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What's the best form of government?
>inb4 communism
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Enlightened despotism. Nothing beats a state whose focus and power is unified by a person.
Democracy is flawed system.
theocracy, anarchism and fascism have serious problems
the one we have, but with higher salaries for working people, like 1k more, and we're all good, you know it
>inb4 someone brings up ancap memes with wild, unlikely situations

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>tfw sister is passed out drunk and resisting the urge to stick penis in her
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That's a bad idea, guy. A reeeaalll bad idea.

Then just take pics. Pics /= rape
sex is a meme, you can wait a couple years more

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How do I learn to like myself?

This is probably the wrong board to try and escape self loathing but whenever I see a picture of myself and my face it pisses me off that I am so ugly. My nose is far too Boulbos for my face and is caveman like. I always think people don't like me when they're probably just neutral. I can't escape the constant fucking self esteem issues I have

How can I accept the fact that I'm ugly? Is accepting this the only way I can truly improve?
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Post a pic. Robots always say they're ugly but when they post a pic they're average or above average. You may have BDD>
I have friends who browse and it would be embarrassing if they saw this. But I think I do have BDD, I just can't convince myself I'm even moderately attractive. Everything I do reeks insecurity because of it. Is plastic surgery the only way out?
>But I think I do have BDD,
Probably. I have a hard time accepting my looks, feel ugly, even though people in real life have said I'm cute, attractive. And people on r9k have said I'm good and 7/10. I think it was all the years of being a complete fugmonster as a teen/early 20s that scarred my brain.

>trying to take a bite out of a slice of pizza but the cheese all slides off as one piece

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what the hell kind of shit pizza are you eating
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hey sometimes you gotta slum it.

Around here theres basically three main options

Papa Johns
Local places (slummin it)
homemade (top tier)

Papa Johnny upped his price for delivery so he can go eat a bag of shit and making a pizza is a hassle sometimes so what are you gonna do, ya know?
You need some New York Pizza.

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How do you from from America's princess.......
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yaba daba doo
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Prep your engines for the autism race, last one to the finish line looses their tendies privileges
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To a big black cock celebrity slut

Are you a good person or not?
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No, none of us are. That's why God punishes us with these lives.
I don't know. I hope I'm good.
No sir, sometimes I think it'd be best for me to kill myself and remove my filth from the world. But iunno

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whats the best safest diy way to smoke weed? I have some and want to smoke it but cant have any proof, needs to be disposable. cna u make am effective pipe/bong from a water bottle or soda can that's safe to drink? Or should i just buy a glass pipe and throw it away
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Buy a pipe. Cans/bottles you're smoking aluminum
You can't hide a $5 piece in your room or outside your house? You can buy some cheap rolling papers but I doubt you'll be able to roll a joint.

Op, wait til you're not an underage fool so you can smoke without paranoia it will also make your highs much more comfy

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How do you guys deal with being alone all the time?
I just turned 20 and I have no friends, never had a girlfriend, KHHV, and I can't handle it anymore. How the fuck am I supposed to deal with this?
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just ignore it and then either focus on something and applies your full energy to that or stop giving a shit completely(watching anime and playing games 24/7)
Yo, so move to place you like, fix yourself up, and get out there. Try to think of where the people you'd want to hang out with would be. Location is everything. Also, think about the most comfortable way to support yourself. Life is all about living comfortably. When you like your community, you'll want to survive, and banding together with others is the easiest way to do that. Hence, "friends". Survival might even make you proud of yourself.
>Life is all about living comfortably
Normie mistake, to strive and adapt you need to learn to be independent and live in uncomfortable places, "survive" uncomfortable situations.

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l invented the internet
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i invented traps.
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you are both god among men thank you
I invented dildos and instant coffee

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If you have severe social anxiety, mild autism, and literally no friends in your early 20s are you doomed for life?
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I was like you in my early 20s. I found a job and had a pretty normal life. I'm old now and looking back in glad it worked out and I wish you the best
What job mister
You could have all of those and be in your 50s and not be doomed for life. The only thing that can do that is believing its true.

Anyone have a best friend who's your only friends? Your sole confidant? One you know you can rely on? Do you have a crush on them?
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I had. Until she dumped me
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Girls in old uniforms drive my dick crazy.
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The Fatalist.gif
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Mind you go into more detail Anon?

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>tfw normie teens drinking and yelling swear words to each other late at night in the park next to your house
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and how old are you OP? what else have you observed them doing? are you going to intervene in a lulzy manner or try to get them arrested?
Probs me lol
That's annoying. Just let the normies be anon. Our lives are separate from theirs. Just turn up your jams and vidya harder and try to ignore their teenage innocence.

I don't understand why normies think recovery from mental illness is so important.
>spend years in therapy
>thousands of dollars in medication
>all for a chance to maybe be 'happy'
>a feeling I don't ever remembering having in the first place
Is doing all this work really worth it for 'happy'?
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Because normies want to be normal. And that's hard to do if you're not normal. You're obviously not normal so you don't know why you should put in so much effort to be normal. It's simple really.
I hate edgy tumblr gifs.
It's not worth it. I do therapy myself. It feels nice 30 minutes after the session, then it's back to normal. No. Change. And it's not a happy feeling either, just one of halfhearted relief.

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>fall for the grindr meme since everyone says how easy it is
>still too autistic to meet anyone
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Good evening, Miles. How are you?
>Good evening, Miles
Wrong person anon, I'm just an autist who wants a bf to cuddle and watch anime with
>homosexuals once again taking advantage of prison gay robots

This should be a crime

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dont kill me pls ;_;
u dont have to be eveil ur just sad and loneli

i know ur feel

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im sorri but you wont lisen
now i must stop you

goodbye, anon this is where we die

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