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>10 month long dry spell
>create a grindr account
>several offers within an hour
we should all just go gay
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I'm gay but I'm too scared to go to a place like that. I heard its just all normie hook ups and not actually any dating going on.
it's a hook up app after all
Gays don't date or have relationships. Only hookups.

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Have to watch the newest TV shows. Gotta keep up with this season's new anime. Remember to subscribe to lots of blogs to find out about all the newest movies and games. Gotta use twitter to follow all your favorite celebrities and internet personalities. Don't forget about memes and other inside jokes, can't miss out on those, too. Also isn't it about time you upgraded your software too?

Gotta keep pushing forward, have to be on the edge at all times, never look back, never stop and remember, KEEP PUSHING have to KEEP MOVING FORWARD. COMPETE COMPETE COMPETE. PUSH PUSH PUSH. You don't want to be left behind! The world is going to go on without you! Don't get stuck in the past.

Keep getting MORE SKILLS and building MORE CONNECTIONS and expanding your NETWORK. Climb that ladder, you're not good enough yet, never will be, KEEP GETTING HIGHER. Never settle never be satisfied.


I can't keep up with the speed the world spins. It's too fast. When I think I'm comfortable it's time to move on. This world doesn't want me in it.
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>Gotta keep up with this season's new anime

Nah nigga.
Then you'll never be able to discuss the newest anime!
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I was thinking about this recently. There really is too much stuff to keep up with these days. Not just new things but also an infinite amount of old things that you can easily pirate by the terabytes.

I used to spend much more time getting in-depth into things. Now there's always pressure to keep clearing all the new stuff on my plate. And I waste too much time in this shithole or doing something else that's easy but pointless.

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who here /voicelet/?

>record voice
>listen to it for the first time ever
>it's extremely soft, shallow, shrill, and lispy

So that's why I'm never taken seriously by anyone. It all makes sense now.
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>straight up 4/10
>voice 8/10
>people hear my voice online
>think im the coolest chad
>see my face
>ghost me
>mfw all the anons who saw this post must have imagined the words coming from my soft weak voice so they ignored it
>went to the threads which sound like they were written by someone with a deep confident rich voice instead
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>phone rings
>take the call
ayo [gramps name] hows it hanging (in old people talk)
>uh sorrysorry its me [anon]
>ah could you please call your gramps?
>hes not here
>okay ill call later
>phone rings later
>i reply
>ayyyooooo [gramps]

Also constantly getting mistaken for my dad

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shadow warrior 3.jpg
28KB, 456x215px

If you want to thank me, please check out one of my stories:

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brink 3.jpg
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Also BRINK is now Free 2 Play:

File: alien swarm 3.jpg (37KB, 458x215px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
alien swarm 3.jpg
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Check out the free co-op game Alien Swarm Reactive Drop:

Thanks for the heads-up anon

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Robots do you find this hot?
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what the fuck is that on his chest
that dick looks like a turd
File: 1499914458807.jpg (24KB, 399x388px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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fuggin DROPPED

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>be me
>everytime change opinion/mood depending on the hours/day
>don't get along with people irl or ivl , always want to break the 'bonds' that you create with people quickly before they do it first .
>leave them around thousand of messages while they are away
>attaching to them to quickly and trusting them too much even thought you aren't 'naive' and is someone with a pessimistic point of view
>almost fall in love with them
>block/ignore them , then try to contact them again
>block/ignore them AGAIN then feels bad
>pretends its trolling to yourself
>stalking your 'friends' all the time because you are curious, you want to know who are 'they' and what they think of 'you' .
>struggle to stop hourly stalking
>paranoid af about 'someone' find out about 'something', about your life, your hobbies and everything. You don't want anyone to know these
>suicide thoughts and threats

>your dream is to stop talking with people and continue talking with yourself because you are a coward
>want to remove your empathy this way you won't feel the need of being with someone else
>people already told me that i was 'very weird' and now someone told me here that i might have 'BPD' from reading my messages which i don't think is true, think of it as barnum effect and i'm a male so there is less chance i might have it

being this retarded and toxic is painfull. Why can't i be like the 'normies' ?
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That sounds like a more clueless version of me. And I am diagnosed with aggressive BPD.
I have good news for you though: If you don`t live in a non-healthcare-having country like the US, they literally shove CBT up your ass for free. It sure helped me, granted, I still worked on myself out of therapy.

