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Serious question, robots. If you've been born a beautiful Stacey, would you fall in love with yourself, or anyone else on this board?
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I wish I was born stacy so I could use my tits to launch an Instagram account, where I would then peddle my art and make a living off of it while barely into practicing things beyond faces.
Yes, I would be turned on by myself, and I would lez out with other staceys as well
Having a partner with the same interests and opinions would make it pretty tempting. I would probably give it a try at least.

Do other robots like Disturbed?

David Draiman is my favourite vocalist of all time
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I used to listen to them all the time. I still like the music, but I've personally just drifted over to stuff along the lines of power metal and symphonic metal these days.
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You and I, we are the same.
Fuck yeah, I still love Stricken. Classic

Regardless of shape or height, dressing well will always add a few extra points to your attractiveness. That means no more wal-mart jeans, ugly graphic tees, or New Balance sneakers (That is, if you can't wear them right).

Cant match colors so well? a quick guide on complimenting colors here: http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/color-wheel-menswear/

Read /fa/'s sticky for more info about brands, styles, and a few other things that is good to know regarding fashion. Also, find whatever fits YOU. wether it be a preppy oxford look, or a camo bape hoodie and yeezys. You dress nice, your confidence raises and maybe you'll get some friendly compliments.
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>Doesn't wear pijamas all the time

I Fucking hate this place why i'm I even here
>he wears clothes
>still thinks his a robot

i don't wear a walmart jeans or ugly graphic tees only nice looking ones and no nb sneakers

do i win ?

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So there's a new transfer student in my uni, and she's kinda shy and a redhead, so naturally I'm into her. We've been talking for a week now, and I was pretty confident we could be together, but yesterday I discovered by overhearing a conversation that Chad wants her and I saw them talking today. Now it's fucking over lads, I can't compete with fucking Chad, should I just give up, or there's something I can still do?
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you should give up
Wait and see what happens but once you're sure they're together then give up and get outta there
Approach her today and ask her out. She will probably end up dating you both at the same time, Chad behind your back. She''s probably texting him right now. You could still fuck her, but chances are that Chad's going to be her main DICK SOURCE

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If I become a feminist will I get a gf?
A lot of girls are feminist.
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>If I become a feminist will I get a gf?
No. All the feminists I know date stoners or just straight up chads.

Don't become a numale cuck feminist. Have some self respect lad
Yeah but a lot of girls are feminist so they will like me more
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No you stupid faggot, they all want Chad. Understand?

How does /r9k/ feel about this creep?
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The only creep there is the man telling him to turn off the camera.
He actually died a couple years ago. Think it was a fat related demise.

He did nothing wrong. The "hero" was the jackass.
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so what the fuck.png
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all up in your shit

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>most people can drive a car
How hard is passing a driver's test?

Not the physical driving one, but the first writing/answering questions one.

Is there something to focus on or study in particular before taking the test?
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>How hard is passing a driver's test?
I've heard the written portion is the easiest.

Though, I'm 25yo with no licence, so I might not be the best source.
You have to learn a bunch of shit you forget in a month because it never matters irl. Stuff like what color is a snow plows siren light? What does this sign mean that literally doesn't exist?
I'm pretty sure it depends on what state (not to mention what country) you're in. For me, it was pretty easy. Half of it was just common sense stuff, the other half was stuff you just kinda had to learn and could still reasonably deduce if you have enough background information.

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>tfw shit at games
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Me too i play a lot of games but i put all on easy mode sometimes on normal
>tfw no easy mode in bloodborne
Play some normie casual game like overwatch, pubg or battlefield if you just want to kill time/relax

Is anything in the universe sadder than fat women? They have been gifted by God literally every advantage imaginable, yet they still somehow manage to fuck it up because they can't stop stuffing their faces. Literally the only things a man wants in a woman are kindness, a face that doesn't look like it was hit by a truck, and an attractive body.

I know plenty of fat women who I would date if they weren't fat. Lots of them are genuinely likeable, funny, intelligent people, but I am not physically attracted to them in any way, not even for casual sex, so a long-term relationship would be ultimately unfulfilling. Shit's fucked.
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i don't understand how or why people get so fucking fat, god damn humanity is pathetic
Don't be a faggot and get on the fat train anon. Fat women have everything a man desires and more. Big tits, fat asses, they are soft to the touch. What do you want more?
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To fix fat women we need to fix american culture at its root. It will be hard to get these women skinny when every beta within miles is telling them how beautiful they are just because they are fat.

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>be me
>dream that I had two mothers
>one of them looked like Hitomi Tanaka and the other looked like Goddess Alexandra Snow
>fucked them both in my room while my father listened from the other room

What does it all mean?
What does it mean?
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Making of a porn director or severe incest fetish
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>waiting for a train with my mother
>workers are clearing a body off the tracks
>she starts making a scene and telling them to hurry up
>about to intervene but train arrives
>get on the train
>mother is now wearing purple latex
>she starts riding me against my will
>nut inside her
>wake up and my sheets are covered in cum
>it's still the dream
>wake up normally
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top kek

Are you sure you didn't have cum in your pants?

Fembots, did you ever walk in on friends or family members wanking?`How did they react?
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God I want tomokos brother to fuck me so hard
There are no women on r9k.
Only trannies and fat chicks.
get outta here komi-something-chan

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how many hours of sleep do you get per night?
mine is 5
mfw skipped by qt2.14's on omegle
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This fag still is on there? I saw him years ago.
oh shit i talked to this kid, he killed himself 2 weeks ago.
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Sorry, we don't like faggots on our board


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Would you actually like to become a normie yourself?

Be honest, /r9k/.
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No, just to be social adept enough to hide among them and hopefully steal away some adequately autistic gf who is just as broken as myself.

Job, friend circle, kids? Car, taxes, insurance, retirement plan? Work schedule, vacation, company party?
Don't think I want that sort of life.
After spending a lifetime doing nothing but observing the outside world from my little prison? Sometimes yes but most of the time, hell no. It's no different than the life of livestock. Existing in the upper crusts would be pretty cool but even then what's the point of any of this? Existence makes no sense.
Oh defiantly, it would be nice to be in a relationship, know people who genuinely care about you and enjoy your company and have a sense of direction or purpose in life just like my coworkers and since j don't have any of that I can't relate to them and feel like such a huge genetic fuck up

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>I'm not sure I want to do that, anon
>But you don't want your toxic masculinity to spread, do you?
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this is literally my fetish. please tell me you have more like this, i've never found any videos on it before
Why are they cutting off his balls?
>being a trap is not a mental disease

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anyone been catfished before? I have recently, if anyone wishes to listen.
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Tell us your story

>Meet a girl off r9k
>She claims to be from Romania and into md/lb
>I thought we hit it off when in fact she was toying with me
>last convo was on the Sunday after July 13th
>Try to contact her again weeks later, no response
>Later she deactivated her Kik entirely
That's all.
That's not really catfishing. She didn't even get you to drive anywhere or send money (as far as I know). She just led you on and dropped you

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