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If you're over 20 what's the lowest age a girl could be before you wouldn't date her?
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I'm 20 right now.

It would have to be 17. 16 in an absolute desperate situation.
I'm 26 and I would fu-DATE a 12 year old.
I'm 20 and I crave a 11-15 year old gf

Well I've been working out and lifting for the past couple years and put on a significant amount of muscle. Outside the gym I am usually one of the strongest guys around (hit 90lb dumbbells on shoulder press today). But I am still a fucking beta, still a shy bitch, still a creep, still a fucking loner, still a loser, still a robot.
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5 year lifter here, yep. But then again I've been clinically diagnosed with autism.
You can't lift your feels away.
Yeah, I just use my feels as fuel for my lifts.

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Wy the fuck do I never feel satisfied after eating? I eat good food like chicken, fish, pork, beef, vegetables, nuts, eggs, fruit, etc. and I never feel satiated. I can just eat and eat and sometimes I don't stop until my stomach can't hold anymore. I've been gaining weight like crazy and while I am not considered overweight yet, I have put on alot of fat (20 pounds in the past 1 1/2 months.) anyway what is wrong with me? My fullness ques don't work and I always feel empty. I'm taking an ssri, could that be it? Fucking help me guys, I don't want this to continue
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The body doesn't register "full" until about 15 minutes after it happens. Try eating your meals in small courses.
There is also an astound psychological effect from a "finishing move" like having something sweet like an orange slice afterwards.
Are you taking your daily dose of cock, faggot? Maybe that's it
Also drink a full glass of water before you sit down to eat and a full glass of water before you reach for more food

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tfw attic.jpg
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My normie has gone out for the day.

I think it's safe to come down now. Need to empty my pee bottles and steal some of their food.
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does it get hot up there
Yes, but in the summer I migrate to their basement.
yknow, this is really creepy if this is true.

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>follow diet very strictly
>finally lose my last kg of excess fat
>feel relieved about myself
>start eating like a normal person again
>2 days leter im 1.5 kg heavier
>this loop repeats for the next 2 weeks

This war wont end
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it's coming...
it's comiing
do this. eat as much as you want during your allotted feasting hours. if you follow this strictly you will lose lots of weight and it's really not that hard

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>tfw you write long ass posts and get no (You)s
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i know the feeling man, here's one on the house.
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Write for you, not (you)s.
You still won't get (you)s since you're OP

What are some of your delusional theories on life, what is this whole "life" thing, anons?
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its pointless shit you're thrown into and have to make do with what fucking garbage you're given
a learning process so you can appreciate when humans master science and technology and become immortal/raise dead people back to life and everyone can do literally anything they want
Yea but do you really hate all of it, or just a lot different parts?

what does your desktop look like, /r9k/?
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If you say so, my very original mate.
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Very original desktop
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>high end gaming graphics card

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Do you ejaculate into a cup or container to consume just to avoid cleaning up your spunk?
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on to my 1 towel that i never wash
>have 2 layers of tissues ready and fap
>just when you about to cum, loosely wrap the tissues around your dick
>cum onto the tissues
>wipe you dick
>flush down the toilet
t. professional
But there's a chance there will be a piece of paper stuck to your dick and it'll be painful to get off.

>yeah I'm just not really into weed, but it's not that big of a dea--
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I fucking hated this podcast. Joe can be such a fucking autist just like Eddie. Why do people get so defensive about weed.

Which cast was this? I don't recognize that guy


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Why did frogposting take off so fast on 4chan? I mean, frogposting is slightly better than anime, but both are degenerate. Why does Reddit go on /pol/ and spam "praise kek!!!!111" everywhere? Why is /r9k/ full of frogposters?

We all know image boards are a prime social testing ground, so lets talk about this.
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Didn't read your post.

You don't know the rules? Don't speak to me until I've had my first cup of coffee, and even then keep it simple wagie.

>Frogposting NEET

How typical. Did you say "praise kek!!!!" today on /pol/ with everyone else?
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I'll have you know, OP... I own over 5000 UNIQUE frog images on my computer.

I'm not kidding. I take pride in my vast collection of original specimens.

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Okay i figured since this board is full of social outcasts this might as well be the biggest freak show ever. So why dont we have a weird fearures thread where we showcase what makes us a giant red Flag. Pic releated its my eyebrows. They never stay unnoticed and are responsible for my horrible shool time.I posted them yesterday and somebody called them a mustache which i found quite funny
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My giant red flag is that I look like a fucking 16 year old, and I'm a 21 year old college student.
i think they give you character
they big enough to be their very own character

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how many years op?
Not fast enough for me mayne, crank it to overdrive
24, 3 years NEET and haven't done fuck all.

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When did you realize you secretly ENJOY being a robot and do so little to change your situation because you are relatively happy and content in your position?
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The moment Itealized education chances where I am from are utter trash, and that I might have no means to pursue my true passion. Also, I don't trust my young peers at all.
when I realized that relationships are all about her wellbeing and not yours. I won't give up my life and sanity just to get my dick wet
I enjoy it only because its all I ever know.

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How attractive are you?


I scored 8/10. Let me know if yours is accurate or not.
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I've never liked my mouth either.
I scored impossible 9/10, this is just a power trip, don't take it seriously
Not bad. My nose was my lowest score since it's big.
Agreed. In reality I'm actually a 5/10.

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