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Why can't I win the lottery? I buy tickets every time there's a drawing. Should I approach it in a different way? Should I use the same numbers instead of quick pick? I know there's almost zero chance of winning, but I believe I will win
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You have to be a fat redneck to win.
hopefully youre only falseflagging as a nigger who fell for this shit
You must be actualIy retarded.

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do i fap to 2d or 3d /r9k/?

first reply decides, thread dies after that.
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2D is for true robots


Sasha grey in suck it dry 3
Why can't you alternate?

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If you don't know what this is you live in a third world country
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Its a urinal right?
Its a cuntpot

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>at a friend's birthday party last night
>girl throws herself at me, saying that she's loved me ever since she first saw me
>she takes off her pants
>reject her because I want to remain pure for my oneitis when we get married
>she gets pissed off and calls me a pussy

who here /chadbot/?
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If this is not a made-up story, you're doing God's work.
Rejecting females is the way to go.
Proof that OP is once again a beta fag
It's 100% real. She got on her knees and was going to unzip my jeans, but I pushed her away. She eventually passed out and I left. Went home and watched Initial D.

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Anyone else here identified more with Rei than Shinji?
>personality vacuum
>good at very specific things, useless at everything else
>not even a failure in life, just went along with what people told them to do
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bra brev
Rei was the strongest of the pilots though.
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she was reliable but shitty. Pic related is the strongest pilot(and best girl)

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sad anime boy.png
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If I hurt myself enough, will someone eventually care about me?
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Are you an attractive girl?

>original comment not copied do not steal

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I want to move out on my own to atlanta. how do i stat?

is atlanta hotter than miami? should i move to miami? I'm poor isnt miami expensive? I dont care if i live with blacks or cubans i just want to be in a warm big city
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I live in Atlanta. It's hot but probably not Miami hot. Housing is expensive here too
It's called Hotlanta, you know.

Side note, should I go to Atlanta if I'm seeking hot black poon and/or wife material? On vacation or a short job stint?

Will I get fucked up by black dudes if I accidentally encroach on some sort of female territory? No racism, please.
not that bad with roomates but what can you expect not being in a shit irrelevant city or toothless counties

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Women are incapable of loving men in a way that a man idealizes is possible, in a way he thinks she should be capable of.

Why even live?
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Quit being overdramatic you pussy
literally made me ecks dee
someone's been reading red pill stuff, a lot of it just isn't true. it paints a us vs them picture of relationships and women as pirely hypergamous succubi / sirens. they're more than that. try to see humanity as one bro and find peace.

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It's another /SpendWholeDayListeningToMusicAndFantasizingAboutAnAlternativeUniverseWhileCryingBecauseItWillNeverBeReal/ episode

Save me, lads.
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you would love opiates, anon.
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yep, it's a real shitty feeling.
oh well
Uh, that's why I play videogames. Currently on Mount and Blade Warband with the Star Wars mod. Pew pew take that!

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I'll start
>There goes the wizard status (100): Had sex before the age of 30
>Ragequit(0): Commit suicide
>A hole is a hole(5): Fucked an inanimate object (Fleshlights are excluded)
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>next time champ (10): get ghosted for the 20th time
>No IKEA about true love (20): successfully masturbated to inanimate object
>Blown out (25): Have no friends on your Birthday
>If you cant beat 'em, join 'em (100): Lose your virginity to a prostitute

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>It's another anon looks up stuff that makes him feel unhappy before going to bed and can't sleep the rest of the night episode.
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Dude i feel your pain.

Being tired and enraged at the same time feels like it is killing me.
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>it's another anon dreams about having a qt gf with nice legs and a cute face with weird teeth and can still perfectly picture her face 5 hours after he woke up
>only slept 4 hours (instead of my usual like 12) because my dream jolted me awake after I kissed her and she smiled
What did you looked up?

Why haven't you colonized a pretty negress girl yet anon?
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5 inch dick

original comment for you
eastern europe

ornithological oregano
She's really pretty, they'll probably make some cute ass kids

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Your genetics aren't your fauIt, robot. Stop Ioathing yourself for them. l love you.
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>Your genetics aren't your fauIt, robot.
>Stop Ioathing yourself for them.
>l love you.
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You don't want to, and it's not like you actually do anyway.
Filtered. This is not original at all.

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Certainly you have one or more?
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>have both ADHD and ADD
>super low energy
>find qt 3d waifu who is ADHD out the ass
>fall for her because she is so high energy

opposites attract for am I just a massive faget? I guess my ADHD power is to never fall asleep.
Dude that's literally me, found a shy girl with aspergers just like me. Got her number and texted but she blanked me for a while, she told a friend to tell me she ran out of credit, either getting rejected hard or she's telling the truth and I barely see her the to different work patterns FUCK WHAT DO I DO SHE DOESN'T HAVE SOCIAL MEDIA I CAN ONLY TEXT HER AND SHE HAS NO CREDIT
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ADD is ADHD sans energy. The worst of both fucking worlds

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>don't see a future for myself. don't want to do anything besides live the comfy neet life but mom wants to kick me out
>don't want to die

what do?
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>don't want to die
What's wrong with you?
Say your getting a job and looking for a place to get mommy off your back then go to a therapist and try to get diagnosed with something, get a disability lawer and work on getting neetbux. Then with new neetbux either move out or pay mommy rent.
im just afraid of dying and i dont want to upset my family, but im too lazy/lack a purpose to do anything to please them besides the bare minimum

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