeah i have a bad case of oneitis for the first time in my life.
she is a nice cute girl in my collage class, maybe the only girl i have enjoyed talking to she is very smart and have a nice personality.
i am so in love just talking to her makes me so happy for the whole day.
i am almost 22 years old and it's my first time in my life i get interested in a girl and even though it sucks because it's one sided i am okay because this crush forced me to improve my life trying to maker her my gf.

but too bad this is the last semester we are studying together after that i will never see her again.

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Ideal g.jpg
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Post yours.
Trips get to meet them and autistically go away without saying anything
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mai waifu of course
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I just want a gf as depressed as me so we can be depressed together. Is that really that hard?
>loves me
>cool interests
>doesn't drink/do drugs
>qt and slim

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I just over heard my parents talking about how they're embarrassed to go out in public with me because I have some social anxiety caused by a rough child hood.

Someone give me a reason not to just off myself.
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w-what do you know anon
Nice work, Anon. You're nearly at a NEET level most of us can only dream of.

Your parents are finally going to stop making you go outside.

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Why is race mixing popular now?
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That's actually just a party game called musical hoes.
I honestly don't have a clue.
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It's the Jews.
No cultural attachments, not religious attachments, no racial attachments, etc.
Nothing that can give the people an opportunity to rely on anything but the state.
It's pre-Communism OP. Happened in Germany right before Hitler came to power.
Jews have been working on their religious world supremacy goals for over a hundred years.
Desire for global domination is part of their faith.

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I don't understand the point of strip clubs

Does everyone just get boners and come in their pants? with their friends around?

Is it inappropriate to get a boner?

Who wants to get a boner and not release?

It's not like you can just start jacking off...

It just seems very very frustrating, and awkward. Awkward between you and the girl, and all the other men watching you

Explain this normie behaviour
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been once got a lapdance from a hot thicc asian slut.

made out with her a little and sucked her tits.

pre came a lot and had a raging hard on.

went home and had one of the best faps ive ever had.

still sometimes fap to the memory of it.

money well spent but i wouldn't be one of those retards that goes to strip clubs all the time.

maybe once every 3 or 4 years.
You kinda have to be there to know what's the deal, you kinda of turn into s animal seeing that many naked women granted in my town one of the strip clubs actually let's you fuck the strippers but I could understand the frustration in other clubs
>all the other men watching you

They aren't watching you.

>It's not like you can just start jacking off...
>It just seems very very frustrating, and awkward.

They fill you with just enough booze to keep keep you at a semi.

>with their friends around?
Private rooms in the back, brah. Just you and her.

>Is it inappropriate to get a boner?
Absolutely not. If you don't get a boner, the girl isn't doing her job right. Sometimes they'll grope it and play with it, sometimes they won't.

But here's the real reason to go;
It's a place full of women who'll actually make you feel wanted (even when you know it's fake and just a job to them). It's like having a sexy, naked therapist. An hour a week, cheaper too.

Imagine, girls actually wanting you.
That's why they get so much business, even with porn around. The girls are amazing manipulators.

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>tfw moodswings
>go between feeling like absolute shit and wanting to kill myself to feeling "normal"
>no emotional "highs"
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nobody gives a fuck post something interesting
Good post, underaged
i found that a huge delusion provide the emotional high moodswing
but it hard to believe in all the time, being a astute man of science as me
maybe with enough derangement the high can be permanent

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Any robots unironcally listen to rap?
Can robots listen to rap?
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yes Yup yeah uhuh indeed
Never really liked rap. Im not one of those people that are all "i like everything but country and rap :))))))" but it just never appealed to me.
>ayo, look at all the stuff I have accumulated via criminal endeavours
>I was raised in a low income housing development, where crime rates were abnormally high
>I regularly partake in the consumption of illicit substances
>my social status is quite remarkable, and my wealth is very substantial
>I frequently have sexual relations with many attractive females
>you on the other hand, have none of these things, and your resentment motivates me to achieve more
>my luxurious lifestyle was one that was earned, by being myself. Because I'm awesome
>my companions and I possess an extensive collection of firearms, and we are loyal to one another
>females possess no such loyalty

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>tfw when going to suck a dick tomorrow and feel disgusted just thinking about it
I got drunk friday night and met a guy in a chatroom. I thought he was a girl at first since he had long hair, but it turned out he's trans. I was horny and drunk at the time so I ended up giving him my phone number and sexting for the night and then before I went to sleep we scheduled to meet on monday and exchange head. I really don't want to, but I just can't build up the courage to call it off because he keeps texting me about how excited he is. what should I do?
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bumping for some help asdffdsa
no one can help me find a way out of this mess?
Just do it, you might like it. If not you're still getting your dick sucked.

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Fuck i cant take it anymore.
My roommate is a literal chad (extremely good looking), He uses tinder and gets laid everyday.
He doesn't even message these sluts he just sends a emoji and the girls send back their number . I know chad had it easy, But Jesus fucking Christ getting laid everyday by just sending a smiley emoji.

FUCK how the hell am i supposed to compete with this
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You don't. You don't compete with it. You wallow in self-pity like someone with their head screwed on properly would do.
Your right, i must face the sad truth.
I am destined to be a sad lonely self loathing cuck

I accept my fate.
Don't feel jelous and try to stop feeling like shit because you aren't getting laid.

Life's not about getting laid man, just live your life and enjoy it, since your roommate is enjoin' it right now and you aren't.

You will eventually get laid, but only if you get your own house so you don't get NTR'd by him if he's an asshole to you.

Does anyone get insecure when high? I dont like being high about half of the time it is not pleasant because I get so insecure. I would say I am more of an insecure person than others, and I worry a lot about the future. When I get high, these insecurities come out even more for some reason, almost to the point where it scares me. I would say I am an average-looking person. If I clean myself up, and I'm in a good mood people can perceive me as an attractive, charming guy. Sometimes when I get high though, I start thinking that I'm a worthless, ugly guy. Why would weed do this to me? Anyone else experience this?
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>believing weed benefits the mind
>believing stoner bullshit about it having no negative effects

It makes you more paranoid. Prolonged use of weed will eventually begin to cause panic attacks.

source: smoked nearly everyday for 9 years
Every time I get high my anxiety and paranoia spikes then I go to sleep. Pretty lame, guess weed isn't for me

Stop doing it recreationally and use it as an entheogen only.

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