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Don't you feel stupid jerking off to the girls who chad gets fuck?
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I think that soon everything will change, the world is acting weird in the last years. Either aliens will visit us, or some godly prophet will appear.

Either way I'm ready to fight, you should also get ready, it will be your chance to make them pay.

It will happen
Dude I don't even jerk off to women. I mainly look at futanari, I jacked off one time to a picture of an anime chick without a dick recently, like first time in years
No, I feel jealous.

Why won't Chad fuck me? Is it because I'm ugly? Is it because I have a funny accent? Is it because I have a benis?

I can't control that, ok? I'm doing my best, I swear I'm doing my best...

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>tfw can wink, snap my fingers, and whistle
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>can dislocate my thumb
>beat box with my testicles
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Wait, are there people who can't wink?
can you wiggle your ears?

preemptive orig

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>when you remember people you're walking by can see you
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Are you some kinda baby that didn't ever have friends? Who cares
But then I remember to believe, that we are all the same to him - but not giving a shit
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>tfw people walking behind me can see my baldspot as I walk to lectures

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Life is so hard for roasties.

>Having to deal with the creepy lads while your friends get chatted up by fitties
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for guys
>having to deal with rejection from women as ugly as you who will want to marry you in their 30's
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>The Tab
More like "The Roast", amirite fellas?
She's not even bad, but she probably hangs out with 9/10 babes and gets ignored when approached by a group of chad's cause she is the least attractive.
Boohoo I don't get hit on by Chad.

>tfw I'm the weird guy that hits on her while her friends are talking to CHAD. 6/10 girls are much less intimidating.

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>apply for job
>they are very enthusiastic and implicitly accept me, tell me to come in for interview the next day
>never go
>never contact them again
why did I do that
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When was this? If it wasn't long ago, you could make up some excuse and try again.
>When was this? If it wasn't long ago, you could make up some excuse and try again.
About a month ago
Is it too late

all I can do

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What do robots eat?

>Last 3 meals (if you skipped a meal, list the one before that)
>Top 3 fast food restaurants
>Name 3 meals you can cook
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>bowl of cereal
>Mac and cheese

>Taco Bell
>Pollo Tropical

>mac and cheese
>basic breakfast foods (eggs and bacon)
I'll start

>Last 3 meals (if you skipped a meal, list the one before that)
Bacon & scrambled eggs, pizza, popovers & pour-over coffee

>Top 3 fast food restaurants
McDonalds, Taco Bell, Burger King

>Name 3 meals you can cook
Any breakfast shit involving eggs, chicken & rice, pasta
Let's see:

A pre-prepared pizza
Potato-Soup from a can
Instant Noodles

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>drink mass quantities of water
>pee alot
>pee often
>write down long long I pee for each time
>mentally keep track of how much force is exerted each time I pee
>pee log is almost full
>peed 8 times today and am still drinking

It's like im a pee scientist or something.
I feel super cool. I feel like I'd be way cooler though if I had a benis to pee through instead, though. I heard you can pee harder if you're like that.
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why don't you pee on me miss pee scientist??
Satan getting peed on is gross, don't you know that
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no, it's cute, what are you talking about

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>tfw my dad is butt ugly.
>made me butt ugly.
> my life is ruined.
> he didn't even say sorry.
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>mom is good looking
>dad is a poor ugly manlet
why. Just why.
I'm sorry son
My dad is reasonably handsome. He worked hard, got into an ivy league school and made a lot of money as an engineer. Then he married my mom who is pretty good looking.

I turned out very handsome and it's helped my life in so many ways even though I did nothing to deserve it. People are nice to me...sometimes girls approach me when I go dancing even though I suck at dancing and socializing. Having low self confidence is bad enough for me...I dunno what I'd do if I was ugly too

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TFW no homely GF who has a Stacey bff
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>implying those aren't both Stacey tier
If her friends are sluts, so is she
They're both stacy, the right one just hasn't taken off her top yet

I only want to be safe and warm. This is a basic human right.
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there is no such thing as human rights.
there are no such things as basic rights

There are, and being comfy is one of them.

>fap to femdom
>cum buckets
>feel a special kind of bliss that lasts like 40 minutes after the orgasm
How can something so bad feel so good? Why are the post-fap feels so blissful?
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>Why are the post-fap feels so blissful?
never experienced this desu
>tfw cumming to feet femdom
It feels so good but I feel guilty immediately after I cum. Fuck, just thinking about it is making me hard.
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you're fucked now.jpg
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I don't know what he's talking about but I always feel satisfied after finding really good fap material. I wouldn't call that a state of bliss because you can't really get that without drugs or having a very fulfilling life. And I don't consider finding some good porn very fulfilling.

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OMG anon, it been so long. You're looking good, oh wow you got your life together?

Listen i know you confessed to me in HS, it sucks people made fun of you. Also I didn't lash out at you, I lashed out at me, I thought i didn't deserve a great guy like you. But i wanna give it a chance, we should hang out.
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Oh thats cool, i dont find women attractive anymore. Bye
I have a girlfriend.
an original girlfriend
She's still cute


do girls really talk like this among themselves?

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yeah most non virgin men do it 2
I just watched this last night OP, are you me?

And yeah, they most likely do. Korine was a 19 year old twink faggot when he wrote it but he definitely could capture how kids talked and the type of shit they talked about, you don't hear that often about ''fucking a retarded girl with a phat ass and braces on her legs''
looks scripted garbage

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>tfw got diagnosed with diabetes
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I'm scared I'm next.

My doc just told me a couple months ago that I'm prediabetic and it scared me for the first couple of weeks but I'm back to eating garbage again.
Type 1 or 2?
Type 1 bloke myself
You lack self-discipline.

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>normie chad roommate offers to take me to the gym with him
>"I don't wanna embarrass you duder but looks like you're startin to get some manboobs"
>can't tell him it's from taking female hormones

I hate this
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Why cant you tell him?
Because I can't tell anyone about my tranny feelings
Does he have a problem with trans people or is it just your own personal issue?

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