Ganbatte, OP, you can make it!
You're better off without them. Keep them blocked though and soon you'll forget about them. They're schemin on you anyways.
Thank you for your kind answer anon, i really appreciate it

and yeah i'm living in a country with healthcare, tho the problem is that i don't necessarily want to get diagnosed but i have the bpd idea in my mind and now i can't hide it to myself thats impossible
i'm paranoid too even tho i don't know a lot of people but i directly assume he is plotting something against me and this is why i don't want to interact with other people anymore

>So Anon, what movie did you pick for us to watch tonight?
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nervous guy.jpg
15KB, 198x254px
i-i-i have d-d-diarrhea
Oh it's a great movie called "How to Button Your Goddamn Shirt".

Thought you might want to check it out.
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Man, I wonder how awesome life would be if I looked like that.

Can women be moral?
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Fuck no dude

or at least, not without religion. Even then Im not convinced its anything more than an egostroke
Can psychopaths be moral?

Answer: No.
hate to sound like a dick but women can't be trusted, ever
my cousin just caught his wife in bed with a doctor and he has 2 kids with the cunt
he made maybe 100k a year and is my godfather, he's the man always been friendly and cool but this cunt took it all away from him
6 or 7 years married and threw it away for that doctor dick, and he's a licensed psychologist

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Was I wrong?

My little sister farted in my face, so I kicked her in the nuts.
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I'm not sure I comprehend your narrative anon
You were. You should apologize, hug her, and kiss her in the nuts.
how old is yor little sister(male)?

the ideal tummy should be a little squishy.
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Fuck off pedo fag

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i couldn't agree more, which is why i'm addicted to kancolle hentai
Those are clearly teenagers.

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Tfw the NSA has a backdoor to every smart phone in the US
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NSA doesn't care if you jerk off or even like anything you do so it doesn't matter

It does matter. I provided good show
that doesn't spook me that much since I'm not a terrorist.

it's the social engineer this technology implies that scares me.

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Can someone post invites to a comfy discord? No neo-nazies and Elliot Rodger worshipers please.
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b-bump ;o;
Every time I try and branch out from 4chan, all I find are a bunch of circlejerky in-crowd cliques full of self important reddity faggots. I'm going to keep looking, though
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>no Elliot Rodger worshipers
>on r9k
>stuttering on purpose in text
>stupid fucking emoticon
I wish people in these threads would just stay in their Discords so they'd act as a quarantine

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>"ok anon heres my camera get ready to take the pictu..."
>"hehe sorry anon I couldnt help it here try again"
>"ok I swear its done now take the pic tehe"
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No thanks *drop camera*
women's butts are the ultimate weapon against men, cover them up now!
poop vagina

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Just a reminder that traps are fucking gay and don't belong on this board. Go back to /lgbt/ and take all the roastie scum with you.
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I love when faggots like you get angry at some dumb shit, and point out the obvious.
>Liking dick is gay!!!11!

No shit. Also, if you feel like waging a war on all people that like traps, go to /b/
I'll just leave this here (again)
/b/ is too far gone, but this place may still be salvageable.
>t. faggot in intricate denial

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Does my lack of a male role model or/and lack of friendship of any kind explain my homosexual tendencies? I am infuriated with my only friend.
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don't forget the narcissistic self-involvement making you only feel attracted to idealised images of yourself
I don't want to seem be as obtuse, but how does this relate to the subject at hand?
What does your friendship offer you that makes you infatuated, anon?

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